Moodle Installation Guide Pt 2 | Moodle Course Creation & Management

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Course Creation in Moodle. There are a few best practices to follow when it comes to creating Moodle courses. Keep students engaged by having activity based courses (with assignments, and quizzes), or socially based (with forums, chats, and wiki’s). Moodle How to Moodle

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Understanding Moodle versus Canvas. Moodle - It is an open-source learning management system designed to offer the best experience to learners that provides unprecedented data security. Users of Moodle LMS have the choice of installing their Moodle account on cloud or server.

What’s New in Moodle 3.7

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From usability enhancements to functional changes, to updates to activities like the Forum & Lesson modules, the latest version of Moodle , Moodle 3.7, The changes we see to Moodle Forums may be our favorite feature within 3.7! Moodle 3.6 New in Moodle 3.7

Joomla Moodle integration is the perfect ally for your company


The Joomla Moodle Integration gives access to learning content from inside the CMS, meaning you can view and assign courses as well as manage performance via a tab in Joomla. Paradiso Solutions is an India based eLearning company that counts with his own LMS platform based on Moodle code.

Moodle Services Provider – How would you Choose the Right One?


Moodle, one of the leading open source platforms used worldwide by numerous schools, colleges, universities, government organizations, charities and corporates alike, is an eLearning platform that has endless possibilities. Check the Client List of your Shortlisted Moodle Service Providers.

10 Benefits of Moodle based Learning Management System (LMS)

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The Moodle based LMS is ideal for: Compliance training. Top 10 Benefits of a Moodle-based Learning Management System (LMS) 1. It is very important for an LMS to have a user-friendly interface with self-descriptive navigation features,and a Moodle-based LMS provides just that.

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Thanks for Attending our Moodle Gamification Webinar!


Thank you for attending our webinar on Moodle Gamification held on Wednesday, 14th June, 2016. We sincerely hope, we gave you some food for thought about the importance of adding gamification in non-game environments such as Moodle. If you’d like to learn more on Moodle, jump to -.

The 8 Best Moodle Plugins for Course Presentation & User Experience

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Moodle Plugins are the most efficient way to get the most out of your learning management system. If you want to tap into social media, there's the Facebook app. Moodle plugins

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Not happy Moodle Blackboard


Are you an unhappy Moodle or Blackboard user? Let’s go back to the two biggest players in the market, Moodle and Blackboard, and find out… 1. Moodle and Blackboard aren’t visually engaging. Simply put, Moodle and Blackboard’s layouts are unappealing. . In theory, customising your LMS sounds like a good way to overcome the sterility of Moodle and Blackboard’s layouts. In reality, however, customising Moodle is hard.

Migrating Moodle

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The last couple of weeks including the usual half term have certainly been busy given that we took the opportunity to move a Moodle vle from a Linux to Windows platform. Being a merged college as we are, we now have two instances of the Moodle running on a single server and it all seems to be holding up extremely well. Of course if you are running Moodle yourselves then you will no doubt also be running other integrated applications and in our case that’s LAMS and Mahara.

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Scooping Links for Moodle

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When it comes to presenting a course in Moodle I often find myself trying to think of alternatives to the default means of materials presentation through the links to documents and websites approach, and the other day I discovered Scoopit.

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RSC Moodle Roundtable

Moodle Journal

I went along to an RSC Moodle Forum round table in London yesterday that posed the question ‘What makes for a good Moodle activity’. MS Word template for making Moodle quizzes The description of the tool makes it sound very interestingthough I must admit to not having tried it out yet.

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4 Social Learning Facts You Should Know


Social media giants like FaceBook and the like demonstrate the possibilities that we have available to us when it comes to social learning despite being remote. It’s On the Rise: Learning by informal, social methods is more and more common.

10 Popular MOODLE Plugins for Workplace Learning

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Being an open-source Learning Management System (LMS), Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment ( MOODLE ) has become popular and stands out amidst other learning management systems. Here are 10 popular MOODLE plugins, based on user likes and preferences. MOODLE Mobile.

Why MOODLE Is the Most Widely Used LMS

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One of the most widely used LMSs is Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (MOODLE). Let us now look at a few features of MOODLE that make it the preferred choice of the corporate training world. MOODLE is an open-source LMS.

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What’s in a Moodle

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A lot of people in e-learning and beyond have been asking us about Moodle recently. And it’s no longer just universities, colleges and schools which are using Moodle-based online learning environments. Increasingly, the corporate LMS is a Moodle-based LMS. Private sector ears pricked up when they heard that Moodle was adaptable, easy-to-use and above all, open source. Every day Moodle grows new functionality. Forget about him, Moodle just wants you.

E-learning in the development sector should be grounded in social constructivism

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It is the social constructivist approach that we should be using instead. What is social constructivism? cognitive constructivism, social constructivism, radical constructivism).

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3 Reasons Why WordPress is Better than Moodle


Taking a page out of the WordPress model, Moodle’s free and open-source offering is an attractive option for organizations big and small… but is it the best? Moodle is a major player, but that doesn’t always equate to the best option.

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Open source e-learning development 11: Moodle

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In all the time that I've written about Moodle, I've never really written about Moodle, if you see what I mean. Open source e-learning development 11: Moodle is a post from: E-Learning Curve Blog. Tags: LCMS Moodle constructivist learning environment e-learning learning technology principles of constructivism social learning I'll remedy that today.

Moodle: A fantastic tool for informal learning - and not just “e-learning”

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Last week I hosted a webinar called “Come Moodle with Us: Straight Talk on Moodle as an LMS Solution.&# Along with two of my colleagues at BLP, we showed attendees OUR Moodle site - and attempted to illustrate many of the cool features Moodle provides and how Moodle facilitates informal learning and not just functions as a place to house and track e-learning. A few “highlights&# that I want to share: 1) Moodle is about creating a learning community.

