How to Easily Create Powerful Customer Education

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Customers want context; they want to know about the product/service as it exists in the real world. And in a world with elaborate marketing tactics, it’s more important than ever before. Unless you plan on scheduling the same Live webinar many times to cover time zones around the world.

Case study: PepsiCo leverages Minecraft for Lean Six Sigma training

CLO Magazine

The pandemic accelerated our need to execute this training virtually,” says PepsiCo Chief Learning Officer Molly Nagler. Minecraft is a video game that lets users create three-dimensional worlds where they can solve challenges, go on adventures and interact with other 3D creatures.


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Effective learning is like a good cup of coffee. It’s all in the blend.

Learning Pool

The world changed pretty drastically at the start of the year. We used Google Hangouts for our live sessions, G+ as a discussion platform, Miro (a virtual whiteboard) for facilitated brainstorms, and Google Chat and Slack for quick messages.

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How Zapier motivates and engages their remote workforce


In this blog post, we’re taking a look at how Zapier motivates its virtual teams and its whole remote employee engagement action plan. Zapier’s VP of Customer Support, Pam Dodrill, shares some of the best ways to engage employees, even if they’re working across the world. You have to monitor performance, hold virtual meetings, do your job, and figure out how to keep your remote employees engaged and motivated. ?hese

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The Rise of Social Everything

Marcia Conner

A virtual water cooler becomes a gathering place to share ideas and ask questions beyond the limits of formal organizations, company meetings, or classrooms. Then they launched their innovation submission process on EMC|ONE and received more than 900 submissions from passionate EMC employees all over the world who felt so comfortable in the community that they were even eager to post their submissions on the site for others to review, comment on, and provide suggestions.

Online training platform’s best tools for working remotely


But working remotely means adapting to how whiteboards and other notation and drawing tasks can be shared virtually. Miro is another great whiteboard app that shares a host of design elements with a focus on collaboration.

Live Online Learning: Everything you need to know


‘the jack-of-all-trades’ Virtual classrooms. Later in this learning track, there is a live webinar from HBtraining about ‘blending’ virtual classrooms*. Virtual classrooms. Live Online Learning: Everything you need to know.

More great places, awesome people

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I still managed to take a tuk-tuk into the old part of Mombasa though, and with my old German friend Torsten Brinda , wandered around virtually unmolested, taking in the sights, sounds and aromas of authentic Mombasa. The influence of Gaudi, Picasso, Miro and a host of other avant garde artists is evident wherever you turn, and the opportunities to sample the culture and atmosphere of this iconic city are endless.

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Tech Toolbox March 2021

Mike Taylor

Miro — Scalable, secure, cross-device and enterprise-ready team collaboration whiteboard for distributed teams. Join 15M+ users from around the world. Focusmate —Focusmate virtual coworking helps you get things done.

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L&D Toolbox for February 2021

Mike Taylor

A virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers. Affinity Photo – Professional Image Editing Software – The only fully loaded photo editor integrated across Mac, Windows and iOS, Affinity Photo is the first choice of thousands of professionals around the world. Miro Tools for Online Meetings Boost your team online meetings with energy, creativity, and momentum. Join 10M+ users from around the world.

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