eLearning: Adobe Captivate and Microsoft PowerPoint

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When developing eLearning, the content is often created in Microsoft PowerPoint first.   Note:  Microsoft PowerPoint must be installed on your computer before you can import PowerPoint presentations into Captivate.   During a standard import process, PowerPoint pptx presentations are first converted to the ppt format and then converted to SWF. by Kevin Siegel      What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Convert PPT to SCORM: Top Tools to Convert PowerPoint Into SCORM Packages

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PowerPoint is a widely accepted format for presentations from Microsoft. It needs to be converted to a more suitable format such as SCORM using a PPT to SCORM converter. PPT files have very limited LMS support. PPT to SCORM Conversoin PPT to SCORM PPT to SCORM conversion

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Convert PPT to SCROM: Top Tools to Convert PowerPoint Into SCORM Packages

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PowerPoint is a widely accepted format for presentations from Microsoft. It needs to be converted to a more suitable format such as SCORM using a PPT to SCORM converter. PPT files have very limited LMS support. PPT to SCORM Conversoin PPT to SCORM PPT to SCORM conversion

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“Parsing PowerPoint Project” error message when importing PPT

Adobe Captivate

Hi, When try to import a PPT I am getting the pop-up message “Parsing PowerPoint Project” which is then followed by a pop-up message “Unable to import Microsoft PowerPoint presentation the file maybe damaged” I get the same message with different PPTs and also new PPTs. The post “Parsing PowerPoint Project” error message when importing PPT appeared first on eLearning.

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Steps to Convert PPT into eLearning Using Adobe Captivate 2017

Adobe Captivate

In this blog we will go through the process of converting PowerPoint presentations (instructor-led training PPT deck) into interactive and engaging e-learning courses using the Html5 authoring tool Adobe captivate 2017. Step 6: The dialog box “Convert Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations” will appear. Adobe Captivate is a one-stop solution for all the rapid, responsive and interactive eLearning requirements.

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Product Review: Microsoft Office Mix add-in for PowerPoint 2013

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Some products including Articulate Studio and Storyline use the Microsoft SDK PowerPoint ribbon as their main ribbon. If I was Microsoft, I would say to myself, “Why let these products be the only ones who can do this, when it is our product” And lo and behold, Microsoft jumped into the fray. On the plus side if you have it, it will work with both 32 bit and PPT 2013 and 64 bit and PPT 2013. Microsoft Terms.

Converting Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to HTML5 (web pages)

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. To import the PPT, click File > New Project > Project from MS PowerPoint. The dialog box Convert Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation appears. Products used in this example: Adobe Captivate (2017 release). In this blog post, you will learn how to easily convert your PowerPoint slides into interactive and engaging web-enabled presentations using HTML5. If you do not have the 2017 release of Adobe Captivate, download a trial version of Captivate.

Transform your PowerPoint presentation training into beautiful EdApp microlessons

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We’re all aware that PowerPoint (PPT) can sometimes be a bit of a hazard in the workplace, especially when it comes to training. Despite being around since 1987 and producing 30 million presentations daily, Microsoft PowerPoint isn’t the most optimal tool for training.

PowerPoint presentation imported in Adobe Captivate doesn’t work

Adobe Captivate

I’ve imported Microsoft PowerPoint presentation in Adobe Captivate (2019 version), and it works well, but when it runs in browser, it stops during a slide casually, and it pauses the lesson. Adobe Captivate Q&As Question PPT to Captivate q&as questionHi, I have a problem with my scorm (html export).

PowerPoint or Prezi: Which is Best for eLearning?

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The question is becoming more and more common — “Should I use PowerPoint (PPT) or Prezi?” Regardless of whether you use PPT or Prezi, content and design are key. I’ve already written about how to create eLearning using PPT, so I won’t re-visit that here. Prezi does have a free account level available, so even if you already have PPT it’s possible to access both programs without paying any more than you are now. PPT is not known to cause any significant problems.

PowerPoint – The King of eLearning Tools?

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Most of the new authoring tools either use PPT as their backbone or offer the ability to import slides. Interface creation, navigation buttons, LMS tracking, and testing abilities are then typically added to the PPT functionality. I “grew-up&# in eLearning world using Director/Authorware and then moving into Flash/HTML (PPT was “off-limits&# ). Using these new tools meant that I had to start using PPT. Everyone has PPT.

Quickly and Easily Create a Historical Timeline Handout

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The tuorial video as well as the associated text-based instructions are produced by Microsoft Education. The topics are quite varried and some other good articles include developing an interactive story in PPT and creating a class newspaper in Publisher. timeline excel microsoftI know that this blog talks about educational technology and that the readership often examines these postings to receive tips on how to use new tools for learning.

