Can Micro-Learning Help Stressed, Unmotivated Learners?

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I’ve published two posts on micro-learning in recent months. I think “micro-lessons” can be great for some things; I do not think they are the answer to most things. Khurgin positions micro-learning as good for 21st century businesses.

Google’s Micro-Learning Findings


With the rise of mobile devises there has been more talk about micro-learning. There are many resources to learn more about micro-learning , but in a sentence it is a way to deliver learning content that is optimal for the smartphones and tablets.

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17 Awesome Resources on Micro Learning


THE QUOTE: “ I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ”- Winston Churchill. THE JOURNEY: We, at Learnnovators, have been fascinated about micro learning or bite-sized learning. What is its significance in today’s learning scenario?

Not All Micro-Learning is Created Equal

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The same advice applies to the trend of micro-learning. The slogan behind micro-learning endeavors are “shorter is better.” Some vendors and educators are taking this to extremes without truly investigating the ideal length of learning material.

After Micro-Learning Comes Micro-Practice

Even with an instructional video, you need some practice to learn key skills. Micro-learning, the latest hot approach to corporate training, serves up small doses of information, usually through short videos. After micro-learning, you need micro-practicing.

3 Areas To Combine Employee Training And Micro Learning


Micro-learning is a buzzword in the elearning industry, and for good reason. The way people learn at work, and in general, has shifted and training formats have needed to adapt. What is the difference between micro-learning and macro-learning?

Six common micro-learning myths

Clive on Learning

Micro-learning can justifiably be accused of being the latest digital learning bandwagon, here today, gone tomorrow. But it is not a panacea and works best as a strategic element in an overall architecture for workplace learning.

Why Does Micro-Learning Mean Better Learning? - Tip #129

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Research shows that 8 of 10 adult smartphone users “reach for their phone within 15 minutes of waking”. Micro-learning! While micro-learning may not be a “one size fits all” solution, studies show (e.g. But micro-learning can bridge this gap.

Mobile Micro-Learning Course Design for Mobile First


So-Young Kang , CEO of Gnowbe, talks with AACSB ‘s executive vice president and strategy and innovation officer, Dan LeClair , about learning content designed specifically for mobile platforms. You and your team at Gnowbe have been pioneers in creating solutions in mobile micro?learning.

Micro-Learning Leads to Rapid Skill Acquisition - Tip #134

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Quickly Learn New Skills Through Micro-Learning To survive in a technology-driven environment, workers must learn new skills quickly and efficiently. ZAP™ Micro-Learning Principles How long does it take someone to learn a new skill?

Micro learning – the big wave of mobile education


It is also the case with how we learn. Micro learning is already established as the wonder child of the online education industry. Yet we are expected to know more and learn faster in order to keep up with everything changing and evolving at work.

Everything you wanted to know about micro-learning (but were afraid to ask)


If not, don’t worry because micro-learning has nothing to do with them, and is perfectly safe for your health. People use it to refer to several different ways of learning. Micro-learning requires little effort from individual sessions. Do you like microbes?

Why is Micro-Learning Futile? How to Fix It - Tip #126

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He said, “many of my graduate research students stand back and would not touch the robots at first. I arrived at this by breaking down the parts of the micro-learning and learn how each part works. Where is the fix in our micro-learning approaches?

How should team-leaders use Micro-learning to train their team?


Why micro-learning? Research says that assimilation of content is higher when it is presented in a concise and interactive manner. Traditionally, learning comprises of long classroom sessions and large documents or videos in their online avatar.

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Classic Learning Research in Practice – The Perfect Blend

Adobe Captivate

A complete Learning Solution facilitated by training but enriched with communication and on the job practice, moves a knowledgeable workforce to an experienced one. And to effectively address that takes either interaction with other learners or an expert during synchronous learning.

Summer Micro-Learning Series: Just-In-Time Personalized Learning

Clarity Consultants

Micro learning is a powerful tool because it delivers the concepts and information that employees need in less time for greater impact. Just-in-time learning provides an even greater resource for employees to get the on-the-spot resources they need to tackle tough tasks.

The 3 LMS Features that Increase Employee Engagement

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According to research from Gallup , only 30% of American workers are engaged. Want to learn more about what you need to look for in an LMS? learning management system features micro-learning employee engagement social learning Learning Management System gamification LMS lms features

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The 3 LMS Features that Increase Employee Engagement

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According to research from Gallup, only 30% of American workers are engaged. Learning Management System employee engagement gamification learning management system learning management system features LMS lms features micro-learning social learning

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How Long is too Short? Determining the Ideal Duration for Bite-Sized Learning

Origin Learning

trademarked the term ‘Microlearning’ the L&D industry has been using different terms like ‘bite-sized learning’, ‘just-in-time learning’, and ‘learning nuggets’. Snackable Learning. Snackable Learning’ is one more term coined as a substitute for microlearning.

