eLearning Trends for 2016 – Players in the Realm

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Isn’t it something more associated with games, comics and superhero movies? Realm? You might think. Well, theoretically yes. But, look at this from a different angle. Can’t we say that eLearning a realm in itself? And if anything, eLearning has been around way longer and has been evolving rapidly. Newer technologies, devices, and budding concepts […]. eLearning eLearning trends eLearning Trends 2016 eLearning Trends For 2016

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The future of entertainment

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Up to 6 players can traverse the 400m 2 physical floor space as a platoon. virtual reality 360 AFTRS Australia Australian Australian Film Television and Radio School entertainment film future game game-based learning GBL interactive Melbourne movie social Sydney VR VR Noir Zero Latency

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This Flash Player (Frash) Runs On iPad

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About a month back I blogged about Smokescreen which allows advertisers to run simple Flash movies on iPad/iPhone using HTML5/JavaScript. It’s an effort to take the Android implementation of Flash Player to run on iPad/iPhone. Related posts: Smokescreen – The Future Of Flash Player?

Audio-Video Sync in Captivate published movie

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Adobe Flash Player that plays the Adobe Captivate movie also plays the audio along with the movie. Sometimes, you may notice a lag in the audio timing and that it is not synchronized perfectly with the movie.

Turn Your Product Knowledge Training into a “Hero’s Journey”

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We see The Hero’s Journey all around us: in movies, in books, in classical myths and modern stories. In addition, many customers create a broader theme or narrative that they use within their LMS and throughout email communications sent to players.

An Inescapably Awesome Storyline Game Template

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The player’s car is racing down the road at high speed, and in order to keep it safe from obstacles, the player must answer each question correctly. At one point or another, we all love to play the rebel.

Replay Videos With a Single Click in Articulate Storyline

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It offers an option to insert an mp4 video file in the course and apply the default video Player settings to it. The default Player settings consist of Play/Pause, Timeline to control the video.

The psychology of gamification in education: why rewards matter for learner engagement.


We all know it is there, and that clearly millions of people love gaming, but video games just don’t seem to get everyone excited in the same way that, say, movies do. Without being a hardcore gamer, it is difficult sometimes to get a scale of the video game industry.

Alternate Reality Games: a model for engagement?

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Practically speaking, the Alternate Reality Game can be considered a collaborative art form, where the players engage in two main activities: hunting for fragments of a larger story, and sharing what they’ve found with the other players.

Gamification in E-Learning – Are you Game for it?


To give you a breathing example, try to recall the story of your favorite movie. 50% casual and 27% moderate to frequent players). ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’.

Engage Your Learner: Add Suspense, Mystery, Intrigue

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A sense of suspense, mystery and intrigue draws people into games, movies and novels…but rarely learning events. When playing a game, inevitably, players become curious—what happens if I go over to this place or explore this room.

Presentations in the cloud

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A video with media alongside (typically slides, but could also be Flash movies, Twitter feeds, web pages, etc.). In the case of the second option that's a lot to look at, so the embeddable player provides the option of viewing the media component in a separate pop-up window.

The Unstoppable Force of M-Learning


For the most part, mlearning tools involve handheld computers, MP3 players, notebooks, mobile phones, and tablets – the primary focus being on the mobility of the learner. Mobile learning (also referred to as mlearning ) is a relatively new “sub-niche” to elearning.

State of the E-Learning Industry 2017

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Think of it like those movies, you know the ones that say “present day”, and it was done in 1975? Actually, if you want a great space movie, rent Capricorn One. You can have a slowdown market as a whole, but be the player of said market and be doing quite well for yourselves. There are not that many players, which is good in one way, bad in another. It’s that time of the year.

SCORM for E-learning Courses: WHY?

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When you get a new movie DVD, you don’t check if it works with the DVD player you have. A regular DVD will run on any DVD player out there in the market or the one you have at home.

Beyond winning points: reflections on ‘gamification’ (Part 1)

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42% of game players believe that computer and video games give the most value for their money, compared with DVD’s music or going out to the movies. But that said, what is it that makes the experience meaningful to the player? What is it that makes the player play and want to play more? So, an activity that meets these criteria is likely to be received by players as engaging and fun.

Apple iPad: Who Is It Really For?

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MP3 Players? While the iPad may have an impact over the music industry, it don’t think it would affect the mp3 players market at all. They will find movies, music, games, browsing, & online chatting all very cool to do on this device.