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Adobe Captivate 6: High Fidelity PowerPoint Imports

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by Kevin Siegel    Have you, or a Subject Matter Expert, created a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint? From the  Welcome  screen, select  From Microsoft PowerPoint , open the PowerPoint presentation and a few clicks later, the presentation will be reborn as a Captivate project. During a standard PowerPoint import process, PowerPoint pptx presentations are first converted to the ppt format, and then converted to SWF.

Two Apps to Help Manage Your PowerPoint & E-Learning Media Assets

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Microsoft PowerToys. In PowerPoint it’s in the “ppt” folder and in Storyline it is in the “story” folder). Use Microsoft PowerToys to Rename All of Your Files to a Single Project Name.

4 eLearning Design Challenges and Solutions


They could send you a 6 slides PPT or a 100 slides. Designing for modern learners: In a recent study conducted by Microsoft, it is confirmed that readers have a short span of attention. Instructional designers are always asked this question: “What is it that you do? High-skilled designers need to be knowledgeable and very creative in their field of work.

PowerPoint Tips, Tricks, and Hacks from 29 Experts


Below you’ll see responses from some amazing PowerPoint gurus, including: top authors, speakers, instructors, bloggers, and even a handful of PowerPoint MVPs and Microsoft employees! She is one of only 12 Microsoft designated PowerPoint MVPs in the United States and is the author of one of the most popular blogs on the web. Don’t open PPT until you have a clear message. He was recently designated a PowerPoint MVP by Microsoft.

Skills for The Future

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Microsoft Office 365 Skills – People are working from home, they are using their own computers, and thus their own products. The Future of Skills. I’m sure you have heard this phrase. It’s everywhere.

Tech Tuesday Toolbox | Issue #3

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Use it to convert PPT to video easily, add background music for videos with automated narrator voice online. Tettra — Tettra is a free internal knowledge base and wiki for Microsoft teams. App of the Week. Create Narrated Videos Quickly with Narakeet! .

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Cliff Atkinson’s Beyond Bullet Points

Learning Visions

I’ve been slowly making my way through Cliff Atkinson’s Beyond Bullet Points: Using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 to create presentations that inform, motivate, and inspire. Whether you’re designing eLearning to be created in a PPT conversion tool like Articulate or Adobe Presenter – or working with a more custom, bespoke solution like Flash, I think you’ll find design principles that you can relate back to your own work.

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How to Create and Scale a Document Management System in SharePoint (Without Hiring Extra Help)


Tell me if this sounds familiar: you have a Microsoft SharePoint document management system set up for your team, and it’s working for the most part, but it’s taking a surprising amount of time and energy to maintain. ppt” very frequently over the last several weeks.

10 (Free!) eLearning Graphic Tools

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Microsoft Office : Find a great selection of free PPT templates that are guaranteed to work with your PowerPoint application. Most instructors manage to build an online course in their free time, usually between a full-time job and/or live teaching. With such a busy schedule, you shouldn’t have to waste your time struggling with graphics, images, and resources. We’ve created a list of 10 FREE eLearning graphic tools to help you build your next online course.

EdCast vs Degreed vs Fuse – The Analysis

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Microsoft Teams Integration and Capabilities within MS Teams. Microsoft Teams. Connector to Microsoft Teams (client only needs to know their username and password for access into MS Teams). Microsoft Teams is going to continue on the upswing. Where do you start?

Hell in a Cell Between Articulate Storyline 2, Adobe Captivate 9, and LectoraInspire 16

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Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate support Mac and Windows Operating systems where as Lectora supports Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8,and 10. PPT Import. There is a possibility to download supporting documents from within the eLearning module (PDF, PPT, MS Word, EXE, ZIP, PNG, JPG, etc.). Selecting the right authoring tool for rapid eLearning projects is a process riddled with uncertainty. How will you know which eLearning tool to work with?

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | September 25, 2020

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Helen Blunden debriefs her recent Microsoft Ignite Table Talk session. Use it to convert PPT to video easily, add background music for videos with automated narrator voice online. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela. It is getting to be my favorite time of year and we’ve been enjoying some beautifully cool days and getting outside as much as we can to counter being tied to our computers inside for school and work.

