PowerPoint 2007: Converting Presentations to Movies

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I am frequently asked if it is possible to convert PowerPoint presentations into movies that can be shared on websites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.   The following steps show how to convert a presentation into a movie.   Open Windows Movie Maker.

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Evaluation Ethics: Going to the Movies

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Sometimes our work as evaluators, whether measuring the impact of a corporation’s leadership training program or measuring the results of a program to keep teenagers in school, can negatively affect the welfare of participants.

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What a Disney Movie Can Teach Us About Transforming a Learning Culture


It’s been a few years since the famed Disney movie, “Frozen,” came out. If you have children, nephews or nieces — or if you’re a Disney movie fan — you’re now probably singing out loud or in your head, “Let it go! In turn, Associa needed to deploy new learning programs in a fast, effective, and cost-efficient way. The post What a Disney Movie Can Teach Us About Transforming a Learning Culture appeared first on Degreed Blog.

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Assess Blended Learning Programs to Improve Business Performance

Upside Learning

It’s just like it is in the movies, right? Did you ever imagine the day would come where you could use: A game of World of Warcraft to build leadership skills? Augmented reality to deliver dental training? Train online avatars to transform offline? Well, the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) at a leading management consulting, technology […]. Blended Learning

Learning from The King's Speech | Social Learning Blog

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This movie should be required viewing for anyone in the learning industry – it demonstrates all the ingredients for effective learning. In her article* 10 Brainpowered Wonders in the King’s Speech , Dr. Ellen Weber nicely summarizes a few of the lessons this movie teaches us about learning.

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Advantages Of Python Over Other Programming Languages

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Whether you want to book a movie ticket or buy groceries, everything can be done virtually. Today everything is technologically driven. There is so much that the technology has to offer to amaze. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Educational Technology Educational Technology Trends Free Educational Technology Higher Education Professional Development

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How to use games to market your learning program?


One of the major challenges HR and L&D professionals face is getting the employees to get interested in the learning programs. This article will focus on how a company can market its so-called boring learning programs and make them interesting. Or the next Avengers movie.

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6 Steps to Start Making a Video Tutorial Program

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Creating a video tutorial series is a great go-to strategy for any training program. To get started, check out our six steps to start making a video tutorial program. #1 With your audience established, you’re next big task is to identify how your audience uses your program.

A Financial Literacy Program Created with Captivate 2019

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This showcase presents a module taken from a larger Financial Literacy program created for a client. Ethan Robertson – Unsplash | Vintage Movie Camera. The post A Financial Literacy Program Created with Captivate 2019 appeared first on eLearning.

How To Brand Your Training Programs So They'll Last


Ultimately, sellers want their programs to sell. We’ve all heard that famous line from the movie, Field of Dreams - “If you build it, they will come.” Creating a training brand allows companies to decide if your programs will complement their other learning offerings.

The Top 10 Ways to Get Executive Buy-In for Your Training Program


You packed your training program with great content, and it is getting rave reviews with beta testers. Show how your program will help company leaders achieve a strategic goal. Be able to succinctly show how your training program saves the company money or improves profits.

11 Free Game Creation Software Programs (At least for 30 Days)

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If you are thinking of creating an educational game but don't want to invest a lot of money, you can try out these free software programs (or free for 30 days in some cases), some are 2D and some are 3D. The programming language is concise and the tools are easy to master.

MAC Screen recording program

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Snapz Pro X allows you to record anything on your screen, saving it as a QuickTime ® movie or screenshot. It captures full motion video of anything on your screen, complete with digital audio, and an optional microphone voiceover. Check it out: [link

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Using Computer Programming to Develop Thinking Skills

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

Abhay has two passions: getting computer programs to work flawlessly, and educating children. So, when he combined the two passions in a unique experiment to develop thinking skills amongst children using computer programming, I was intrigued. Q: What's unique about SPARK's new program? A: The main point is that "programming" is a medium of learning. A: I learnt programming for a living, and that too when I was far past the school age.

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Why is ADA Training Critical to Your Business?


In 2010, the ADA revised Title III to include 12 categories of business, such as restaurants, movie theaters, schools, day cares and privately owned nonresidential facilities that adhere to ADA standards. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in 4 U.S.

Training Workers to Use Software Systems with Screen Recording Software Programs

Convergence Training

We watch movies online and we listen to music online. Workers often have to use software program at work. Let’s learn more about these software programs. But in reality, you’ll probably have to teach employees a bunch of different software programs.

