11 Important Regular Tasks of Moodle Admin

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The administrator role in Moodle learning management system (LMS) is one of the three default roles. of a Moodle admin. to those geeks who wanna take up the Moodle administration as their long-term career. Let’s dive into the tasks of a Moodle admin straight away. #1.

Switch from Moodle to Moodle Alternatives enriching your learning experience


Most educational institutions use open-source platforms such as Moodle, which provides a highly customized and effective learning environment. So the question arises, whether choosing an LMS over moodle is the right approach? Why should you look for moodle alternatives ?


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What is Moodle LMS?

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What is Moodle LMS? Moodle LMS is the world’s most popular and most used learning management system. With 68 million users and 55,000 Moodle sites deployed worldwide, Moodle is a user-friendly eLearning platform that serves the learning and training needs of people from all types of institutions. MoodleBecause it is open source and free to download.

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[Part II] How to Understand and Improve Your Moodle LMS Performance

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In the first part of ‘ Moodle performance’ blogs , we’ve expounded on what it means and how to understand it. In this second blog, we will look into the software side of Moodle performance. Moodle. It is something how efficiently you use your Moodle LMS.

[Part I] How to Understand and Improve Your Moodle LMS Performance

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Moodle is undoubtedly the best open-source learning platform, with 248, 250, 478 users (and counting) in 251 countries around the world. And 196, 000+ sites use Moodle for their online learning and development. What is (Your) Moodle Performance?

Google Apps Integration in Moodle

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This is a new integration between Moodle and Google, allowing you to benefit from the two platforms working seamlessly together. You can choose whether you want to login using Google Apps credentials, Moodle credentials, or an existing identity provider (if your institution has a centralized directory). Moodle LMS IntegrationsYou will need to centralize the authentication process.

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Understanding Moodle versus Canvas. Moodle - It is an open-source learning management system designed to offer the best experience to learners that provides unprecedented data security. Users of Moodle LMS have the choice of installing their Moodle account on cloud or server. Cloud based platform called Moodle cloud, can be can be set up in minutes, is scalable, and has a host of standard features available for instant use. Moodle vs Canvas: The Outcome.

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5 Interesting Moodle Reports for Learning Analytics


Of all the Moodle reports available by and large, there will be some that stand apart. It depends on what fascinating reports you want to have from your Moodle learning analytics. It’s a nice Moodle reporting tool. . To me, this Moodle report seems a little bit hypothetical.

How to Integrate Moodle and BigBlueButton for Virtual Classes

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Just install the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) and plug in BigBlueButton and start your lectures straight away. The software is available as a plugin for Moodle platform users. How to Install BigBlueButton Plugin in Moodle. Step 1: Login to Moodle LMS.

10 Moodle Alternatives

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Some of you may be familiar with the learning management system Moodle, and you may know the many limitations and setbacks that this platform has. Luckily, there are a ton of Moodle alternatives that can help your learners train more effectively. This platform is free.

What Does It Mean a Custom Moodle Analytics Tool?


Moodle Learning Management System (Moodle LMS), as you may know, is a well-known custom-friendly eLearning platform. Similarly, if a Moodle analytics tool is also custom-friendly, then it will make a great combination for eLearning through Moodle platform.

Joomla Moodle integration is the perfect ally for your company


The Joomla Moodle Integration gives access to learning content from inside the CMS, meaning you can view and assign courses as well as manage performance via a tab in Joomla. It is important to say that the virtual processes must be friendly integrated and each time easier for the user to navigate and switch between the platforms. That should be a must-have in every software system and much more in an eLearning platform.

Top Moodle Development Company for Best E-Learning Platforms


Today, one can easily find top Moodle development companies which are known to have highly qualified and experienced software developers who are capable of fabricating, designing, and administration of custom LMS development.

Moodle or Totara - Choose the LMS Best For You.