Learning From Games – Games Beyond Stereotypes #01Firewatch

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We’ll see what makes them special in terms of engaging the players as well as creating a meaningful play without having many attributes of a standard AAA title. Games are like movies where you get to control the lead characters.

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Potential of Instructional Games: Uncharted and Civilization

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The cinematic, the game-play and the story which engrosses the player speaks to how compelling and deep a video game can become. It is like you are in the movie and making action happen.

What’s Hot with Articulate 360? – Part 7: Engage 360

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Engage 360 allows you to record and import video files; you can set videos to play automatically or incorporate Player controls. You can also include Captivate movies and Camtasia screencasts. The size of the Player font can be increased up to 200%.

Video Production and Learner Engagement in MOOCs

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Tutorials can be improved with tools like content tags and bookmarks that facilitate re-watching, for example, by using LectureScape, the enhanced video player I described in a previous article.

What are Serious Games?

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A good game, like a good movie, has a gripping storyline. At its simplest form, the player’s main challenge is to beat their high score. In the world of online learning buzzwords, serious games have raised their heads time and again, but what are they?

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Course Authoring Tools for eLearning Developers and the masses

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Flash course development toolkit - provides the source code, features include ability to load your movies, creates a table of contents and provides complete navigation control. Tools these days come in three flavors. Geared toward e-learning developers and instructional designers.

Articulate 360: What Does the New Subscription Model Mean for You?

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For many months, Articulate has been previewing some of the features, such as the new responsive player. Then you can publish a movie that switches back and forth between the two or uses picture-in-picture. Storyline 360 has a responsive player, but the slides themselves don’t change based on device size or orientation. All of that gets recorded into a movie. Articulate Storyline users have been anxiously anticipating the release of Storyline 3.

What Pokémon Go Means to the Learning Industry


On nicer days, games could be structured outside the facility to aid in employee morale, and eventually, we may get cool practical apps or glasses that can project emails and vital information right in front of us like in sci-fi movies of the past.

15 Authoring Tools For mEnabling Your eLearning For iPads

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For iPads, content can be played via Safari browser but for an enhanced experience, you can publish it for Articulate Mobile Player , a native iOS application that optimizes courses only for iPads.

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What’s Hot with Articulate 360? – Part 5: Presenter

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Presenter 360 comes with an easy-to-use window that allows you to include navigation elements, branching, playlists, and Player tabs. Add SWF files, Captivate movies, and Camtasia screencasts to your course. Learners can be allowed to skip Player navigation.

The Office Hunger Games: Why Competition Works at Work


Running through an arena and fighting for your life is one thing, but does competition work as well in the office as it does in the movie theater? If you’ve ever seen The Hunger Games movies, you know that competition can be a huge motivator–especially when life is at stake.

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Gamification with Narrative- The story behind the content that drives the simulation

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According to ludologists, the major difference between games and narratives is that the former address “external observers” who apprehend “what has happened,” whereas the latter require “involved players” who care about “what is going to happen” (Frasca, 2003). By this I mean that television shows, books and movies are all based around narrative but in actuality they really are only one sided in context to the narrative provided. Can simulations tell stories?

A simple way to help beginners get started with Articulate Storyline

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If the group hasn't used something like Windows Movie Maker or Adobe Premiere before, then this may be the first time they have come across a timeline.

DIY Virtual Reality: World of Warcraft Thinks Inside the Box at Comic-Con 2015


But with the 2016 release of the World of Warcraft movie, big names and big budgets have been thrown around to make a flick that hardcore gamers can appreciate. With a relatively small investment, thinking inside the box will pay off big time with movie ticket sales next year.

Top 3 #LMS 4 Video, Mobile, Social.

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As one of the greatest movie lines was said (via Valley Girl – masterpiece), “It isn’t always the most popular one.” On-Off synch app (not one for your desktop like some lameo player) – See the above.

Ghost Edition – Top 10 Authoring Tools for 2013

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Ghost Factoid: I n recognition of those lists identifying the scariest movies, here is my top five: Exorcist, The Shining, The Changeling (1980 version), Poltergeist (fun fact: the exterior of the house – seen in the movie, is only five blocks from where I live) and Ju-On (2002). #9 Ghost Factoid: William Castle was the master of “shock” campy in movies. Welcome to my yearly Halloween Edition. This year we will focus on the top ten authoring tools for 2013.