Effective Microlearning in Action


Microlearning isn’t new. In fact, it’s been around for over 10 years—developed right alongside concepts like mobile learning, gamification and elearning. But recently, microlearning seems to be making waves as the dominant topic of conversation.

Why Modern Learners Want Microlearning

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Employees who are “field-based,” spend their work hours away from a desk, and/or typically complete work activities on mobile devices. of these descriptions, then microlearning may be an excellent fit for your organization.


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Custom eLearning Solutions for 2021: Mobile Enabled Learning

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How can Businesses Leverage Mobile Learning to Address These Challenges? One of the effective ways organizations can take on these new challenges is by adopting a mobile-first approach to designing and developing their custom eLearning courses.

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The Mobile Learning Approach: What is it and What are the Benefits?


In recent years, the world has become dependent on mobiles. The rise of smartphones and handheld devices has ushered in a lot of useful and revolutionary applications and features, and one trend that has sprung from the rise of handheld tech has been mobile learning.

Agile Microlearning Explained

techniques, deliver an extremely effective adaptive microlearning solution. COGNITIVE SCIENCE BEHIND OTTOLEARN v1.1

How can microlearning be helpful for the sales team?

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Microlearning does not require much time from the learners because it’s short in size. But there are other reasons for including microlearning in your training.?. Microlearning is understandable?. Everyone is bound to go through mobile-based courses once in a while.

Using Commonplace Microtechnologies in Your Microlearning Strategies – Workshop Tip # 260

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These are commonplace tools like… Read More → Workshop Tips chunking instant learning instructional design learning micro-learning microlearning mobile learning search engines succinct content

How Microlearning Can Improve Your Training Program

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One of these new approaches is microlearning, and it’s getting traction, and for good reason. Microlearning Performance Improvement Learning Retention Performance Support Mobile Learning Product and Sales Enablement Employee Training and PerformanceIn a quest for new approaches to training, we are often tempted to turn to the latest trend or technology, thinking one of them must be the golden ticket.

Microlearning & Mobile Learning: How Far, How Near

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Microlearning and mobile learning are often used together and also synonymously. Read this blog to better understand both microlearning and mobile learning. eLearning Design Mobile Learning

What is Mobile Learning? (M-Learning)


Such is the power of mobile internet. It wasn’t long, then, that L&D pros realized that offering a learning environment on mobile devices would replicate how their learners consume content outside of work, and increase engagement. Benefits of Mobile Learning in the Workplace.

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

the video shorter (taking advantage of microlearning). is vital to making sure you’re ready for this mobile- first world and feel confident that your content. Think with Google (2016), ‘Latest mobile trends show how people use their devices’ 8 Tips and Tricks to Make.

How to Search Even Faster Using Microlearning – Workshop Tip #256

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Is searching more important… Read More → Workshop Tips chunking instant learning instructional design learning micro-learning microlearning mobile learning search engines succinct contentSearch engines revolutionized the way we research.

Key Steps to Integrate Microlearning in Training Strategy


This is the essence of Microlearning. What Is Microlearning And How To Implement It In Corporate Training? Microlearning works by breaking down the training content into focused and specific content, which ensures better knowledge acquisition and retention.

3 Training Scenarios Where Microlearning Fits Best With Examples

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Summary: Microlearning can be implemented as a pre-training solution to get familiar with the subject or as a post-training refresher. In this article, I will share 3 scenarios where microlearning fits best. Microlearning Training Scenarios With Examples. Microlearning

Diagramming Microlearning

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I’ll be giving an upcoming webinar where I make my case for defining microlearning. Microlearning is a portmanteau (technical term: mashup) of micro and learning. My main issue here is that people are fast and loose with the term microlearning, and I’d like to make sure people are either talking about spaced learning or performance support (both good). The post Diagramming Microlearning appeared first on Learnlets. design mobile

Human Capital Transformation and Mobile Enabled Learning

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Mobile learning had already been on the rise before the pandemic, but the safety restrictions put in place worldwide accelerated the growth in the use of this training strategy. Now that restrictions are beginning to be lifted; mobile learning is still growing in popularity.

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Why Does Your Business Need To Use a Mobile Microlearning App?

Dan Keckan

The reason for microlearning’s resounding success with employees across the globe is the fact that it is a completely learner-centric learning methodology that is designed keeping modern learners in mind. Microlearning Digital Learning Mobile Application Mobile Learning

6 Microlearning Tactics to Include in Your Corporate eLearning


Microlearning is one of the most effective types of corporate training employers can leverage. Whereas traditional training can be draining to some learners, microlearning is a different story. eLearning and Corporate Training microlearning

Examples Of Microlearning In Action

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What is microlearning? Is microlearning a simple text message? Does microlearning need to include a quiz question? Many questions swirl and whirl around microlearning. Once they see the examples, it helps put the entire concept of microlearning into perspective.

Microlearning: Fab or Fad?

Tom Spiglanin

There’s a new buzzword in town, and it’s name is microlearning. Like its predecessors social learning, mobile learning, and blended learning, it’s being tossed around as the new big thing, something we must all get on board with or face extinction. I do believe microlearning is an important tactic for workplace learning and has a place alongside other approaches in the workplace. Microlearning fits modern work styles. Microlearning is not new.

3 Trends Transforming The Design Of Learning Content

Dan Keckan

eLearning Design and Development eLearning Content Development Microlearning Mobile Learning Social MediaAs technology evolves, it follows a pattern of change focusing first on function, then form.

Why You Should Adopt The Mix Of Microlearning And Mobile Learning


However, adopting a mix of microlearning and mobile learning can help to achieve effective results. In this article, we’ll be looking at a few reasons to adopt a combination of microlearning and mobile learning for the effectiveness of training.

