Get Microsoft LMS integration to improve and enhance your eLearning experience


If you are looking for a personalized virtual education experience with Microsoft LMS integration, Let me tell you that Paradiso Solutions is the place to go. Microsoft LMS services complement Paradiso learning platform to provide a more productive experience for teachers and students.

Microsoft Launches ELearning Add-On


The global success of Articulate is well known in the elearning field, and it appears that Microsoft would like to steal a bit of market share as well! In 2009, Articulate Studio took-off as a Microsoft PowerPoint add-on for this very purpose.

FREE Alternative to Microsoft Project


For those of you who have used, or actively use, Microsoft Project, you know how awesome it is. Sure, it’s not as sexy as the other programs out there, but it is by far one of the best solutions available for work planning a major project with various dependencies.

Microsoft Office: 2013 Open for Preview

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by AJ George  Last week  Microsoft announced its latest version of Microsoft Office  and opened it for  customer preview.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

request, such as IBM or Microsoft. Where learning and development programs used to be seen as. report on the effectiveness of its learning programs. Authoring tools have the potential to help transform learning programs and. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

12 Free Microsoft Teaching Tools

DigitalChalk eLearning

Microsoft Partners in Learning has created an abundance of resources for professionals and educators around the world to take new approaches to teaching and learning. Learning Suite by Microsoft. Learn programming quickly and easily.

Microsoft PowerPoint: Hide a Master Slide Logo

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My assumption is that someone created the background (with the logo included) in another program, or took a screen shot of the background in PowerPoint and inserted it as a background image. by AJ George  A PowerPoint user approached me recently with an issue.

What Microsoft’s Elimination of Employee-Ranking Program Means for eLearning


Microsoft’s controversial employee-ranking program met its end this week as the company strives to build a more collaborative culture. Since Microsoft’s system had set percentages, this meant some employees had to be given poor reviews in order to match the ranking method.

Top 5 ELearning Development Programs


5 Popular Rapid ELearning Software Programs. It’s very easy to learn since it is an add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint. Articulate Studio ’13 – Developed by the same folks as Storyline, Articulate Studio piggy-backs off of Microsoft PowerPoint as well.

ELEARNING PRODUCTION: Getting Audio from Microsoft PowerPoint to Work in Adobe Captivate

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  When I spoke with Adobe support regarding the issue, I was informed that the recording file in Microsoft PowerPoint uses the m4a file format.         Then I used Adobe Media Encoder (it’s a program that is probably on your computer already) and converted the m4a file into a mid-quality mp3.   Perhaps one day Microsoft will use mp3 files for recorded audio, or Adobe will one day allow for m4a imports directly into Captivate.

How To Easily Create ELearning Videos from Microsoft PowerPoint


Now, there are many ways you can integrate PowerPoint into any elearning program. It can be a simple PDF that someone interacts with, or you could use a program like Articulate Presenter to transform that presentation into an interactive, online asset.

Microsoft Word: Customize the Status Bar

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  Word is such a workhorse program for most of us that just a few shortcuts can result in significant time savings and better productivity. by Jennie Ruby. When you are using Track Changes in MS Word, sometimes you need to turn the tracking off for a second to make some minor correction "off the record" and then quickly turn the tracking back on.

Microsoft Brings Back Free Clip Art…Sort Of

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Having free clip art is a big deal for those of us on fixed budgets and with limited access to stock images and clip art to use in our elearning courses, presentations, and training programs. About two years ago, Microsoft got rid of clip art.

Course of the Week: The Complete Microsoft Office 2013 Bundle


Have you always wanted to be able to indicate "Expert" when describing your Microsoft Office proficiency level? Basic knowledge of Word and Excel is often required for jobs but the work itself typically demands a better understanding of those, and other, Microsoft Office applications.

Apple Leads in Tech, But Microsoft Dominates in Diversity


We’ll be honest: There are some ways in which Microsoft falls behind other tech giants. In fact, when you think about revolutionary companies, Google and Apple have become the gold standard, with Microsoft bringing up the rear with an old-school image and sometimes lackluster software offerings. But there is one area in which Microsoft has a surprising jump on the competition and a forward-thinking mission operative.

LearnBrite and Microsoft: A Match Made in Virtual Reality Training Heaven


LearnBrite + Microsoft = Workplace Training Heaven. It works hand-in-hand with Microsoft’s leading technology to offer the world’s most accessible experiential learning. LearnBrite Integrations with Microsoft. With other programs, browser choice matters.

Importing Microsoft PowerPoint into Adobe Captivate Quick Tip

Adobe Captivate

This makes your copy of PowerPoint the last program to “touch” the file and helps prevent “permissions” errors. When importing PowerPoint presentations into Adobe Captivate, how high has your blood pressure gone?

Ready to Master Microsoft Office? Start Here!


No matter which version of the Microsoft Office suite of programs you’re using, we have courses to get you started or help you take your Office skills to the next level. Are you ready to master the Microsoft Office suite of programs? Don''t miss out on this engaging course that will get you up-to-speed on all Microsoft Office applications! .

Teaching Kids Programming

TechSmith Camtasia

Lynn Langit and her partner Llewellyn Falco firmly believe that programming should be a core skill taught in middle and high schools across the globe. Together, they combined years of professional programming experience to create Teaching Kids Programming (TKP).

Teach 95

3 Ways Mobility Elevates Your Training Programs: Connectivity


Let me start by introducing you to our friends: Unity, Microsoft Azure, and xAPI. Let’s talk about connectivity and why it’s important.

