Best Microphones for Recording Video

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Choosing the best microphone for recording video is crucial. Having the right microphone for recording video is good place to start. But how do you know which microphone is going to serve your needs best with so many options to choose from? Microphones using an ?

What Microphone Is Best for Recording Video?

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A good place to start is choosing the right microphone for video. How do you know which microphone is going to serve your needs best? There are hundreds of different microphones to choose from and multiple microphone types. Don’t want to buy any of these microphones?

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My Favorite Microphones for Recording Audio Narration

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While I’ve covered audio recording tips and tricks in the past, one of the most frequent questions I’m still asked is about microphones. Microphone Recommendations. There are a lot of good microphones out there and they’re not that expensive.

9 Planning Steps for Your Virtual Learning Program

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First posted on Linkedin) As the need for widespread social distancing increases, the need to move from traditional training to a virtual learning program is becoming more the norm. Below are 9 planning steps to take before running your next virtual learning program.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

a microphone, which is built into most. Where learning and development programs used to be seen as. report on the effectiveness of its learning programs. Authoring tools have the potential to help transform learning programs and. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

The Top 9 Screen Recording Tips That Will Make You a Better Creator (With Video)

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Don’t use the microphone built into your computer. Use an external microphone to increase the quality of your audio dramatically. Some screencast programs let you ‘clean’ this type of noise out of the recording afterward, but it’s much better to eliminate them in the first place.

How to Get the Perfect Audio Recording for Captioning

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With the following tips, you’ll be able to choose the perfect microphone, create the perfect recording space, and capture the perfect audio. Let’s start with the microphone. In general, you want to spend at least $50 on a microphone. What am I using my microphone for?

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10 Reasons to Convert Your Credentialing and Certification Programs to eLearning

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Need a reason to convert your existing instructor-led credentialing and certification programs to eLearning? 10 years ago, the idea of offering online certification and credentialing programs at your association would have been crazy.

MAC Screen recording program

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It captures full motion video of anything on your screen, complete with digital audio, and an optional microphone voiceover. Snapz Pro X allows you to record anything on your screen, saving it as a QuickTime ® movie or screenshot. Check it out: [link

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10 Free Audio Programs to Use for E-Learning

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The two best things you can do are: Invest in a good microphone. I’m surprised that organizations will invest hundreds of dollars in software, pay someone thousands of dollars to build courses, and then only let them buy a cheap microphone for $20. I’m no audio engineer.

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How to Record Great Audio In Any Environment

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The sound that you make will actually bounce off those surfaces and go into your microphone. Choose the right microphone. The truth is that the quality of your audio files is greatly determined by the type of microphone you use.

How to Record Voice Overs for eLearning (Part 1)

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Background noise and humming can cause voice overs to sound like they were recorded with a laptop microphone or worse. The highest quality microphone still won’t sound good if you’ve got a ton of background noise. Choosing a Microphone.

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How to Improve Audio Quality with Audacity


In this post, we’ll show you how you can use a free audio program to create high-quality audio for your eLearning courses. Here are some tips that will help: Use a good quality microphone. In LearnUpon, we use blue yeti microphones. here’s usually a dial on the microphone itself.

6 Essential Tools for Creating an Awesome Online Course


Let’s move on to microphones. Nasality can’t be easily fixed, but feedback, background noise, and fuzziness when recording your voice can be reduced with decent microphones. Desktop microphones are those, believe or not, that sit on your desktop.

How to Record High Quality Audio for E-Learning

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Choose a high-quality microphone. Microphones are like cars. The same is true for microphones. A cheap microphone will record audio just like an expensive one, but the quality won’t be the same. I use this as my everyday audio recording microphone, and it serves me well.

How to be prepared for online teaching and how to overcome potential difficulties - Technology meets Education

Some of the most common technical difficulties that a teacher may encounter in synchronous learning are the following: Before the lesson: Microphone failure. For this purpose, students' microphones can be left open for a predetermined time.

How to Get the Perfect Audio Recording for Captioning

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With the following tips, you’ll be able to choose the perfect microphone, create the perfect recording space, and capture the perfect audio. Let’s start with the microphone. In general, you want to spend at least $50 on a microphone. What am I using my microphone for?

Do You Know About This Video Tool?


However, one that might not make your radar initially is a program that I’ve personally used since 2012. The program is called Screencast-o-matic. Take it one step further by purchasing a recording microphone from Amazon.