3 Core Building Blocks of Any Development Tool or Framework

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I give a great example in the video about casting an actor for a movie and then adding costumes and makeup to get the element to match the story or the app that I am creating. This to me is like scripting a movie. Development developing html programming

Recording Virtual Field Trips

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I then used Windows Movie Maker to put the video, the audio and a couple of title slides together into the final movie. Windows movie Maker is free and is pre-installed with Windows XP and VISTA. Look for it under Start -> All Programs.

Lights, Camera, eLearning: What Project Managers and Hollywood Directors Have in Common

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I recently watched a sci-fi movie with tons of special effects. I’m always amazed at how these massive productions begin with someone’s imagination and evolve into the magnificent movies we see on screen.

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SCORM: What is it?

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DVDs store and play movies. It’s the system that reads the information on the DVD and shows it to the viewer as a movie. To stay away from tech talk, let’s say that most eLearning programs have “with SCORM” and “without SCORM” options. What version of SCORM are you using?


Successfully Selling e-Learning Programs To Top Management

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If the "Blind Swordsman" were to successfully sell e-learning programs to top management 2. If the "Blind Swordsman" were to successfully sell e-learning programs to top management Gaining management approval for an e-learning program takes the skills of the Blind Swordsman-the Japanese movie hero who, though sightless, proves that he can handle his weapon. Topics this issue: 1. Featured Simulation: "Millionaire Game" 3.

Making Employee Onboarding an Immersive Experience with Mixed Reality

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The 80s saw the release of a movie titled ‘Tron’. A software engineer gets pulled into the world of a powerful mainframe computer and interacts with different programs within the system and seeks to escape the digital world in which he is trapped.

Your life now vs. your life with AI


Remember how we all used to have to take a trip down to Blockbuster Video to choose movies for the weekend? Plan and develop staff development programs. Evaluate the effectiveness of learning programs by focusing on completion rates and smiley face charts.

A ‘Field of Dreams’ Industry

Clark Quinn

In the movie, Field of Dreams, the character played by Kevin Costner is told “If you build it, they will come.” And if you ask the top ways they evaluate their programs, the top five methods are subjective or anecdotal.

Understanding/Using System Variables – part 1

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It is a term used in programming languages and applications. To see them switch to System type in the dialog box: Movie control : is a very special category, which I will explain in a later article. You will use the variable cpInfoAuthor from the category Movie Metadata. Intro.

Netflixing in E-learning: The New Buzz to Deliver a Personalized Training Experience


As technological innovations accelerate, so does the opportunities to create highly engaging training programs. Entertainment, great content and optimum engagement make audiences subscribe and watch program series time and again.

20 video sites

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One media that I am increasing making use of these days is movies. Whether they are screen capture, short clips or whole programs, I think can make for a really flexible and engaging resource that I can so plug them into our Moodle platform with ease.

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SCORM for E-learning Courses: WHY?

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The aim of an eLearning program is to transfer knowledge and help learners solve problems using the skills and knowledge gained from it. When you get a new movie DVD, you don’t check if it works with the DVD player you have.


6 benefits of integrating HR, Talent & learning management systems


The movie theatre giant has a reputation for hiring great talent and nurturing their popcorn scoopers and theatre cleaners into senior roles like managers of operations and field trainers.

Attention Spans Are Getting Shorter

Nick Leffler

From the minute you get out of college with your degree you’re starting the learning program of life. Could you imagine a movie 40 years ago at 3 hours long? We regularly sit in movie theaters for movies that are 3+ hours long and we love it, we come back for more!

Blended Learning: Not your Mother’s, Grandmother’s, or Possibly Even Older Sibling’s Training

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Remember the days when you looked forward to field trips to the planetarium, hovering over a formaldehyde preserved frog with your lab team, or seeing the movie version of Lord of the Rings on a Friday afternoon? Blended learning is not new to training.

PowerPoint 2008 for the Mac: Inserting YouTube Videos

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From the Standard toolbar, select the Media tool and choose Insert Movie (if you do not see this toolbar, from the Menu bar, choose View > Toolbars > Standard ). The Insert Movie dialog box appears.

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2 Proven Strategies for Duplicating Your High Sales Performers


She is the creator of the Ei Selling System ®, a powerful sales and management training program that integrates emotional intelligence skills with consultative selling skills. Does this sound like a scene from the movie “Mission Impossible?”.

A Passion for Video Realized

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While PapaJohn may have started out as a novice in movie making and editing, he has certainly achieved expert level. He has also received 11 annual MVP awards from Microsoft for ongoing user s upport, as Microsoft’s Movie Maker is one of the main tools in John’s toolbox. “My

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Attributing Derivative Works in your eLearning Courses


Having read so many Stephen King, Sydney Sheldon, Nora Roberts and many others, I feel a sense of déjà vu when I see a derivative movie based on the novel. Many times, the author of the book on which the movie is based is never mentioned.

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