How Microlearning Can Improve Your Training Program

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One of these new approaches is microlearning, and it’s getting traction, and for good reason. Microlearning Performance Improvement Learning Retention Performance Support Mobile Learning Product and Sales Enablement Employee Training and Performance

7 Deadly Myths of Microlearning

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Why are these particular microlearning myths deadly? As you all know, I’ve been around this microlearning block a time or two. Here is a post I wrote on Microlearning being the “IT” buzzword. Here are my 7 Deadly Microlearning Myths.

Microlearning: The Misunderstood Buzzword

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In case you’ve been under a rock the last year, Microlearning is THE new buzzword for training. Microlearning is NOT a new term. Microlearning has been around for as long as people have been creating work aids to put toner in copy machines. So, what is microlearning?

How Microlearning Delivers Huge Results

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Just a few months later, YouTube reported that this interest prompted Google to invest $20 million in educational content through its Learning Fund program. Here’s how to tap your learning management system to boost your learning outcomes—and business results—with microlearning.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

the video shorter (taking advantage of microlearning). Where learning and development programs used to be seen as. report on the effectiveness of its learning programs. Authoring tools have the potential to help transform learning programs and. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

Microlearning to Revitalize Your Various Training Programs

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This blog gives you an insight on how microlearning strategies can be implemented in various training programs. eLearning Design microlearning

Why Microlearning Works


Microlearning is the process of building successful behaviors in short, focused segments. Actually, microlearning is a method that tries to make everything about learning as accessible as possible. Microlearning is how it gets easier. Microlearning’s power to transform.

What is Microlearning?


For a long time, most workplace training programs ignored that basic fact. Meet microlearning. Microlearning uses tiny bursts of information to build complex skills you can apply the moment you learn them. Find out the secret behind why microlearning works so well.

The Big Benefits of Microlearning

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Microlearning has the power to change the way we design and facilitate our training programs. Jennifer Hofmann, graciously sponsored by Airclass, shared her proven model, Connecting the Dots: Incorporating Microlearning Techniques into Virtual Classroom Experiences , with Training Magazine Network learners. Let’s define microlearning , its benefits, and associated limitations to help you add this learning technique into your repertoire. Microlearning

Microlearning Trends To Adopt In 2019

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As microlearning-based training moves to center stage, I outline what is driving its rapid adoption. In this article, I also share microlearning trends in 2019, and how you can leverage them to boost employee performance. Discovering All About Microlearning Trends In 2019.

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How to Implement Microlearning in Corporate Training

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Microlearning is a way of imparting knowledge in small and very specific nuggets or micro bites. Microlearning breaks down content into small digestible bites and each bite is complete in itself, with complete information about a particular concept.

8 Guidelines for Designing Microlearning Resources

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What’s the deal with microlearning? More and more instructional designers purposefully break larger programs into smaller, more concise events and resources. BYTE Microlearning Instructional DesignNeuroscientists boast about the importance and value of this bite-sized approach.

How to Drive Employee Performance with Microlearning

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Microlearning-based trainings fit in as a highly effective approach to engage learners and enable organizations to enhance employee performance. What is Microlearning? What Are the Key Characteristics of Microlearning That Make It So Relevant and Immensely Popular? MicroLearnin

The Concept of Microlearning


The Concept of Microlearning. Today, we will evaluate microlearning and the potential it carries in reference to bolstering a learning program. To start the microlearning discussion we must first define what it is. The concept of Microlearning is not that new.

How Microlearning Makes Better Marketers


Microlearning is the answer to your stress-fueled wishes. Here are five key ways marketers and marketing teams benefit from microlearning: Short modules close the marketer’s skills gap. The post How Microlearning Makes Better Marketers appeared first on Grovo Blog.

If Your Training Doesn’t Stick, You Need Microlearning

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Being the good L&D person you are, you put together a training program. You design the program with engaging interactions. This is where microlearning can have your back. Microlearning is an important tool in your toolbox to reinforce and support employees after training.

(Microlearning) tool of the month: Guidiance

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Microlearning is a trend in online learning, so the tool of the month is a microlearning tool: Guidiance. Microlearning originated from the idea of learning on the fly, via your mobile. Microlearning can be linked to a training programme as a follow-up activity.

Significant Signs To Measure The Effectiveness Of Microlearning For Your Corporate Training Strategy


Today, microlearning has set a niche as one of the hottest topics in training the new-age learners. Microlearning presumes that modern learners have shorter attention spans and they retain less when information is delivered in big chunks. e-Learning Microlearning

Why Choose Microlearning for Refresher Training? [Infographic]

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Microlearning is not a fad. This infographic tells you why microlearning works well for effective refresher training programs. eLearning Design microlearningIt offers a whole range of benefits for corporate training.

Microlearning: What is it? And What Benefits does it Offer?


