Can ‘Movie Based e-Learning’ be the Future of Video Based e-Learning?


The role of videos has always been positive in delivering superior learning experiences. The next is about going up a level on the production of learning videos and creating Movie-based Learning. How Movie Based Learning & Why is it going to be different?

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Top 4 Reasons Why Movie-based Learning is Effective

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The answer is movie-based learning. Let’s now see the reasons why movie-based learning is effective. Movie-based learning has: A Story. The story plays an important role in training and inspiring learners in an engaging and entertaining way.

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Evaluation Ethics: Going to the Movies

The Peformance Improvement

She asks her students to think critically about Truman Capote’s behavior in the movie and how that relates to their work as evaluators.

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Learning’s Role in Innovation

CLO Magazine

Provided that learning and development leaders could and should have a central role in innovation, what is the chief learning officer’s responsibility? Appropriately reconciling roles will be a critical determinant of success. What is L&D’s Role? The world has changed.

Marketing Training to Your Employees: Building Excitement and Buzz

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Taking popular movie posters, they created spoofs based on the training that was coming out. These movie posters were funny and built excitement in the learners they were marketing to. This both reinforced training goals and engaged the learners in their role as trainees.

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4 Ways Emoticons Helps E-Learning [Infographic]

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Emoticons play a significant role in communication. But what is their role in e-learning? Related Posts Custom eLearning for Modern Day Sales Training Customized Credit Card Security Online Training for Your Banking Sales Staff 4 Key Benefits of Movie Based Learning [Infographic].

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Designing Micro-learning Modules – A Few Lessons from Hollywood

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Movie #1: GoldenEye. GoldenEye, one of the most successful Hollywood movies, has an action-filled beginning. This serves two purposes – pulling the audiences into the movie instantly and setting the stage for things to come. Movie #2: Ice Age. Movie #3: Jaws.

How to Use the Three Act Structure to Make Rockin’ eLearning Videos

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I’m talking about movies and TV. In this age of easily accessible video entertainment, most of us are watching a lot of TV and movies. It’s a basic plot structure that successful movies/videos/stories follow.

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Learning Objectives Are Spoilers

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Think of the beginning of a book, show, movie, or video game. Can you imagine what that book, show, movie, or video game would have been like if it did the same thing? “By This usually fits best in learning-by-doing, such as a simulation or role-play.

A Leaf Out of Marvel Stories to Create Engaging ERP End-user Training Scenarios

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How does Marvel manage to leave us awestruck with each of its movies? Ever wondered what makes its movies standout from the rest? Are these the only ingredients that make these movies a success or is there something more powerful at work here? Defined Characters and User Roles.

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4 LMS Features That Were Hot and Now Are Not

Absorb LMS

In my current role with Absorb, I help organizations reduce the effort associated with managing learning by demystifying LMS technology. Make sure your team is buying an LMS for the year you’re in.

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Instructional Design: The Process – 1

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Does the smell of fresh popcorns trigger a movie time memory? If we were to plot the three modalities, as below, it will clearlyindicate that the digital mode of training plays an important role in the other two modes of training.

Maximize End-user Adoption: Promote Your New ERP the Hollywood Way

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The producers of a film release visually amazing posters, irresistible teasers, conduct contests and award winners movie merchandise, trend on different social media, design count-down calendars, and come up with a lot of innovative ideas to create hype about the movie.

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Ideas to Represent Learning Objectives Using Articulate Storyline [Infographic]

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As we know, learning objectives play a vital role in an e-learning course as they generate learner interest by sharing what they will be able to accomplish after completing the course.

Come Out of the Shadows with Silhouette Cutout People

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It’s the same reason why a lot of “epic” movies tend to have bland characters in the lead roles. Silhouettes are dualistic. In equal measure, they are informative of their subject while also leaving out enough information as to be abstract.

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Digital Future Of Consumer Goods Industry Using Online LMS


They have started shopping online, downloading books or movies when commuting and sharing purchasing ideas with others on social media platforms. Technology plays a major role in the growth of CPG industry and with new developments it faces gamut of challenges.

How to Design Attention-Grabbing E-Learning

E-learning Uncovered

Every time I sit down to watch a movie, I hear the same opening music that studios have been using for decades. I’ve spent so many years enjoying movies, it’s almost Pavlovian at this point. Or let the learner select the role or position for the character in the training.

Blended Learning: Not your Mother’s, Grandmother’s, or Possibly Even Older Sibling’s Training

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Remember the days when you looked forward to field trips to the planetarium, hovering over a formaldehyde preserved frog with your lab team, or seeing the movie version of Lord of the Rings on a Friday afternoon? Blended learning is not new to training.

Early Look – Top 50 Learning Systems 4 2018

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Functionality plays an important role as it should. Financial Data and Analysis – plays a strong role in the results. I was going to cover my Corporate Learning Systems forecast for 2018, but decided instead to discuss the Top 50 Learning Systems for 2018.

