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10 Golden Rules to Optimize Your E-learning Content For Mobile Learning


Instead, we want to examine the proliferation of mobile-first strategies in the wide world of business, how it’s constantly growing as new applications are uncovered (and its full potential is nowhere near being reached). Mobile Training: The Rules Change.

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Mobile Learning : Why Microlearning is more Effective for Impatient Millennials

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Short is beautiful when its mobile learning, more so when you have to remember what you read on digital screens having palm sized dimensions for content display. Microlearning is a way of teaching content to learners in small and very specific nuggets or micro bites.

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How Microlearning Enables “Micro-Moments”

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Welcome back to our #BLPLearn blog series, where we offer a monthly look at design and technology as it pertains to learning and development. There is a lot of talk in the L&D community about microlearning , and for good reason.

MicroLearning vs Mobile Learning – Similarities and Differences

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The proliferation of mobile devices and their increasing capabilities have built the case for mobile learning, also known as mLearning. According to a recent report, the number of mobile users worldwide in 2019 is expected to pass the 5 billion mark.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

organizations: • Value personal development among their teams • Create curated learning experiences • Use learning technologies to achieve their goals As leading analysts Fosway Group point out, learning technology deserves a much more strategic. across the learning experience1.

5 Must-Adopt Mobile Learning Strategies For Corporate Training

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Today, mobile learning is an integral part of most organizations’ training deliveries. In this article, I share 5 mobile learning strategies that you can adopt for corporate training. Mobile Learning Strategies For Corporate Training You Should Adopt.

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5 Must-Adopt Mobile Learning Strategies For Corporate Training

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Today, mobile learning is an integral part of most organizations’ training deliveries. In this article, I share 5 mobile learning strategies that you can adopt for corporate training. Mobile Learning Strategies For Corporate Training You Should Adopt.

Organizations Can Engage Their Workforce With Mobile Learning

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Mobile technology has revolutionized every aspect of human life, be it personal or professional. With almost everyone having access to mobile devices these days, as well as smartphones and tablets getting cheaper with time, these devices are being increasingly used to teach and develop skills in corporate employees. Mobile learning is not a trend in learning and development (L&D) anymore, it is a necessity. However, herein lies the problem.

Mobile Learning – The Future Of e-learning


With mobile learning, there’s no navigation problem as one can access course content on the go, at one’s convenience. With the right authoring tool like Wizcabin , it’s more convenient and comfortable for instructors to create mobile-friendly course content that meets learners’ needs. The future looks bright for mobile learning in corporate e-learning as it enables Online training to increase without disruption, organically.

How to Implement Microlearning in Corporate Training

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Microlearning is a way of imparting knowledge in small and very specific nuggets or micro bites. Microlearning breaks down content into small digestible bites and each bite is complete in itself, with complete information about a particular concept.

How To Gain Maximum Engagement Through Mobile Learning?

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Mobile learning too, is a result of the learning and development (L&D) industry understanding that they need to bring the learning to the learners, instead of trying to bring learners to the learning. A lot of corporate organizations have begun using mobile learning along with other digital learning strategies to make sure that their training modules can be accessed by learners anytime and anywhere, thus removing the barriers of time and location.

When It Makes Sense to Use a Mobile Learning Tool

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Mobile learning, or mLearning tools offer a myriad of benefits to companies to get them on the path to success. We can hear the significant shifts in device use and learning patterns screaming mobile learning. Because your employees actually want to learn their content in the form of quality mobile learning courses. So, I guess we can say mobile is most suitable to use if you are looking for the most effective way to train your employees.

Common mobile learning mistakes you should avoid


Mobile learning, also known as mLearning, it is the new and innovative method of accessing learning contents using mobiles. Most people have access to at least one mobile device, which makes the mLearning a powerful learning strategy.

Why and How to Create a Continuous Learning Culture


As the great Albert Einstein once said: “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”. When done exceptionally, continuous learning can foster talent that is constantly innovating, rethinking, and formulating new strategies to better your business. What is continuous learning?

Why mobile learning is the future of training

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Mobile learning is defined as training or education that is conducted through the means of a portable device; like a tablet computer or smartphone. As training transforms to incorporate more digital formats, it is essential for businesses to understand how the changes in learning consumption occur. Consequently, it’s important to leverage this native comfort and discover why mobile learning is the future of training. It can deliver microlearning.

10 Killer Examples Of Mobile Learning To Boost Employee Engagement And Performance

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In this article, I touch upon key facets of mobile learning and how can you use it to impact your employee engagement and performance. How To Use Mobile Learning To Boost Employee Engagement And Performance. Learn, Recall, and Retain. Apply the learning on the job.

What Are The Different Mobile Learning Practices To Improve e-Learning


Mobile learning practices helps instructors to provide flexibility and easy accessibility that learners crave. Apart from that, it also enables on-the-go training , which allows learners to learn at their convenience. 7 Mobile Learning Practices To Improve e-Learning.

Why The Mobile Learning Revolution Is An Opportunity For Every Organization

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There is no doubt that mobile devices have completely changed our lives. Mobile devices have changed the way and pace things are done, from ordinary, everyday processes like booking a cab or ordering food online, to the way how we work like how we communicate, and finally how we learn. As people familiar with the learning and development (L&D) industry would understand, the rise of mobile devices in this industry has led to a mobile revolution of sorts.

