5 eLearning Trends to Watch for in 2020


With the development of the global eLearning industry projected to upsurge 11% by 2020 , investment in workplace learning and development (L&D) is set to increase yet again this year. . Mobile Learning (mLearning). billion mobile users (89% of the population), which is why we predicted mLearning to be one of the hottest eLearning trends in 2019. Around 99% of mobile learners believe that mLearning improves their learning experience.

How Skillshare is Changing the Face of Design and Lifestyle Courses in the World


The mention of online courses normally conjures up a picture of remote learning, a user’s face plastered to a computer screen, rapt in attention. With the advent of so many new-age ed tech ventures aiming to captivate your imagination and inspire you through learning, the world of online learning has come a long, long way. Entrepreneurship, creative arts, design, photography, technology, culinary and business are just some of them.