LearnDash Launches Affiliate Program, Updates Logo


Many of you have contacted us wondering if we had an affiliate program in place. CLICK HERE to sign-up for the affiliate program! So, on launch day we just went with the logo at hand, which was hastily made in… wait for it… Microsoft Paint.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Is Facebook the next Microsoft?

Learning Visions

Thursday, July 26, 2007 Is Facebook the next Microsoft? Have you seen this article from TechCrunch: Could Facebook Become The Next Microsoft? Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. Posted by Cammy Bean at 12:14 PM Labels: facebook 2comments: Davidsaid. No, Google is. They have collaborative Apps, tons of free services and they let developers/anyone run freely with their widgets.

ELEARNING PRODUCTION: Getting Audio from Microsoft PowerPoint to Work in Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate

When I spoke with Adobe support regarding the issue, I was informed that the recording file in Microsoft PowerPoint uses the m4a file format. Then I used Adobe Media Encoder (it’s a program that is probably on your computer already) and converted the m4a file into a mid-quality mp3.

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Microsoft Announces Plan to Train Veterans For Tech Jobs

CLO Magazine

The Microsoft Software and Systems Academy consists of a 16-week course to prepare U.S. 4 Microsoft Corp. on Monday announced a new program to provide software development training and testing to U.S. The Microsoft Software and Systems Academy aims to offer U.S. The Microsoft Software and Systems Academy consists of a 16-week course to prepare U.S. In December, the first group of 22 participants will complete the program. Source: Microsoft Corp

3 Ways Mobility Elevates Your Training Programs: Connectivity


Let me start by introducing you to our friends: Unity, Microsoft Azure, and xAPI. The post 3 Ways Mobility Elevates Your Training Programs: Connectivity appeared first on mLevel. Let’s talk about connectivity and why it’s important.

Microsoft Elevate America

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With millions of Americans unemployed and uncertain about how to pursue new careers, Microsoft Elevate America program seems perfectly timed. The company will provide up to two million people with free technology training over the next three years to prepare them for the new marketplace in IT. Check it out: [link

Microsoft Office Game – Ribbon Hero

eLearning Brothers

I ran across this post on the Microsoft Office Labs blog and thought that it was a great idea. Jennifer Michelstein, a Program Manager at Office Labs). They have created an Office Software add-in that allows your to earn points by completing challenges and using the software. You can even tie to Facebook. “Games for learning is an increasingly popular field that’s quickly gaining ground. When we started this project, we wondered if there was a place for games in Office.

Using MOOCs in Corporate Training Programs

Your Training Edge

Companies also have several options for how to integrate MOOCs into their training programs. Many organizations offer prepackaged MOOCs, and this is a very good option for workplace skills, professional development, and other parts of a training program that don’t require company-specific content. The Saylor Foundation offers a Workplace Skills Program that includes courses in computer literacy, professional writing, and time and stress management.

Microsoft updates point to need for systems training


Microsoft updates point to need for systems training. Systems training is ready for its moment in the spotlight, and none too soon: Major software providers such as Microsoft are set to debut critical updates to their most central and fundamental products. More Microsoft news.

Effective Online Training Programs Using Lectora Inspire [Infographic]

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The fact that it makes it easy to convert Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into an e-learning course, makes it even more attractive. Lectora Inspire is a user-friendly authoring tool, used to rapidly develop highly engaging e-learning courses.

Vitalize Your Online Training Programs with Videos

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Giants such as Microsoft and Oracle reported substantial savings in training costs after they started using videos as part of their training initiatives. They can be used as part of your e-learning programs or as performance support tools.

The Ultimate Programming Debate: Self-Taught vs Degree


Photoshop, social media and a knowledge of HTML are becoming staples of the modern workplace in the same way Microsoft Office and email have been for the past two decades. There is no argument digital literacy is a necessary skill for the majority of jobs in today’s economy.

11 Free Game Creation Software Programs (At least for 30 Days)

Kapp Notes

If you are thinking of creating an educational game but don't want to invest a lot of money, you can try out these free software programs (or free for 30 days in some cases), some are 2D and some are 3D. The programming language is concise and the tools are easy to master.

The Rise of Cloud-Based Productivity Suites


For years, most companies have defaulted to using traditional Microsoft Office to meet their office productivity needs. In fact, the amount of users of Microsoft’s flagship productivity suite now tops the 1 billion mark. Want to learn more about the latest version of Microsoft Office ?

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7 Programs that Increase Employee Engagement

Aktiv Mind

7 Programs that Increase Employee Engagement. Before you start reviewing different software programs there is an important step you need to take; you need to hear from your employees. Here are some of our favorite project management programs that help you connect with your employees and increase their level of commitment and engagement. Bloomfire : Finding a project managment program that your employees will like, and more importantly use can be challenging.

Microlearning improves employee training programs


Microlearning improves employee training programs. A particularly effective strategy is offering training and development programs that continuously provide employees with growth opportunities. Microlearning is becoming a staple in professional training programs.

Fundamentals of Designing and Developing Cost-Effective eLearning

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When: September 22-25 Where: McCormick Place, Chicago (Part of the Online Learning Conference Certification program). Camtasia Captivate e-learning eLearning HTML5 Microsoft PowerPoint Storyline TCS5 TechComm Technical Communications Technical Writing Technology TechSmith Camtasia Studio training UA User Assistance User Experience UX

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