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Top 10 Training Portals

Ed App

With the advancement of online technologies, companies now have access to a variety of training portals that can help them produce quality learning materials and manage their employee training processes. To help you find the best training solution, we’ve rounded up the top 10 training portals available online. Training Portal #1 – EdApp. EdApp is an all-in-one training portal and microlearning platform acclaimed for its many powerful and highly adaptive tools.

10 iPad Learning Tools

Ed App

This gives learners the utmost freedom in choosing the topics they want to learn since it’s so easy to import this course into the learner portal. . Once training materials have been safely uploaded, your team can access your content even when they’re offline. Offline streaming .


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10 Udemy Alternatives

Ed App

We’ve listed our recommended Udemy alternatives so you can explore more eLearning approaches or formats other than Udemy’s long, video-based courses. Microlearning . Key features: Self-paced video courses developed by leading experts and educational institutions and programs.

10 Udemy Competitors

Ed App

Known as one of the top Udemy competitors, EdApp integrates multiple adaptive features into one powerful microlearning platform to help you design, manage, and deploy training courses for your teams. EdApp’s PowerPoint conversion feature is perfect for those with existing PowerPoint training materials, allowing them to transform their slides into microlearning courses with just a few clicks. All courses are delivered in video format, which learners can take at their own convenience.

10 Training Video Software

Ed App

Including videos in your lessons has now been made easier, thanks to the availability of training video software. Now that videos have been a go-to format due to their effectiveness, we’ve listed 10 training video software to help boost the learning experience of your employees.