5 Tips for Improving Responsive Design in Mobile eLearning


Mobile device usage is on the rise. people now spend more time on their mobile devices than they do on their desktops. Now more than ever, mobile learning has become a critical consideration in the design and development of learning solutions. Responsive design allows you to create one eLearning solution that will automatically respond to any device or browser, maintaining a streamlined aesthetic and high quality user experience for your audience.

Making Mobile Learning Work – LearnX 2013 Panel Discussion Summary


I will be stating the obvious when I say that there is huge amount of interest in mobile learning across the globe. While the L&D teams and learning solution providers are quickly adapting themselves to these changes, most of have many questions around how to make best use of mobile learning. Majority agreed that just porting of content to mobile devices is not m-learning. Distractions while using mobile devices.

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Mobile eLearning Virtual Worlds, Environments, and Serious Games

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

One comment that was tweeted mentioned a need for VWs to begin making their way onto mobile devises. What DOES matter is seeing that it is possible to have a virtual environment on a mobile device. And the ROI is not immediately apparent. I'm not saying that learning content will NEVER get created, but the adoption will be slow within corporate elearning. During the 3DTLC conference I was watching the twitter streams of @moehlert and @koreenolbrish (and others).

The Future of the LMS


To completely accessible without time requirement, electronic, as well as mobile learning platforms. Mobile Content. Mobile eLearning content is possibly some of the most under-utilized in the field. Imagine a course of a single large eLearning, supplemented by a succession of a few well-crafted and poignant microlearning exercises on an employee’s phone as they are embarking on a long cab ride away from a trade show.

How to measure a successful LMS launch


Other content requirements such as webinars and mobile eLearning will be better understood on how effective they are once you have gone through the launch. An LMS’ goal is to improve business efficiency and to drive a return on investment (ROI). An LMS designed with mobility in mind will increase learning opportunities to happen anywhere and at any time. You have spent months planning your LMS launch.

More flexible eLearning expanding technology's reach


More flexible eLearning expanding technology's reach. One of the most exciting areas of eLearning development is the creation of mobile capabilities and other types of increased flexibility. There are savings and ROI benefits to be had from mobile strategies.". Companies today are in search of improved training performance, something that mobile-enabled eLearning solutions promise. Mobile Readiness.

Creating Value in e-Learning Part 6: The Solution


Mobile Learning. Lectora Mobile. Mobile eLearning Platform for All mLearning. -->. Lectora Mobile. Lectora Mobile. Lectora Mobile. eLearning Tips and Videos. -->. Monthly eLearning News. -->. Mobile Learning. -->. Getting Started with eLearning. -->. We meet the expectations of Business by defining the process to measure the value of online training in terms that Businesses understand – Return On Investment (ROI).

Designing eLearning for iPads – Webinar Recording and Q&A

Upside Learning

Early this month we ran two webinars on “Designing eLearning for Pads (tablet)” A big thank you to all of you who were able to join us! Finally, here’s everything you wanted to know about eLearning on iPads… and asked! A: mLearning or Mobile Learning is designed specifically for mobile devices, mostly for learners who are constantly on the move or do not have regular access to traditional learning methodologies. mLearning/eLearning Technology.

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Limestone Learning

Listen fast and you'll learn plenty of useful tips during this brief preview, focusing on the Designing High-Impact eLearning track. Are we really getting the ROI we need, for both the business and the new employee? Join in to explore many fun, learner-centred eLearning projects! Listen fast and you'll learn plenty of useful tips even during this brief preview, focusing on the Effective Gamification for eLearning track.