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The Microlearning Hype: Is It All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

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Experience (and the research) show that there is no magic solution to help people build skill and knowledge. Big moments (dare I say, micro-moments ) provide significant insights that we carry forward. You have to learn how to be self-aware and then other-aware.

Simplicity in Learning

Learning Rebels

There has been a lot of complex talk about the concept of micro-learning. To keep it simple, I’ll tell you which definition speaks to me: I also like this short, simple post he wrote for the elearning Industry, giving us all 5 rules of the road for producing micro-videos.

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How Microlearning Enables “Micro-Moments”

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Welcome back to our #BLPLearn blog series, where we offer a monthly look at design and technology as it pertains to learning and development. What are Micro-Moments? But outside of the training world, the Internet is abuzz with a different “micro” term: micro-moments.

What’s The Real Cost of Your Elearning? (New Research)


Or, how much are you charging for your learning product? Elearning pricing models are typically calculated on the length of the learning – some production agencies will charge up to $2000 per minute of learning. Cost of learning itself.

5 Ways to Help Learners Stick with Your Course


How to design your course to build learning habits. Based on behavioral psychology research, we know that habits can be divided into three parts: the cue, the behavior, and the reward. Accordingly, designing a course that helps learners build learning habits could have a huge impact on engagement and completion rates. But a micro-lesson , or even something as small as logging into a the LMS every day can help learners stay engaged. elearning Micro-Learning

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MOOCs In Workplace Learning – Part 2: Designing a MOOC


@ ignatia (Inge de Waard) describes MOOCs thus in her Master’s Thesis: “MOOC is above all referring to a pedagogical model with independent learners, access to information, opportunity to create emerging, spontaneous, yet not directed learning communities, etcetera.

The Incredible Power of Design Thinking in Learning Design


Or is it already being followed as part of the learning design process? What is the significance of design thinking in the context of learning design? What benefits does it offer to learning designers? How could this help transform our learning programs?

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Tips for Microlearning Deployment Success


In the last few years, however, the idea of bite-sized learning has taken off like wildfire. According to research done by Bersin by Deloitte employees can only devote 4.8 AthenaOnline has been talking about the benefits of microlearning for almost 20 years.

A.G.E.S. Model: The Neuroscience Behind Effective eLearning


One of the key challenges for learning professionals isn’t necessarily that they don’t know how to create effective learning programs. Research shows that learning retention and recall is linked to the the strength of activation of the learner’s hippocampus (a specific part of the brain). Focus is a critical factor for learning retention. Creating an emotional response is crucial to improve learning outcomes.

Inspiring E-Learning Quotes from the Great Masters


THE JOURNEY: Where is e-learning heading? If you had been following us, you would already know that it’s almost a year since we started publishing our Crystal Balling interview series with some of the great masters in the e-learning industry. How would people learn in future?

The Science of Learning: 5 Important Breakthroughs and Why They Matter


In the last decade, research has given us tremendous insight into how people learn, both in the classroom and through technology. These breakthroughs in the science of learning should inform the design of any program. Here are some important breakthroughs in the science of learning to consider: 1. It has become increasing clear that our emotional state when learning can have a major impact on how well we retain new information. Learning is social.

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How Social Learning is Powering Up Today’s Workplaces


Learning would be exceedingly laborious, not to mention hazardous, if people had to rely solely on the effects of their own actions to inform them what to do. ” – Albert Bandura (Originator of Social Learning Theory). “ The research isn’t heartening. OUR LEARNINGS.

A Not-So-Serious Debate on The Serious eLearning Manifesto


THE JOURNEY: Like many of you out there, we too are concerned at today’s state of e-learning which follows ‘ the same old way of doing things ’. The ‘old guard’ in e-learning finds it difficult to believe that what worked in 1980 does not work in 2014. e-Learning: Are You Serious?

Microlearning Madness: 25 Great Resources

Knowledge Guru

Over the last five to ten years, corporate learning professionals have scrambled to engage their learners in an increasingly digital world. Recently, these learning trends and delivery methods have converged to make a new trend, microlearning , possible. What is Micro-Learning?

Making Microlearning More Social


AthenaOnline is happy to announce that just added threaded discussions to our content licensing program to create even stronger social learning ties. Research Shows. Based on a Brandon Hall Group study 73% of companies expressed their desire to increase their focus on social learning.

How Performance Support Apps Are Faring In Today’s Workplaces


THE QUOTE: “ The incredible expansion of mobile technologies is an important factor that will both drive and support the deployment of workplace learning tools and systems in the area of performance support.” – Charles Jennings (Managing Director, Duntroon Associates, and Founder, 70:20:10 Forum ).