4 Excellent Examples of E-learning Courses

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Safety Training Using Movie-based Learning. Well, movie-based learning will help you grab learners’ attention as it creates a deeper neural connection with the content. Movie-based story telling approach. Offers the experience of viewing an engrossing Hollywood movie.

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(almost) Everything about video for learning professionals

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Video changes the role of the teacher or trainer/facilitator. A nice idea is a stopmotion movie. with animoto you can produce a short movie with pictures. January was our #videoleren theme on Twitter with the Ennuonline twitter tips. In this blogpost I do a wrap up of this theme.

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Virtual 3D World for Teacher Training

Kapp Notes

The West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) launched an online resource for potential and current educators in West Virginia called Teach West Virginia and as part of the initiative, a 3D world is playing a key role in the process. Visitors currently may interact with avatars of representatives from the WVDE, explore a movie theater, and participate in an interactive scavenger hunt designed to highlight state professional teaching standards.

6 Things to Remember to Prevent Your Training from Failing

Learning Rebels

For that, we might as well have sent people to the movies for the day, with the same result – but at least they may have had a good time. Create solid activities (and please, something more imaginative than role-plays).

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Learning gets social, emotional, progressive!

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How a new associate in her role polishes communication skills! This can be compared to the preferences of individuals when it comes to choosing their genre of entertainment in the sphere of movies – which could be a thriller, a musical, or even a sci-fi Star Wars kind of experience!

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It’s Time to Sing A Christmas Carol Again

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Dickens’ role was not so much in inventing these traditions as in resurrecting them to how they are observed and practiced today. quote from the popular movie Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility”, it is only fair that learning assumes a new shape.

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Give the Misfits a Hand

CLO Magazine

We’re not talking about the band or the movie. This type of role redesign can help the job crafter see the work they do as a collective whole rather than a set of separate tasks, reports a University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business Theory-to-Practice briefing.

Unravelling The Relevance Of Social Cognitive Theory in Online Learning


Incorporate a movie clip that displays a specific issue you want the learner to watch. This can be done independently or by learning from actors in the movie. Social learning plays a key role in knowledge retention.

ATD ICE 2015 Kicks off with Concurrent Sessions on Day 1!

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This requires a proactive role by everyone and not just the HR. The 200 attendees created a quiz with questions related to different categories (trends, movies, hair-bands) in “the 80s”. The wait is finally over!

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Successful Online Compliance Training: 10 Points To Check


However, compliance issues have a different role in upper management. The success of movies and viral videos depends on this. Compliance is a big deal in the corporate world, and for good reason. Breeches can lead to fines, penalties, and on-the-job injuries.

How to Help Your Employees L-O-V-E Online Learning


For example, think of your favorite movies. In her article The Role of Emotions in Learning , she wrote, “When the limbic system interprets a situation as being ‘safe’, it facilitates learning by releasing another set of chemicals that open the higher cognitive centers of the brain, namely, the cortical region. Did you know that 77 percent of companies in the U.S. offer corporate training via an online platform?

Successful Online Compliance Training: 10 Points To Check


However, compliance issues have a different role in upper management. The success of movies and viral videos depends on this. Compliance is a big deal in the corporate world, and for good reason. Breeches can lead to fines, penalties, and on-the-job injuries.

Your LMS is either live or close to it

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Teasers show up in movie preview campaigns. A teaser on the net that is different than the one in the movie theater preview that it is different than the one on TV. – See some cool words, “Fun”, “Engagement” “Learning” – you don’t want folks to think you are handing out movie tickets or selling cookies, so learning needs to be in there. Or you may be doing both roles, in that case, you. Hello World!

Whither higher education? To the opera!

Allison Rossett

I often think about the condition of higher education, but was concerned not at all when I went to see “La Boheme” in a movie theater at the mall. Opera in a movie theater has much to offer: Technology delivers access to superb talent. My first movie opera cost $22.

Trends in Learning - No LMS Left Behind [LSG Webinar Notes]

Learning Visions

The paradox of choice – we use smart or intelligent systems when choosing movies and shopping. And managers have a role to play here. These are my live-blogged notes from a Learning Skills Group webinar, hosted by Donald Taylor. Forgive any typos or incoherencies.

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We’re Hiring! Customer Success Specialist (Dublin)


A strong track-record of success in past roles working with customers and developing relationships. A sense of humor and a real passion for monthly cook-offs, movie nights, and company competitions!

Will eLearning Make Your Training Team Redundant?

eLearning Architect

In this article we'll explore whether trainers should be worried about their roles becoming redundant. For those working in these types of roles there is a comprehensible fear associated with change.

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Drawing Upon Your Own Life Passions for eLearning Engagement

eLearning Brothers

Part of our role in designing and developing outstanding eLearning is keeping our audience interested and engaged throughout the process. Athletics, cooking, music, politics, movies, beaches, hanging out with friends?