Pros of Microsoft Hololens 2


Microsoft Unveiled the Hololens 2 ahead of Mobile World Congress. Microsoft claims that it has doubled the FOV without reducing image quality. Here are the pros of Microsoft Hololens 2: Wider field of view (FOV) double of its predecessor.

Microsoft Word: To Track or Not to Track Changes

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by Jennie Ruby Track Changes in Microsoft Word is an indispensible tool for editing, but it is not the best tool for the job in every editorial situation. You may find that both tiny details and big-picture edits cause you-and your reviewers-to want less tracking, not more. Deleting the space with Track Changes turned on will create a mark that looks like this: Power-Point. Making the change without tracking it is a good idea. Tags: Microsoft Word

Safety Managers – Tracking Employee Certifications Online vs. In Microsoft Excel

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Thanks to cloud-based Training Record Management systems, you can now stop worrying about tracking down physical training records. A cloud-based Training Record Management System eliminates the need to track your employees’ training records in Excel which, in turn, makes it easier to save a significant amount of money and time. Furthermore, you can count on this solution to track courses completed in the field, classroom or anywhere outside your organization.

DevCorner: Microsoft BUILD 2014 Report

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This is the place for i nterviews with our devs, source code samples, and an inside peek at some of the cool stuff we’re working on… The fourth Microsoft BUILD conference was held in the first week of April this year.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

How it’s Viewed7 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Pages Interactive8 The Sky’s the Limit with the Cloud9 Translate Your Learning into Hundreds of Languages10 Track and Analyze Exactly how. request, such as IBM or Microsoft. Track and Analyze Exactly. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

Product Review: Microsoft Office Mix add-in for PowerPoint 2013

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Some products including Articulate Studio and Storyline use the Microsoft SDK PowerPoint ribbon as their main ribbon. If you use one of the OfficeMix apps it shows that “This OfficeMix app has been developed by Microsoft. Microsoft Terms.

What Google and Microsoft are Up To in AR and VR?


Google and Microsoft on this futuristic technology. Bigwigs like Google and Microsoft, are counting a lot on these technologies utilizing AR and VR. The post What Google and Microsoft are Up To in AR and VR?

Microsoft Word: Customize the Status Bar

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When you are using Track Changes in MS Word, sometimes you need to turn the tracking off for a second to make some minor correction "off the record" and then quickly turn the tracking back on. But after a trip to the Home tab, or the Insert tab, or elsewhere to make an untracked correction, you have to return to the Review tab to turn Track Changes back on. Among them is TRK , a shortcut for turning Track Changes on and off. by Jennie Ruby.

Ready to Master Microsoft Office? Start Here!


No matter which version of the Microsoft Office suite of programs you’re using, we have courses to get you started or help you take your Office skills to the next level. Are you ready to master the Microsoft Office suite of programs? Don''t miss out on this engaging course that will get you up-to-speed on all Microsoft Office applications! .

Learn a New Skill: Fast Track Inserting Symbols in PowerPoint


Whatever text shortcuts you set up in PowerPoint will carry over in Microsoft Word and Excel. Note on Implementation: I do not recommend trying to come up with text strings for the THOUSANDS of symbols in Microsoft Office.

Track 70

What Microsoft’s Elimination of Employee-Ranking Program Means for eLearning


Microsoft’s controversial employee-ranking program met its end this week as the company strives to build a more collaborative culture. Since Microsoft’s system had set percentages, this meant some employees had to be given poor reviews in order to match the ranking method.

Microsoft Time Zone

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Use this simple utility to keep track of the time in other part of the world. Microsoft Time Zone installs as a small tray icon that allows you to specify as many as five cities to watch the time on while you are working on your computer. In order to schedule meetings and trip the Microsoft Time Zone application also lets you compare times at different places in the world without changing your system time. With Microsoft Time Zone you will always know the time.

Apple, Google, Microsoft, and the Race for Artificial Intelligence


Apple has Siri; Microsoft has Cortana; Amazon has Echo; and Google is looking for Google Home to be the next big thing in artificial intelligence. Where Apple (and Microsoft and Amazon, for that matter) fall short is that their AI requires human prompts to work. Users would likely abandon prompted learning in favor of devices that track behavior and anticipate how and when a learner wants information delivered.

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MSTP for E-Learning: Parallelism


There is a beauty in these railway tracks. Going by MSTP’s remarkable delineation on Parallelism, we could see that the grace of the language cruising on the rails of parallelism is the same as that of the train sliding on its tracks.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): "Microsoft preps StartKey: A ‘Windows companion’ on a USB stick" (ZDNet)

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Why the Growing Interest in CRM Solutions for Associations?

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With inbound marketing, associations leverage content and online behavior tracking to develop and deepen relationships with prospective members and customers. The association nurtures the relationship by tracking the lead’s online activities and sharing additional relevant content with them. Because of the increased AMS market share of these CRM solutions, the most recent TopClass LMS release includes a standard integration with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Which is a Better Storyboarding Tool: MS Word or MS PowerPoint?


Storyboarding can be done using a plethora of tools and the two majorly used are Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint. Microsoft Word. Content needs to be reviewed by various stakeholders, and changes need to be tracked. ? Microsoft PowerPoint.