In the world of elearning, microlearning has become a buzzword. In this post, our goal is to cover the basics and leave you with an understanding of: What Microlearning is and the benefits it can provide. What is Microlearning? The post Microlearning: What is it?

A Microlearning Twist in the New Hire Onboarding Tale

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Microlearning is a trend that here’s to stay. Check out how we used microlearning assets to design a robust onboarding program for new hires. Training Solutions microlearning assets New Hire Onboarding

8 Templates to Turbocharge your Microlearning Lessons

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The extent of effectiveness of your authoring tool determines the fruitfulness of your microlearning lessons for your employees. We provide you with exemplifications of gamified lessons in 8 of EdApp’s templates, to turbocharge your employee learning program.

The Top 7 Microlearning Examples in Everyday Life


The Top 10 Microlearning Examples in Everyday Life. Microlearning is one of the biggest buzzwords in the L&D space today, but chances are you’re already experiencing all kinds of microlearning examples and scenarios in your day-to-day life.

Updated Competency-Based Microlearning Series


One year after the successful launch of our low-cost, competency-based microlearning video series (Lunch&Learn) we have launched a new version with more precurated competencies and improved mobile support. The new version of the program is called the Athena Bite-Sized Competency Series.

How Does the Blend of Social Learning and Microlearning Boost the Overall Learning Uptake?


In such instances, there is a huge scope to deliver effective e-learning solutions by blending social learning and microlearning strategies. Organizations prefer combining social learning with microlearning to boost the overall learning uptake. m-Learning Microlearning Social Learning

Microlearning—Is it a Good Fit for Your Training Program?

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Organizations are finding that microlearning creates effective training more quickly and less expensively than traditional courses. Is microlearning right for you? Microlearning: Is it a Good Fit for Your Training Program? You might have heard about microlearning.

Microlearning Trends To Adopt In 2019


As microlearning-based training moves to center stage, I outline what is driving its rapid adoption. In this article, I also share microlearning trends in 2019, and how you can leverage them to boost employee performance. Discovering All About Microlearning Trends In 2019.

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Have We Forgotten What Microlearning Means?


It’s time to set the record straight on one of the more malicious examples: microlearning. Microlearning: What is it good for? As one of the early innovations in the corporate eLearning space, microlearning was one of the first victims of gross mishandling. Beyond Microlearning.

Microlearning Solutions for Healthcare


We're very excited to announce a new microlearning series from AthenaOnline. Surveys show that over 60% of healthcare workers are suffering from mental exhaustion and burnout. This can lead to potentially disastrous outcomes for both patients and the hospital.

The Top Reasons You Should Be Using Microlearning

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If you’re in the elearning industry, there is a pretty good chance you’ve heard the buzzword ‘microlearning’. Perhaps you’ve already started implementing microlearning into your overall elearning program. If you have not, or are still on the fence about starting to use microlearning at all, here are some of the top reasons to start! Another application of microlearning is what is referred to as ‘just-in-time content’.

5 Ways Microlearning Reshapes Flipped Classrooms

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Why should training managers flip for a microlearning strategy in the flipped classroom approach? Check this article to gain an insight in the ways microlearning is reshaping flipped classroom training programs. Microlearning Flipped Classroom Flipped Learning Microlearning Best Practices Microlearning ExamplesThis post was first published on eLearning Industry.

How do you measure microlearning?


Learning and development (L&D) professionals have been dealing with problems measuring the effectiveness of their programs for decades. Most L&D pros can’t get past level 2 of the Kirkpatrick Model because measuring a traditional learning program takes SO MUCH effort. Microlearning is built for measurement. Microlearning solves the problems with traditional measurement. I previously addressed the question, “ How long is microlearning ?”

Professional Development in 60 Seconds: Microlearning For Senior Leaders


How can we design learning programs for them that get results? Microlearning can help. Microlearning offers three key benefits that are particularly valuable to this audience: speed, flexibility, and effectiveness. Microlearning keeps up. Microlearning fits like a glove.

Evaluating Sales Training Programs


But before you zero in on new training, consider the following when evaluating sales training programs. The more accessible a sales training program is, the more involved your team will be. Because of this, off-the-shelf programs can get you results fast and keep costs down.

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Why Microlearning Is The Best Way To Train New Managers


Here are some reasons microlearning is one of the best ways to give new managers the training and support they need to become strong, confident leaders. Microlearning helps both new managers and their superiors plot out a realistic training path for continual improvement. .

Microlearning Best Practices: Create Big Impact with Small Courses

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What are the guidelines to create an impactful microlearning program? Learning Technology microlearningRead on.

4 Amazing Ways To Uplift Boring Compliance Training With Microlearning

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In this article, I show you how you can uplift your compliance training with microlearning and, successfully, meet your mandate. How To Uplift Boring Compliance Training With Microlearning. Of late, we see an increase in the usage of microlearning in compliance training.