Defining Microlearning?

Clark Quinn

Last week on the #chat2lrn twitter chat, the topic was microlearning. That is learning, but it’s not microlearning. Again, a good thing, but not (to me) microlearning. So, then, if these aren’t microlearning, what is? To me, microlearning has to be a small but complete learning experience, and this is non-trivial. This could work with very small learnings (I use an example of media roles in my mobile design workshops).

Clarifying Microlearning

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So, the definition he cited was: Microlearning is a small, but complete, learning experience, layered on top of the task learners are engaged in, designed to help learners learn how to perform the task. So, I’ve subsequently said (and elaborated on the necessary steps ): What I really think microlearning could and should be is for spaced learning. Here I’m succumbing to the hype, and trying to put a positive spin on microlearning. design mobile

How Microlearning Enables “Micro-Moments”

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There is a lot of talk in the L&D community about microlearning , and for good reason. The data surrounding this concept is compelling to say the least, and it has so many implications for the L&D community as we adapt to the increasing mobile landscape. This has big implications for how we use mobile and microlearning in training. When done correctly, microlearning enables and encourages micro-moments.

Why Millennials Love Microlearning


The key to doing that job effectively is microlearning , a method that uses small moments of learning to drive better job performance and development. Microlearning works the same way. Microlearning is the most effective way to learn on mobile. Microlearning requires users to consume and interact with tiny pieces of content on the fly, while they’re working—exactly what smartphone users are already used to doing. Microlearning makes it happen.

5 Ways to Take Advantage of Mobile Learning Functionality


Mobile learning isn’t just a way to make courses more accessible—it’s a way to deliver better learning content. In fact, many users— especially younger users —are more comfortable with mobile content. And that mobility comes with a real advantage. Microlearning.

Top Microlearning LMS Software For Corporate Training

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Those of you on a mission to transform your organization's online learning experiences will find these carefully selected microlearning platforms handy! Microlearning is an eLearning tool that ties really well with mobile learning and gamification.

Designing Microlearning

Clark Quinn

Yesterday, I clarified what I meant about microlearning. Earlier, I wrote about designing microlearning, but what I was really talking about was the design of spaced learning. So how should you design the type of microlearning I really feel is valuable? And again, this is a good thing, but microlearning, I contend, is more. Still, this is what I think really constitutes microlearning. The post Designing Microlearning appeared first on Learnlets.

Microlearning: The New Age Learning for Accelerating Learners’ Performance


However, when this learning is broken down into bite-sized approaches, it becomes an expert solution called Microlearning. As the prefix ‘micro’ goes, bite-sized course modules or small-term learning activities that you can comprehend in a short span of time are said to be Microlearning.

Microlearning: The New Age Learning for Accelerating Learners’ Performance


However, when this learning is broken down into bite-sized approaches, it becomes an expert solution called Microlearning. As the prefix ‘micro’ goes, bite-sized course modules or small-term learning activities that you can comprehend in a short span of time are said to be Microlearning.

20 Microlearning Examples

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Microlearning is sweeping the world of learning and development. Here are some fantastic implementations of great microlearning. Below are some of the EdApp Instructional Designers ’ most effective microlearning examples. Start Building Courses Using EdApp Microlearning Examples.

What Is Microlearning And Why Does It Matter? Examples And Best Practices

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Meet the “bite-sized” learning strategy — Microlearning. . Microlearning delivers training content in short bursts often at the point of need. What Is Microlearning? Microlearning is an approach to learning and development that offers information in small, focused chunks.

7 Reasons To Integrate Microlearning Nuggets Into Your Mobile Learning Strategy

Dan Keckan

You can’t talk about mobile learning without considering microlearning. And what significance does it hold for your mobile learning strategy? Mobile Learning Micro Learning Microlearning Best Practices Mobile Learning Benefits Mobile Learning DesignBut why is it so talked about in L&D? This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Microlearning: Getting Rid of Waffle

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Microlearning is the method by which Millennials and Gen Z prefer to learn. The post Microlearning: Getting Rid of Waffle appeared first on Growth Engineering. eLearning Microlearning Editing microlearning Mobile LearningWhich is why it’s imperative to get it right. But, creating content in short bursts is not easy.

Can Microlearning Deliver Mobile-First Learning? | OttoLearn


What does mobile-first learning mean? How is it different from mobile-friendly eLearning? Learn how mobile-first learning impacts your learners' experience

Microlearning in retail: How two retail organizations successfully employed microlearning for their frontline teams


Let’s look at the challenges that led the company to employ microlearning for its frontline teams: While they already had an L&D solution in place, multiple factors deterred the effectiveness of the platform, like it was time-consuming, expensive, and non-scalable.

Microlearning: What It Is and What It Isn’t

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Microlearning. 18% of respondents said they’re excited about microlearning for the year ahead. The overall breakdown of trends cited lines up with the type of solutions we have been creating in recent months: Microlearning can take many different shapes. Others create short tutorials that are mobile-optimized. I hope this article will help you discover what microlearning is, what it’s not and how to effectively blend it into your 2017 strategies.

How To Optimize Microlearning Videos For Mobile Learning

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It’s not a secret that people spend a great part of their day on their mobile phones. Leveraging the hype, most companies now develop employee training with a mobile-first rather than a mobile-friendly mindset. Learning Management Systems Microlearning Mobile Learning Video In eLearningEspecially, when their workforce is deskless. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Mobile Learning: Delivering Adaptable Learning Experiences

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In 2021, adaptable learning experiences cater to the preferences and convenience of its learner and mobile learning is the embodiment of flexible, future-forward learning. eLearning Software eLearning eBooks Microlearning Mobile Learning Mobile Learning Benefits