5 Things to Consider Before Launching Your Online Training Program


Just when you’ve thought that everything was in tip-top shape, you find out that the module you’ve just uploaded is not working. 5 Things to Consider Before Launching Your Online Training Program. Are the learning objectives based on key business metrics? And to do this, you would need to check if the learning objectives aim to impact business metrics before you launch your eLearning corporate training course.

Does Your Organization Need a Learning Culture?

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If sales managers want their inside sales team to conduct powerful discovery, they’ve got to teach an approach, listen to tapes, let reps self-evaluate, give feedback, listen to more tapes, give more feedback, and so on. Current onboarding and training programs are not helping you achieve your business goals. In the past, your L&D department could get away with delivering well attended, well-liked training programs. Team projects are late and over-budget.


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Your Employees Deserve Better Training in 2020


Picture the following scenario: it’s early on a Friday morning and you usher your work team into the conference room for their quarterly group training activity. Your team seems low energy and not terribly committed to your presentation. You wonder to yourself, “how can I improve my team’s engagement… how can I get them to absorb this important information?” Luckily, there are ways to change up your employee training that can successfully engage your team.

The Pros and Cons of Having your Employees Continue to Work from Home


Introduction Remote Work is Trending Pros of Working from Home Cons of Working from Home How to Overcome the Cons of Working from Home Tips for Success Next Steps. But work doesn’t have to feel messy. Many of us have started to adapt to a new work style.

How is Corporate Training Different from Academic Learning?


Moreover, the key metrics to determining impact and success of training programs are highly (or most of the time, solely) dependent on organizational results and return of investment. And oh – this is already being done with virtual work teams in the business realm today. Web based learning has opened up a lot of doors to anyone who wants to learn.

Do You Know How to Create an Actionable Learning Strategy?

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Building Competitive Advantage With Talent — Part 1: An Introduction to Talent Strategy,” an April 2015 Bersin by Deloitte report, showed that only about 10-15 percent of companies possess learning and development programs that are properly aligned with strategy and outcomes. Employee engagement and satisfaction are important, but those common learning metrics make it difficult to relate learning efforts to business objectives.