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Moodle LMS is the world’s most popular learning management system, with over 85 million users across the globe. Totara LMS was built off of Moodle’s foundation, with adaptations for corporate users. Both options are feature-rich platforms that are packed with user management, course creation, integration, and reporting capabilities. Moodle LMS LTI Totara Totara LMS Moodle speed grader HR imports

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How to Install Moodle LMS for Windows

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A manual Moodle LMS installation is the recommended method for small to medium Moodle implementations; or in other words, those organizations who plan to use Moodle for small projects. It should be noted that Windows is not the recommended platform for large Moodle LMS installations, as it does not have the storage capacity to hold the data from your Moodle site. The following steps for installing Moodle are intended for skilled IT professionals.

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12 Reasons for Why You Need This Moodle Analytics Plugin


When you think of Moodle learning analytics, what problems come to your mind while measuring them? What if all such problems you have encountered will be answered in a single Moodle analytics plugin? 1 Role-wise, Multiple Moodle Analytics Dashboards. 2 Custom Moodle Dashboards.

9 Common Moodle Reports to Know for Multitenancy Moodle/IOMAD


Multitenancy Moodle and LearnerScript. Multitenancy in Moodle Learning Management System (aka Moodle LMS) is a big deal in many aspects of eLearning. IOMAD, Workplace, and some Corporate LMSes are the best examples of multitenant Moodle platforms.

Moodle Alternatives


This article talks about Moodle alternatives. As per Wikipedia, “Moodle (acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is one of the most popular ‘free’ software e-learning platform (Learning Management System), or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). As of June 2013, it had a user base of 83,008 registered and verified sites, serving 70,696,570 users in [ ] The post Moodle Alternatives appeared first on Abara LMS.

5 Ways Moodle Improves Higher Education

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Moodle LMS is an intuitive, and supportive environment for the independent nature of learning in higher education. There is no population more technologically skillful than post-secondary students - the virtual landscape of Moodle is one they are familiar with, and can navigate through easily. Without a major learning curve, online learning platforms like Moodle LMS are ideal for students in higher education. Moodle LMS higher education

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5 Canned Reports to Start Your Moodle Reporting With


LearnerScript, the Moodle reporting tool, is something that can be used right away, with or without minimal configuration after you plug it in on your Moodle. To make it happen, this Moodle analytics tool comes with a set of useful Canned Reports (or default reports, in other words).

How to Leverage This Moodle Plugin for Moodle Quiz Analytics


A brief about Quiz in Moodle. The courses in the Moodle Learning Management System (aka Moodle LMS) form its essence. Moodle Quiz is part and parcel of a Moodle course. And here is a post on ‘ How to add a quiz in Moodle.’ Moodle Quiz Analytics.

4 Moodle Report Formats Useful for Report Exporting


Report formats in Moodle analytics play their fair share of a role. LearnerScript is here to talk about them and let you know about them in your Moodle reporting. How do you want it to be when you create a custom Moodle report? Password-protect your Moodle reports.

Why Moodle Plugin Development is High in Demand


There is no doubt about the fact that Moodle has completely changed the way online and digital learning is being taken. Yatharthriti is one of the best Moodle plugin development companies which has years of experience and is known to provide incredible services.

Migrating Moodle

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The last couple of weeks including the usual half term have certainly been busy given that we took the opportunity to move a Moodle vle from a Linux to Windows platform. Being a merged college as we are, we now have two instances of the Moodle running on a single server and it all seems to be holding up extremely well. Of course if you are running Moodle yourselves then you will no doubt also be running other integrated applications and in our case that’s LAMS and Mahara.

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5 Top New Updates You Need to in Moodle 3.10

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As we expect every year, this time too, we have a new Moodle 3.10 version update from the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS). Now let’s look at the new features in Moodle 3.10 With the latest update in Moodle 3.10 Moodle 3.10 Popular Moodle Quiz Update.

Moodle VS Blackboard – Who’s the winner?


This certainly doesn’t mean that Blackboard has more users than Moodle. As of April 2017, Moodle has 101,869,024 runs in 235 countries. Source: Moodle ). Moodle vs Blackboard. Moodle is majorly used in the educational sector. Having said that, the first thing anybody looks for is the price & Moodle certainly takes everyone hands down. Moodle is a free open source software, but one can not neglect the fact that its not ready to use software.

Moodle Services Provider – How would you Choose the Right One?