Track each quiz taker. Quiz Maker › Take Quizzes › K-12 Education › Argumentación En publicidad. Loading Page, Please wait… Argumentación En publicidad. 2 Questions. I I 1 Attempt. I I Created By johanlamprea 2 days ago. Contesta el siguiente cuestionario teniendo en cuenta los conceptos abordados y el vídeo visto de el discurso publicitario. Tweet. Embed. Remove Question Excerpt. Question Excerpt From Argumentación En publicidad.

Wiimote control

Learning with e's

Gates (of Hell) was demonstrating a new, and sickenly clever table top touch screen computer, the 'Microsoft Surface' which he confidently claims, millions of punters will have bought over the next 5 years. So is that hard cheese for Microsoft?


Top Ten Tools for Learning 2014

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Microsoft Word isn’t exactly the most glamorous tool here, but it is a tool I use regularly for design documents, storyboards, and other projects for clients. Google Docs is where I keep track of my time spent on projects , create quick drafts, and other tasks.

Tools 431

ID and e-Learning Links (9/14/14)

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Microsoft Office Mix review – a potential new player in digital learning? Microsoft’s entry into the e-learning world is a lightweight but free PowerPoint add-in. Track your time. You can record presentations and do basic quizzing. They have their own reporting tool, but you can’t use it in an LMS. tags: e-learning tools free. Drag&Drop tips – Captivate blog. Tips on drag and drop interactions in Captivate.


HoloLens 2 Specs Reveal


In our previous installments, we describe Microsofts newest HoloLens 2.0. Along with the newly design headsets, users now have a wider field of view of the screen thanks to the new field of view ratio that the Microsoft team implemented for the HoloLens 2.

Ratio 52

Project Natal

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Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft made major game hardware related announcements. At this E3 it was Microsoft that made the most news with a slew of new products and technologies. CNET Video of the E3 demonstration: Here’s microsoft’s official Project Natal trailer: I liked what I saw.

“Enablement: A High-Impact Corporate MOOC Strategy” #ATDTK

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Case Study: Microsoft Microsoft’s new CEO had an evolutionary strategy vs. a revolutionary strategy: Mobile First, Cloud First. And so lots of change across Microsoft. They were looking for those with a track level in innovation (not content, because they all had content). For the program, the metric that Microsoft execs really cared about was “account plans created”. This badge helps build that brand for Microsoft.

How To Fill The Void of Missing Powerpoint Clipart

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Due to the “internet of things,” Microsoft Office decided to kill off their Clipart library in December 2014. From what we can tell, the main reasons for this move by Microsoft is three-fold.

Sonic Foundry's Media Site

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Media Site has always relied on Microsoft software and the recent emergence of Silver Light has enabled Media Site to drastically improve the “look and feel” of the skins. The workflow from capture to publish to tracking learner attendance. Reliance on Microsoft software.

Site 169

Mediasite Rocks: UW DL conference presentation: Micro-Collaboration

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Mediasite has always relied on Microsoft software and the recent emergence of Silver Light has enabled Mediasite to drastically improve the “look and feel” of the skins. The workflow from capture to publish to tracking learner attendance. Reliance on Microsoft software.

Project Natal

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Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft made major game hardware related announcements. At this E3 it was Microsoft that made the most news with a slew of new products and technologies. CNET Video of the E3 demonstration: Here’s microsoft’s official Project Natal trailer: I liked what I saw.

Developing the Next Generation of Purposeful Leaders

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Apple and Steve Jobs, Microsoft and Bill Gates, Walt Disney and the Disney Company. Watch tech-evangelist, thought-leader, and best-selling author – Rashim Mogha speak about ‘ Fast-tracking your leadership career.’ How does an individual define a brand?

Information, Press Releases and Industry Happenings

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Collaboration Software Space Microsoft Corp. announced the release of Microsoft Lync, the next generation of Microsoft's unified communications software that enables people to connect in new ways, anytime, anywhere. Lync has been designed to work with Microsoft Office, SharePoint and Exchange, which reduces end-user adoption hurdles. Microsoft Lync Server 2010 support will be introduced in a future release of ProtoSphere.

Press 136

Adobe Presenter 9: Beginning Training

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Perhaps you need to add a quiz to the presentation and be able to track learner success? During this full-day, online instructor-led class, you will learn how to create an eLearning lesson from scratch using both Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Presenter. Have you created a PowerPoint presentation and need to convert it into an eLearning course?

Project Management on a Shoestring Budget

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In our experience partnering with nonprofits and associations, one of the concerns we hear most often is about managing eLearning projects without having project management (PM) training or the budget for dedicated software like Microsoft® Project.

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Gamification In Application Software Training


It is a free plug-in game from Microsoft Office Labs aimed at helping learners develop their skills in using Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote) in a game environment. However, you’ll require Microsoft Office installed in your computer to run this game.

6 Underutilized PowerPoint Features

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Because PowerPoint has been around for such a long time (almost 28 years), Microsoft has been able to create features and integrate options that allow presenters and now some eLearning professionals to create content effectively.

How People Analytics Can Help Improve Learning Experiences

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By linking the LMS running the eLearning program with the ERP platform that tracks work; HR practitioners can track data and use it to structure performance appraisals and disburse salary hikes and bonuses.