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Request for Proposal (RFP) Samples

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Today the question was for Microsoft Project. This trick works really well when you are searching for content on a wide variety of things, often I add in filetype:ppt as well to find presentations. Based on my post LMS RFP , I've been asked several times if I knew where you could find samples of Request for Proposals (RFPs) for custom eLearning development, performance support tools, learning content management systems (LCMS), elearning authoring tools , etc.

RFP 100

How to Maintain Instructional Continuity in Times of Crisis

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Are they using Blue Jeans, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Microsoft Meetings? Record / Narrate a PPT. Considering the current reality, it is quite imperative that schools and institutions be prepared to deliver lectures in ways other than instructor-led learning. Right now, all the institutions are scrambling to somehow set up online learning programs to enable continuity in learning. But is it that simple?

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How to Convert Flash-Based Websites to HTML5 Right Now!

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Extract all the media and content from the existing website, followed by copying the text and labels of navigation buttons in the GUI (graphical user interface) into a PPT or MS-Word document.

Rapid eLearning Tools

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Of course, they were more looking at PPT conversion tools. Rapid eLearning Tools Satisfaction from the eLearningGuild Research reported Feb 2007 - Course Authoring and Rapid eLearning Tool Satisfaction See also Software Simulation Tools. Page update Mar 2008. When the above graphic was taken, it shows the overall satisfaction reported by eLearningGuild members about various tools. I was reminded of the various Brandon Hall shoot-outs.

TechKnowledge 2012 – Post Assessment

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For PPT lovers, you can synch video files with PPT with drag and drop. You also can purchase instructor led courses from Microsoft to Adobe to Hardware and OS, programming, etc. It enables you to upload PPT onto the iPad and present it to people – on the floor, at a location, etc. You can also connect the iPad PPT to a monitor and show it there. – anything you can do with PPT, but it is seen on the iPad.

10 free social learning platforms

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It seamlessly links your video conference platform of choice like Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams right into the EdApp platform. One criticism of this app is that it doesn’t allow you to export mind maps into many different formats, such as ppt, even with the paid version.

5 Simple Ways to Get Started with E-Learning Development - The Rapid eLearning Blog

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Microsoft has some really nice starter templates to help you organize your learning project. Click here to access Microsoft training templates. I wasn’t aware of the Microsoft training templates, thanks for sharing that Tom. Every time i make PPT presenations I get confused what colors. The Rapid Elearning Blog. 5 Simple Ways to Get Started with E-Learning Development. December 11th, 2007. 15 comments.

How to quickly and easily create a basic eLearning module using PowerPoint & Adobe Captivate 2017

Adobe Captivate

Often the basis for such courses is a Microsoft PowerPoint file. ppt format. While I generally don’t recommend it, very often eLearning developers are called upon to create simple course modules very, very quickly. Captivate can import PowerPoint files on Windows machines, and Captivate 2017 makes it easy to create multi-state buttons to handle the course navigation.

Open Source E-Learning Development 3: Open Office.org

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However, we can say that the substantial majority of knowledge workers are competent in office productivity programs including word processors, spreadsheet, and presentation applications, such as those included in the Microsoft Office suite. These components are designed to reflect the functionality available in Microsoft Office.

Free L&D webinars for October 2020

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PT: PPT Charts and Excel: Data Visualizations That Stand Out from the Crowd Bar charts and pie charts have their place, but they only take you so far. “ Brussels sprouts before roasting ” by John Sullivan is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. We’ve never been so happy to see rain here in BC!

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20+ eLearning Tools and Resources

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You can also save your presentation as a Microsoft PowerPoint file, or export as a PDF, HTML, or an image file. Microsoft Office. Find a great selection of free PPT templates that are guaranteed to work with your PowerPoint application. Sometimes building online courses can be a little more difficult than it seems, so why not have one place you can go to find the resources and help you need?

E-Learning vs. Really Good E-Learning

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Someone pointed out recently that the roots of most e-Learning, if we really consider it, can be traced back to Microsoft PowerPoint. Importing PPT and calling it training is a flat and boring excuse for e-Learning. As L&D professionals, all of us have seen the good, the bad and the. well, really bad of e-Learning. We know that when it’s done well, e-Learning can be an effective and enjoyable way of acquiring new skills and knowledge.

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Build Gr8 Micro-Learning Course

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Usually I find the PPT driven approach, due to it. Create a mini storyboard, you can use paper with blocks (which you create), you can use PowerPoint (with each slide being a component of the storyboard – I should add that people that use PPT for a storyboard, like the flexibility of it, you can use storyboard software – even if it is for making a movie or whatever). The topic: How to Open a new workbook in Microsoft Excel . Click to open Microsoft Excel.