Best Use Case Scenarios and Benefits of Microlearning

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Microlearning is an excellent learning approach that’s best suited for skill-building. As a contemporary learning tool, the advantages of microlearning in modern workplaces, either as a part of a broader program or different parts of the learning cycle, are immense.

How Can You Use Custom Mobile Learning Solutions To Enhance The Impact Of Your Corporate Training

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The answer lies in opting for custom mobile learning solutions for corporate training that precisely address the training need and therefore deliver the required impact. In this blog, I share the basics of custom mobile learning solutions and how they differ from the off-the-shelf or catalog mobile learning solutions. Why Is There Such A Buzz On Mobile Learning? This is precisely where custom mobile learning solutions fit in.

Y A (Yet Another) Misleading Mobile Marketing Post

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So there was a post on 5 mobile learning strategies. I’m a wee bit opinionated on mobile learning, so I thought I’d have a look. Worse, it’s really not specific to mobile, and, therefore,…misleading. Again, why unique to mobile?

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3 Things You Did Not KnowAbout Microlearning


It’s more than just an innovative method of delivering learning. This past Tuesday, our CEO Carol Leaman delivered a webinar titled: Microlearning – Small Bites. Microlearning helps you make the most of that 1%.

7 Tips To Apply Microlearning In Online Training

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New post 7 Tips To Apply Microlearning In Online Training on Obsidian Learning. From increasing knowledge retention to filling performance gaps in a fraction of the time, microlearning offers a variety of different benefits. How To Apply Microlearning In Online Training.

Microlearning Under the Microscope


Of late, there's been a flurry of attention to the term 'microlearning'. Just what is microlearning? And then, what are the possible solutions microlearning provides? The first potential answer is 'just in time' learning. Something good, but it's not learning.

Podcast 27: What Makes Microlearning Work? – With Karl Kapp

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WELCOME TO EPISODE 27 OF THE TALENTED LEARNING SHOW. To learn more about this podcast series or to see the full collection of episodes visit The Talented Learning Show main page. EPISODE 27 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: Microlearning. And that happens through microlearning.

5 Steps to Help you Identify the Best Content for your Mobile Learning Project


“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Just as you can’t build your dream house on poor foundation, you also cannot create engaging microlearning without solid content. High quality content is the essential foundation for any mobile learning project. Targeting a wider audience ensures that your mobile learning project won’t just be deployed to leaders or to floor staff. Bite-sized learning.

How to Leverage Motivation in Your Learning Strategy


In the learning sphere, spurring the motivation to engage has to be part of your enterprise learning strategy if you want to see more consistent and better quality results. But what type of motivational tactics should we lean upon in our learning strategy?

The Best Way To Learn Effectively Using Microlearning

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With the digitization of the modern era, people have lost the patience to comb through pages of a book to learn new things. Instead, people have turned to the internet to find quick solutions to their problems. Microlearning Micro Learning Best Practices Micro Learning Examples Millennials Mobile Learning BenefitsAccording to a study by Microsoft, our attention spans are now less than 8 seconds.

How To: Get your Employees, Partners & Customers Motivated to Learn


Motivating your learners by nurturing learning engagement. It’s a problem learning and development (L&D) sees time and time again. Learning programs don’t connect with learner needs or fail to engage learners. . Giving them the tools they need to learn.

Bersin Talks Microlearning at L&D Innovation & Tech Fest

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Bersin noted a shift to microlearning tools so that learning and development can be accessed “at any time of the day.” Bersin’s conclusion aligns with our mobile-first microlearning platform, which is the principle that EdApp was built upon. Microlearning is the breakdown of information into topical, bite-sized chunks. To build on this idea of growth, Bersin starkly contrasts microlearning with macro learning.

Perfect Partners: Microlearning and Higher Education


They want affordable, purposeful learning that will prepare them for a lifetime of occupational leapfrog and they prefer technology over lecture halls and expensive, outdated print textbooks. Into this environment enters microlearning : a conceptual framework for creating and delivering discrete, focused digital content in short bytes. Microlearning Supports Deeper Comprehension and Long-Term Memory. Microlearning research conducted by Software Advice indicates that.

Microlearning in eLearning Industry – The Future Of eLearning


Microlearning in e-learning involves breaking down of an e-learning course content into bite-sized modules, with each meeting a specific learning objective. Every year, new opportunities and trends emerge in the e-learning industry for SMEs to leverage into their learning system. So, how well do you use the microlearning trends to deliver efficient online training for your learners? Microlearning and Gamification.

Micro-Content is the Future of Mobile Learning


So, what does this have to do with education or learning in any form? While technology has changed the way we live and learn, we also need to accept that attention spans have drastically declined. There is no denying that mobile devices are the mode of choice for content consumption among today’s youth. In fact, a survey revealed that 80% of parents believe that using mobile apps made learning more fun and engaging for their children. Making Learning Fun.

How Microlearning Improves Leadership Development

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Microlearning is the perfect training methodology for this, as it is well-suited to and aligned with the needs of leaders, as well as millennials who’ll take up leadership roles in the future. Microlearning Helps Leaders Keep Up With The Changing World.

4 ways microlearning can empower employees and drive training success


Microlearning reinforces critical knowledge in bite-sized chunks to increase retention. Microlearning is the hottest new trend in the learning and development industry. Mobile learning capitalizes on these existing habits.