Can ‘Movie Based e-Learning’ be the Future of Video Based e-Learning?


The next is about going up a level on the production of learning videos and creating Movie-based Learning. No more same formal videos, but action packed “Learning Movies” to impact the learners can be the next big thing in the world of e-Learning. Challenges of Movie-based Learning.

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PowerPoint 2007: Adding Voiceover Narration to Presentations Converted to Movies

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

Last week I detailed how to turn a PowerPoint 2007 presentation into a movie that could be uploaded to popular video sharing sites like YouTube.  If there was a need to add background music to the presentation in addition to narration, you would be in a bit of a pickle.

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Create an Old Time Movie Effect with Camtasia Studio 8

Visual Lounge

In this tutorial, I’ll discuss ways to gather clips and media to create an old time movie effect. I’ll also show you how to use Camtasia Studio to build and produce your Old Time movie. Here is a sample old time movie made with Camtasia Studio: [link].

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ELEARNING DEVELOPMENT: Background Music & Copyright

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

Over the past few months, I've received more and more calls and emails about the pros and cons of adding background music to eLearning projects (specifically projects created using Adobe Captivate and TechSmith Camtasia).   Is It a Best Practice to Add Background Music to eLearning?

Bowie, Prince and teacher legacy

Learning with e's

It has been called 'the year the music died'. Each of these stars has left behind a legacy of their work, in the form of sound recordings, movies, interviews and videos of their performances. 2016 comedy education entertainment learning music Technology

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Tipping the balance #blideo

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I only ever saw the movie Equilibrium once, and it was a long time ago. Now I've been #blideo challenged by Amy Burvall to interpret this clip from the movie. As he waits for the music to start, he toys with a snow globe - a piece of trivia which holds his attention briefly.

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Can Music Make for Better Learners?

CLO Magazine

Many people enjoy listening to music as they work. Will Henshall has touched just about every nook and cranny of the music business. ” From there, Henshall went on to create Rocket Network, a technology that networks audio recording studios (he sold it to music software company Avid in 2003). He has also developed other music-related technology, including a software add-on to Pro Tools, the industry standard platform for digital audio recording.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of PowerPoint


“CUE MUSIC FROM THE MOVIE, THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY” ENTER POWERPOINT The Good Readily available, since it is included in the Microsoft Office software and the most widely used tool for putting together content for presentations Easy [.].

Learning from The King's Speech | Social Learning Blog

Dashe & Thomson

This movie should be required viewing for anyone in the learning industry – it demonstrates all the ingredients for effective learning. In her article* 10 Brainpowered Wonders in the King’s Speech , Dr. Ellen Weber nicely summarizes a few of the lessons this movie teaches us about learning.

6 Lessons Pixar Can Teach Us About Company Learning


Admit it, you have cried during basically every Pixar movie. When Wall-e longingly watches clips of old romantic musicals. When Andy gave up Woody in Toy Story 3. When Carl and Ellie share their last words in Up. When Sully says goodbye to Boo. We’ll stop there. We actually want you to read the rest of this article

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Disruptive technologies 2015-2016

Jane Hart

Topics include cyber security, mobile payments, drones, bitcoin, social media, digital, omnichannel, attribution, cx, music, movies, Hollywood 25 Disruptive Technology Trends 2015 – 2016 from Brian Solis. In the embedded presentation below, Brian Solis explores some of the biggest technology trends and possible twists on the horizon for 2015 and 2016.

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What can Hollywood teach you about making your Elearning AWESOME?

eLearning Brothers

Ever wondered why movies are so expensive? Ever sit through the credits at the end of a movie? We probably all have, now that every superhero movie puts a teaser at the end. Why do they need so many people doing so many “strange” jobs to make a movie?

From the Silver Screen to Your eLearning

eLearning Brothers

Since I was little I have loved the movie theatre experience. Apart from thousands of hours of entertainment, the movie theatre has also given me some perspective on how to make a good eLearning course. It almost becomes part of the story of my movie-going experience.

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The Importance of Script Writing in Video Presentations

eLearning Brothers

CAMERA RETREATS BACK, BACK, BACK, until we have the tiny, silhouetted figures of Gerald O’Hara and his daughter gazing over the lands of Tara, beautiful in the sunset, to the thematic musical accompaniment which we will use for Tara throughout the picture. It’s not fair, really.

Designing Micro-learning Modules – A Few Lessons from Hollywood

CommLab India

Movie #1: GoldenEye. GoldenEye, one of the most successful Hollywood movies, has an action-filled beginning. This serves two purposes – pulling the audiences into the movie instantly and setting the stage for things to come. Movie #2: Ice Age. Movie #3: Jaws.

13 Tips for Recording Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

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It’s easier than ever to start recording your iPhone and other iOS device screen and turn it into a movie. Turn off in-app music. If you’re recording a game or app that has both background music and sound effects you should turn off music within the game settings.

13 Tips for Recording Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

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It’s easier than ever to capture activity on your iOS device screen and turn it into a movie. Turn off in-game music. If you’re recording a game that has both background music and sound effects you should turn off music within the game settings. Use music.

