Don’t Ransack My Movies (DRM): Options Around Securing Online Video

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Although online services do exist that can quickly stream the pieces and stitch them together into one file, users may be unaware of or may not trust such services. Finally, very technical methods are available to attempt to secure streamed video content. These are the types of systems used by video streaming services such as Netflix. The post Don’t Ransack My Movies (DRM): Options Around Securing Online Video appeared first on Web Courseworks.

Movie 100

Know Everything about Netflix


Becoming the top most earning streaming platform with exclusive shows and series with high ratings, Netflix which was once just a concept like Hulu, but now is the one and only dominator in the league. For new adults, it often releases exclusive coming of age movies, show series etc.


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Second Life at the Movies

Kapp Notes

It was bound to happen, a full-feature length movie in Second Life.oops, sorry, it hasn't happened yet.but you heard it here first. It will be interesting to see where Second Life goes from here in terms of movies. Lot going on with machinimia made into main stream movies. You can find way more than just movies online considering the ridiculously wide variety of stuff there is online , such as free online gaming available to anyone.

Stream of consciousness

Jay Cross

a great presentation by the late Hal Riney , the infamous Dutch anti-Koran movie, Scoble, Jason Kotte, the Smart Car (decided to give it a test drive today), the motorcycle concourses d’elegance (bought tickets), a series of papers on web-based learning I wrote in 1999, photographs of Cozumel, Dave Gray’s new blog , the Story of Stuff, Elliott Masie’s new ning community ( Learning Town ), and a gallery of sock puppets.

One Step Behind

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Streaming to your Television. If there was ever a technology that is emerging and continues to do is – its streaming. I’m not talking about viewing online streaming video, I am talking about actually viewing video or whatever on your television. Take a look at the tabletop boxes that exist today in the space of streaming from the net to your television, and you shouldn’t be surprised on the players (no pun attended) that see this as the next big thing.

Recording Virtual Field Trips

E-Learning Acupuncture

It even captures streaming video clips with audio that are playing in world. I then used Windows Movie Maker to put the video, the audio and a couple of title slides together into the final movie. Windows movie Maker is free and is pre-installed with Windows XP and VISTA. I uploaded the final movie to YouTube. Two colleagues of mine, Susan and Christine, had a great idea!

Netflixing in E-learning: The New Buzz to Deliver a Personalized Training Experience


You might think how Netflix- a popular streaming TV network can be associated with e-learning platforms. It has become one of the most successful and entertaining platforms showing subscribed TV shows and movies to their viewers. It is not a surprise how training methods have changed over the years; from conventional classrooms to Game-based Learning, Augmented Reality (AR), Adaptive Learning and more.

Tech Tuesday Toolbox | Issue #04

Mike Taylor

Streamyard is an easy way to create professional live streams. This is a live streaming studio in your browser. Stream directly to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms. App of the Week. StreamYard | Browser-based live studio for professionals.

Issue 52

The World is Fast.And Learning Must Be Faster

The Performance Improvement Blog

First-run movies can be streamed at home. Tom Friedman has a way of capturing the essence of complex economic, social, and environmental dynamics and putting that complexity in words that the rest of us can understand. He coined the phrase “the world is flat” to describe the globalization of everything. Now he has announced “the world is fast” to describe the three major challenges that we face.

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3 Key Tips to Optimize Video for Mobile

KZO Innovations

Long-form Video: Use live streaming. This technology responds to a client’s bandwidth capacity and adjusts the quality of the video stream between multiple bitrates and/or resolutions. Basically, it allows you to stream longer videos to mobile devices. With this “adaptive streaming” you can stream a movie on your phone, and then cast it to a bigger screen and it still looks great.

4 LMS Features That Were Hot and Now Are Not

Absorb LMS

Just as driving to the video rental store to get a movie has been replaced with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other streaming movie providers, business software now resides firmly in the cloud. Make sure your team is buying an LMS for the year you’re in. Apart from a two-year stint selling tropical fish at a local pet shop when I was 16, my entire career has been in learning technology.

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How Long Should Videos Be for E-Learning?


If they are, they’re probably pausing it mid-stream and coming back to it later. Ever notice how movie trailers are all about 2:30? Videos are an essential aspect of online education. But how long is too long? And how short is too short? If your video strategy for creating course videos was to tape a lecture and throw it online, it’s unlikely many of your learners are staying till the end.

