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eLearning 24-7

LRS on the back-end, Watershed – let the metrics flow (more on this in a few). Tie a PPT or a PDF to the video as it runs – matching section or clip by clip. How many times it was viewed, some general metrics – that end users can see, number of resources (i.e. Yes, you can have the match of a PDF, PPT, etc. Again, as noted earlier, the system right now only offers video as the content (but you can have a PPT or PDF, etc.

Top 50 Learning System Rankings (#39-#21)

eLearning 24-7

For the upper tier packages (excluding the “base” if you will), the system can convert (when you upload) any PDF, document, video, etc. Multi-tenant, e-commerce is good, mastery learning (aka knowledge reinforcement or tasks) is good, converts PDFs, video, PPT automatically into SCORM content (rare with PDF). Watershed LRS is built into the system, a major victory for metrics and analytics. #25 Analytics data and metrics are fantastic.

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A Conversation with Reuben Tozman

Kapp Notes

This tool is very learner centric allowing learners to search for, retrieve, recompile and reorganize legacy content into different materials in either mobile, eLearning or PDF formats. Legacy content includes PPT files that are broken up and tagged slide by slide, Microsoft Word documents that can be tagged at the paragraph, image or even word level, images, videos, PDF’s and flash assets.



It allows you to deliver your training programs in eLearning mode and another type of content like SCORM objects, Tin Can, PDF, PPT, Word, and Online Assessment. You can get reports with the metrics and, individual performance. Companies are understanding that training courses are the way to improve and increase their competitiveness, that’s why every year their training budgets are increasing more and more.

Corporate LMS

Ed App

Its fair to say that almost all authoring tools support text, images, and video, but if you have existing training content in older formats that you want to import, for example, PPT presentation, ensure the tool allows you to do that automatically. Reference documents.doc,xls,pdf. Learning management systems are a key component of every corporate learning and development roadmap. But contrary to popular opinion, an LMS is not a one size fits all proposition. .

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