E-Learning is Becoming More Social: Here’s How it’s Happening


In March of 1999, the movie “The Matrix” was released. In addition to revolutionizing the way cinema was made, as with most sci-fi movies, it introduced new concepts of where technology could eventually take us. One of the most interesting scenes in the movie shows Neo learning Kung Fu, by having the knowledge uploaded directly to his brain. In Ernest Cline’s 2011 novel “Ready Player One”, he describes entire virtual schools rendered in a virtual environment, the Oasis.

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How to Appear Both Dazzling and Creative Even If Youre Not

Training Industry

If you are a movie watcher or reader, you may know the name; Cormac is the man behind movie classics such as “No Country for Old Men,” and he is the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of “The Road.” It’s also an oasis of intellectual calm in the sea of modern disruptive lifestyles. I once found myself spending a long, slow, lazy afternoon eating tortilla chips and salsa and talking with Cormac McCarthy.

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Reflections on Two Decades and Three Degrees

Allison Rossett

The young, hot sociology professor who lectures that, “Greed is Good” using a pop culture reference from the movie Wall Street. I found an oasis and I drink up. Jolie Kennedy is my guest blogger. I think you will enjoy her take on her learning experiences. Jolene writes: Summer 1989: Queens College, City University of New York. Madonna’s Like a Prayer blares on my headphones. It’s my first semester and I’m low man on the totem pole. I get classes no one wants… statistics and ethics.

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Virtual Reality and Micro Learning: Ready. Set. Engage. - Tip #145

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Steven Spielberg just released the trailer for the highly anticipated movie “ Ready Player One.” This movie is an adaptation of the same titled Ernest Cline’s virtual reality thriller novel and is set in the year 2044. In this story, people escape the harsh reality of the real world by entering into a virtual reality (VR) platform called OASIS.