3 Insider Tips to Unleash Multimedia in E-learning

CommLab India

Add music and sound effects only when they enhance the learning experience. Many designers of self-paced online learning courses add music and/or other sound effects only to make their courses more interesting. How can you engage your online learners effectively?

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Give Your Adobe Captivate Course an Excellent Introduction

eLearning Brothers

Smooth calypso music plays as a handful of dark triangles fan out to create a jagged, yet geometric pattern of overlapping peaks that nicely frames the title text. Every great thing needs a great introduction.

4 Tips for Improved Video in eLearning

eLearning Brothers

No, I’m not one of those weirdos who insists that music must be listened to in the format it was originally created for; I don’t have Mozart recorded on a wax cylinder.

How to Design Attention-Grabbing E-Learning

E-learning Uncovered

Every time I sit down to watch a movie, I hear the same opening music that studios have been using for decades. I’ve spent so many years enjoying movies, it’s almost Pavlovian at this point.

The Rise of the Machines

CLO Magazine

Think of Spotify for music or Netflix for movies. This allows you to discover new music based on your preferences in the form of customized playlists and inspires ideas about what movies you might want to watch next through suggestions and recommendations.

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Effective Video Training – Breaking it down

Dashe & Thomson

A good training video can bring out a similar level of engagement as a good movie or television show. by using a variety of methods – titles, voiceovers, different camera angles, music. I would argue that the music is a bit loud – it competes with ‘Pablo’ the actor.

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The psychology of gamification in education: why rewards matter for learner engagement.


We all know it is there, and that clearly millions of people love gaming, but video games just don’t seem to get everyone excited in the same way that, say, movies do. Without being a hardcore gamer, it is difficult sometimes to get a scale of the video game industry.

Danger illustrated

Learning with e's

Then there was Maria von Trapp (played by Julie Andrews in the movie musical The Sound of Music. Students often struggle with critical thinking. They are great at description, but ask them to move beyond this into critical analysis and they look at you and shrug.

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Attributing Derivative Works in your eLearning Courses


Having read so many Stephen King, Sydney Sheldon, Nora Roberts and many others, I feel a sense of déjà vu when I see a derivative movie based on the novel. Many times, the author of the book on which the movie is based is never mentioned.

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BETTing on the future

Learning with e's

My American music and drama teacher, Larry Domingue was a liberal, approachable and very talented teacher. I wasn’t allowed to study music, according the curriculum of the time, but his approach to education was to inspire rather than constrain.

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School House Rock, School of Rock

Kapp Notes

Perhaps, as designers of learning events, we need to re-think the stale, static nature of our presentations and focus on adding music, rhymes and “catch phrases” to our learning events. this movie should be required of every school teacher, trainer and instructional designer.

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Lectora User Conference Sessions You Should Attend This Year – #LUC2015

eLearning Brothers

When you see learning content that looks like a high production video game or a Hollywood movie that works on both mobile and PC platforms, it can appear as sorcery. This conference is going to be held in the heart of downtown Nashville at the new Music City Center.

Why Engaging eLearning and a Fancy LMS is Not Enough

eLearning Architect

Quite often I will watch three or four episodes of a box set, which is the same duration of TV as watching a movie. But it is the commitment to watching a movie that I don’t like. I may feel obliged to finish watching the movie because I have already started it.

Will the ‘Sound of Silence’ create new paths in learning?

Origin Learning

Think of Simon Garfunkel and the enchanting music of ‘Sound of Silence’ compel you to break into a song. The language of silence added a ‘groovy’ and positive tone to darkness, with the lyrical format leaving music lovers everywhere delirious.

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Does Video Quality Influence Brand Perception?

KZO Innovations

35% of video consumers today watch video at least several times per day , typically music videos, user-generated content, TV and movies, and branded video. There’s no denying the power and reach of video management platforms – but could common quality issues negatively impact your brand? They’re watching on desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and connected TVs. . So, what does this mean for your brand?

How to Add Captions or Subtitles to a Video

Visual Lounge

You’ve added great music and cool graphics and callouts, and your narration is perfect. People who are deaf or hard of hearing rely on captions (or subtitles) to understand your video’s content. But there are a lot of other great reasons for using them, as well.

11 Free Game Creation Software Programs (At least for 30 Days)

Kapp Notes

Scratch Computer vs. Soccer ball game created in Scratch Scratch: Scratch is a programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art -- and share your creations on the web.

Congratulations ScreenChamps!

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Teach viewers how to recreate popular digital effects from their favorite movies, TV shows, and videogames. Kept it short, picked great music. Category advice: choose & mix music carefully, cut out fluff, use natural-sounding voice. Introducing.our 2011 ScreenChamps!

Imagined futures 6: Home entertainment

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Image source: Chicago Sunday Tribune Back in 1959, when television was still monochrome, and movie films ruled the entertainment industry, people were already dreaming about how we could capture the moving image for home use.

Are Your Video Transitions Helping or Hurting?

Visual Lounge

I would stay away from fade to black transitions in narrative “movies” or short films you produce. Think about the movies and TV shows you watch–they rarely, if ever, do a fade to black transition. Sure, they’re cool in Star Wars , but that movie came out 40 years ago.

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