Moodle, one of the leading open source platforms used worldwide by numerous schools, colleges, universities, government organizations, charities and corporates alike, is an eLearning platform that has endless possibilities. You can bend it to match the exact needs of your learners and it is this flexible nature of Moodle that makes it such highly sought elearning platform. Check the Client List of your Shortlisted Moodle Service Providers.

Innovation in e-Learning : Gamification in Moodle


Why Moodle Gamification? Hosted by Sach Chaudhari, with 15+ years of e-learning solutions experience, this webinar will explore what gamification is and how gamification can be used to create more meaningful, engaging and interactive e-Learning experiences in Moodle. When you want to know the deployment of gamification in Moodle, beyond merely asking your learners to score some jazzy points or badges. Join the Webinar on. >>

Moodle vs Totara – which is the right choice for you?


Moodle vs Totara: Understanding the differences. Anyone who has spent even a fraction of time looking into the world of elearning and the learning management system will have come across the rather abstract names of Moodle and Totara. The word ‘free’ can mean various different things when it comes to an LMS (more on that later) but in the age-old battle of Moodle vs Totara, everything counts. Moodle vs Totara Comparison Table 1. Moodle vs Totara Component Overview.

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Why Moodle Is Becoming Irrelevant


For many organizations today, Moodle is the cornerstone of their learning program. From Moodle, they launch courses, administer quizzes, manage users, and much more. Moodle is still very popular, but this is arguably driven because of the brand and the way that they have preferred partners implementing their platform. Despite this, I would still venture to guess that the majority of users would find Moodle to be extremely dated.

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Best Moodle Plugins for Gamification – A Curated List


This blog post is borne out of requests sent in by the attendees of the Moodle Gamification webinar, conducted on June 14th, 2016. They had asked us to send in a list of best plugins for gamification of Moodle. We’ve curated a list of 8 best plugins available for Moodle Gamification. Moodle Plugins for Gamification. This plugin enables you to add badges in Moodle. Badges earned by the learners in Moodle can be displayed on a user’s profile.

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What's the Difference Between Moodle and Totara LMS?

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If at any point you have researched cloud hosted learning management systems, there’s a good chance you’ve come across both Moodle and Totara LMS. Moodle is the world’s most popular LMS, with over 85 million users across the globe. Totara was built off of Moodle’s foundation, with extended features designed for enterprise clients. While Totara has recently parted ways with Moodle , they still share many similarities. Totara Moodle

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Not happy Moodle Blackboard


Are you an unhappy Moodle or Blackboard user? They are the two biggest LMS platforms in the world, with almost 100 million users between them as of 2015. In contrast to the seeming popularity of these learning management stalwarts, there seems to be a groundswell of negative feedback around these platforms from unhappy users (across schools, universities, business and training organisations). Moodle and Blackboard aren’t visually engaging.

Moodle vs Totara – which is the right choice for you?


Moodle vs Totara: Understanding the differences. Anyone who has spent even a fraction of time looking into the world of elearning and the learning management system will have come across the rather abstract names of Moodle and Totara. The word ‘free’ can mean various different things when it comes to an LMS (more on that later) but in the age-old battle of Moodle vs Totara, everything counts. Moodle vs Totara Comparison Table 1. Moodle vs Totara Component Overview.

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Choosing between Moodle and a SaaS learning platform like aNewSpring


Choosing between Moodle and a SaaS learning platform like aNewSpring. A lot of our customers ask us the question: ‘What is the difference between Moodle and aNewSpring?’ The first part of the answer to that question is that Moodle and aNewSpring have a lot of similarities. Many of our customers have worked with Moodle before they switched learning platforms and started using aNewSpring. What will do you use Moodle or aNewSpring for?

11 Simple Hacks to Know for Effective Moodle Analytics


Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) is a rock star eLearning platform. In this blog, we’ll get acquaintance with, if you’re not familiar with them, some key aspects in Moodle analytics. #1. The eLearning through the Moodle platform is competency-based learning.

LearnerScript Compatible with Moodle 3.9 Now


LearnerScript gets compatibility with the Moodle 3.9 In June this year, Moodle HQ released the latest update of Moodle LMS – Moodle 3.9 Here are the Moodle 3.9 Add and make H5P activities gradable; that means, you can add H5P activities as an ‘Activity’ in Moodle.