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Open Source Mahara and Moodle

Moodle Journal

I was wondering if anyone out there in Moodle land has thought of trying out the e-portfilio and social networking tool Mahara yet. In relation to Moodle, its appears that 1.9 Mahara has been designed as a means of storing evidence of lifelong learning in digital format called artifacts, a Mahara concept. An advantage to this approach is that students can display their artifacts in views depending on the intended audience; seems good in itself.

Moodle users gain bonus points with eThink Education and the Training Arcade ™

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With their years of experience in e-learning services, Moodle Partner eThink Education are rapidly becoming the go-to people for anyone needing help with in-house training. This means that 100,000 Moodle users will now have access to The Training Arcade library of customisable games. The platform includes 7 unique game mechanics, 15 languages, an analytics dashboard, leaderboard, and SCORM packages making it a seamless integration with Moodle.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Free Articulate & Moodle Seminars in Boston and Chicago

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Monday, May 11, 2009 Free Articulate & Moodle Seminars in Boston and Chicago Are you in Boston or Chicago? Want to learn more about Articulate and Moodle? Posted by Cammy Bean at 11:18 AM Labels: articulate , kineo , moodle 4comments: Jenise Cook said.

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Moodle Course Conversion

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Moodle is an open source course management system with a wide following. My friends at CV&A in Spain have implemented Moodle to support informal learning in numerous corporations. The Open University in the UK uses it to support 200,000 distance learners.

eLearning: Interesting Weekly Finds #16

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Social media & workplace performance matrix – Harold Jarche takes Jane Hart’s case study resources and puts them in a matrix, made accessible to all through Google docs spreadsheet. A mobile moodle for iPhone. Social Media Workplace Performance Matrix

One busy week for Moodle

Moodle Journal

Ran a Moodle training session for staff on thursday morning, seven made it and it really went down well. My plans to hold a Moodle conference at the end of term seem to be taking shape with the 19th December looking promising; you can expect some photos and pod cast from that, maybe even video. We have started to forge links with another Moodle user locally and will be having a meeting soon to compare notes and plan some future co-operative projects. Lots happening this week.

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Using Moodle as a VLE

Moodle Journal

I went along to the Moodle RUG on the 17th in London, which turned out to be a superb event. My own presentation came under the theme of transforming teaching and learning and featured a recent trial that I conducted with level 4 students in an attempt to realise the Social Constructive potential of Moodle as a VLE. Martin Dougiamas was live on Skype, excellent workshops and a particularly inspiring presentation from the OU.

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Tips for Arranging Exciting Enterprise Moodles

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I’m going to be using a lot of them as I run through two of Saffron’s tips of the week to create Moodles that will make all the other companies in the corporate playground really jealous. Moodle? What Moodle? The problem with most Moodles, especially educational Moodles, is that they look too much like, well, Moodles. But the fact is that Moodle doesn’t have to look like Moodle. Tags: Blog Moodle

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Reminder: Boston & Chicago Articulate/Moodle Seminars This Week

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Sunday, June 07, 2009 Reminder: Boston & Chicago Articulate/Moodle Seminars This Week Just a reminder that our Boston and Chicago free seminars on Articulate and Moodle are this week. Posted by Cammy Bean at 11:04 PM Labels: articulate , kineo , moodle 2comments: Sharon Boller said.

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2014’s Top three Innovations in eLearning Pedagogy

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Let’s take a closer look at how Massive Open Social Learning, Learning Analytics and Blended Learning will influence the way we learn. The Open University recently released a report on the new innovations in teaching, learning and assessments which are changing higher education at large.

Integrating your Joomla site with an LMS solution is a great option for virtual training


Social Learning. Related articles, interesting videos and social interactions all count toward the learning process. This is the future of eLearning and so is reflected in the Joomla Moodle integration. Looking for an LMS solution for your Joomla website?

Are you designing for cooperation or collaboration?

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Adult learning Collaborative eLearning e-facilitation eWorkshops Instructional design Moodle Self-paced eLearning Social constructivism Social learning The current eWorkshop design course is in its third week.

Thoughts on Social Networking

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Going on as I do these days with regard to the value of social networking tools practices and the implications for collaboration in learning, which you may well have picked this up from a number of posts in this blog.

Is the LMS Dead?

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Recently, cell phones and tablets and the strong use of social media has disrupted the concept/meaning of what an LMS is. LMS moodle software strategic objects The Social Enterprise Blog Training Magazine Web CourseworksReflecting on this in Chicago October 24th! During the past few years, I have seen a lot of discussion about whether or not Learning Management Systems (LMS) are dead.

My Moodle Test


Home > Learning Technologies , Standards > My Moodle Test My Moodle Test October 9th, 2009 Goto comments Leave a comment Talk has been heating up lately regarding the use of open source versus proprietary systems for learning. I didn’t believe it myself, so I did the following Google search: “Moodle and standards.” Here’s the salient bit: Moodle happily ingests those formats, acting to absorb content into what then becomes an inescapable pit of quicksand.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: The Corporate Moodle: A Tipping Point?

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Friday, June 26, 2009 The Corporate Moodle: A Tipping Point? And “in times like these…&# Why pay for a pricey LMS when you can Moodle or Drupal or Sakai ? Moodle and other open source products have huge communities behind them. There’s no vendor who creates Moodle per say. Or you can contract with a company like Kineo that can host and support your Moodle for you (at the risk of sounding like a company shill!) Moodle is an awesome tool.

‘Konnect’ to Liberate Learning from LMS

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Konnect is compatible with external systems such as Sharepoint, Moodle, Jive, and Salesforce with customized connectors. This approach enables the capture of learning metrics that takes place through social learning activities. How do organizations track the progress of learning?