How to Sync Audio and Video Sources

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You may think you need complex programs like Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, but it doesn’t need to be that complicated. Choose the right microphone. The first thing you’re going to want to do is select the best microphone. Lavalier microphone. Shotgun microphone.

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Podcasting Equipment Setup and Software I use on the 10-Minute Teacher


The microphone setup will hook to most computers. Microphone. My microphone setup as the host. I use the ATR2100- USB Microphone. NEEWER Adjustable Microphone Suspension Boom – I attach this to the bookcase beside my desk.

Mobile Learning: A Manager’s Guide

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Increase impact of traditional training programs. Brenda J. Enders published Manager’s Guide to Mobile Learning some three years ago and it is still a relevant read today.

Recording Skype and Google Hangout Video Calls

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First, recording video and running programs like Google Hangouts and Skype need lots of computer processing power. You might recommend a microphone for them to use but at the very least don’t let them use the microphone built into their laptop.

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How to Publish Online Video

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When recording, you want to ensure that you’re using a quality microphone that easily picks up sound. The internal microphones built in smartphones, cameras, and laptops aren’t that great. However, when you invest in a decent microphone, it really elevates the entire video. .

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Tips to Level-Up Your Virtual Learning Game

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During your virtual learning program: 1) Be fun and personable. Buy a good microphone/headset. We take your ILT curriculum and convert it into an engaging virtual program. Time to think differently about your virtual learning applications.

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Technology for E-Learning: What You Need


If you plan to appear in your course videos, invest in some good lighting, and use a lavalier microphone to make sure you get good audio for your video. You will still need a good microphone and some basic sound editing skills, but the results are easier to control. Even if you know how to use the program, you should be ready for a learner who is less familiar with it. First, social media is a popular marketing tool for you to spread the word about your program.

How to Record Google Hangout Video Calls

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First, be mindful that it takes a lot of computer processing power to record video and run programs like Google Hangouts at the same time. Consider recommending a microphone for them to use because the microphone built into their laptop won’t deliver very good audio.

How to Turn PowerPoint Slides into Videos

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Be aware of the microphone. There are a lot of screen recording tools out there, but we’re partial to Snagit , an easy-to-use software program created by TechSmith.

Reformat your training sessions to increase their impact


You’ll need a camera, tripod and a microphone. My advice is to avoid using the laptop’s inbuilt microphone. Instead you could buy a decent microphone, at a cheap cost, for best results. For Windows users, you can trim videos with a host of free programs.

How to Make A Thousand Training Videos for YouTube FAST (Customer Story)

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Using Camtasia and Blue Yeti microphones, they produced 995 videos in the first 20 months and more since then. Avaya used Camtasia and Blue Yeti microphones to create their Youtube training videos. The team also purchased high-quality microphones called the Blue Yeti.

5 Ways to Interact with Your Online Students


All they need is a reliable internet connection, as well as a microphone if they want to participate using their voice (should you decide to allow this). Slack and Discord are chat programs that you can use to create a platform on which your students can interact in real time.

Hollywood Hacks: 4 Ideas for Affordable, Professional-Quality Video Learning Content


In a period where we’ve had to lean more heavily on video to deliver learning programs, organizations are increasingly interested in getting more professional-looking results. Using an external, high-quality microphone is essential for creating engaging content.

4 Proven Steps To Make High-Quality Product Demo Videos

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To capture a software program in action, you’ll need a tool that will let you record your screen. You’ll need to select the audio sources as well–system audio, microphone audio, neither, or both. A product demonstration video illustrates how your product works by showing it in action.

Let the Games Begin!

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Cheryl B won herself a RODE microphone and 5 others won Amazon gift cards. Ever felt overly defensive when someone calls your training program ugly and lash out? In the spirit of the Winter Olympics, “Let the Games Begin!”

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10 Technological Advances That Will Impact The Future Of Mobile Learning At Workplace


For instance, sound is sensed through microphone, location through GPS and speed through an accelerometer. It follows a blended learning approach to integrate activities, create effective leadership development programs, strategic planning, collaboration, feedback and behavioral styles.

The Only Time You Should Deliver Mediocre eLearning

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Organisations can be hesitant to invest in an eLearning program until they have some proof that it will ultimately deliver a return on investment. Or maybe your program is already up and running, but you are struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing demands for fresh, new content.