Video 195

10 Golden Rules to Optimize Your E-learning Content For Mobile Learning


Or the fact that fewer people are going to the movies to sit through what just a few years ago would have been considered a Hollywood blockbuster because they don’t want to sit in a theater for 2+ hours, and are instead turning to streaming platforms such as Netflix for shorter episodes of their favorite TV shows and series’. Give learners an excellent experience across all their devices.

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Some Things to Look for in Online Safety Training Courses

Convergence Training

Alternate Viewing Methods: Streaming. Although eLearning courses used to be available primarily through LMSs, now there are many opportunities to view and complete online safety training courses in streaming format the same way you watch movies from Netflix or Amazon Prime, and you can often buy in a per-per-view or subscription format. Click to learn more about streaming online safety training courses.

Now videos can be part of all elearning content!

Adobe Captivate

Previously you would have needed a professional video editing tool to synch the Captivate movie and the talking head video. Captivate 5 gives you the option to either embed the video in the project, or to stream it from an external Flash streaming server of your choice. One of my favorite features this time is the new Video import and synch capability in Captivate. This adds a new paradigm in content authoring.

FLV 73

American Horror Story: Corporate Training


Training should always begin with an assessment and personalization so learners can toggle the stream of information based on their individual foundation of knowledge. It’s the feeling you have when watching a horror movie character run up the stairs instead of out of the house: A boring block of text is the kiss of death for any topic, so why does so much training still revolve around the written word? Material is Presented in One Continual Stream.

Size of Captivate Files

Tony Karrer

For an enterprise wide LMS system, would a Captivate movie (file) that is 1.5mb or less too big? That said, if you are international and/or have people running on slower connection speeds, you should be aware of two possible speed issues: load time and streaming issues. With Captivate, theoretically the movies should have some initial load time and then should stream the remainder of the content while you are going through the movie.

12 eLearning Audio and Video Tools

DigitalChalk eLearning

Windows Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker is an easy to use video editing production suite. Quickly add photos and footage from your PC or camera into Movie Maker. Then fine tune your movie just the way you want it. CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your Windows computer and create bandwidth-friendly streaming flash videos. When creating an online course, you often need to capture a live video, audio, or screen recording.

Audio 78

e-Learning Best Practice: How to Make Sure Your System Works


The only thing that will make it right is when you see that constant stream of cool clear water. In web based training, your job is to keep the WBT streaming; to ensure the learner gets her WBT course. If your course has animation, movies, or audio, it is important to know what was used to create it. e-Learning Best Practices, and why they can fail from the very start. There are a lot of things that need to go right for your web based content to be successful.

System 138

All about Motivation and How it works

Your Training Edge

For example, if you like computer programming from your school days, you should choose computer science for graduation even though some other streams might have higher salary jobs. Sometimes, watching motivation videos, speech and movies renews the positive energy in you and gives you positive vibes to keep up the good work. Motivation is the driving force that keeps pushing us to reach a certain goal through our actions.

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4 Tips for Improved Video in eLearning

eLearning Brothers

I’m an English speaker and not hearing impaired, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been watching a movie in my native tongue where an important line was glossed over because the actor either mumbled or doubled down on a bad fake accent. One solution to this problem is using a video streaming website such as YouTube to host your videos.

Custom eLearning Development: 4 Tips to Deliver Compelling and Engaging Content

Obsidian Learning

Over the holidays, (don’t tell my boss) I spent some time resting and senselessly browsing the ever-growing libraries of fantastic (and not so fantastic) shows, movies, and documentaries brought to me by all the content-creating powerhouses such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and HBO (to name a few). As I was diving into a show or a movie, I found myself – more often than I would have expected – just as quickly jumping out because what I was watching just didn’t do it for me.

How to Turn Coronavirus Lockdown Into New Opportunities


Not everyone who is watching movies on a streaming platform at home will go to the cinema. Leading theatres of the world are inviting virtual audience: Starting from March 15, Vienna Opera will broadcast free records of past performances of opera and ballet every day at 19.00 (Austrian time) through a streaming platform that will remain available for 24 hours. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way of our life.

Achieving Learning Flow with Your Online Member Education

Association eLearning

This references the growing trend among Netflix subscribers who use the on-demand television and movie steaming service to watch entire television series in one sitting. Jane Hart refers to learning flow as “a continuous steady stream of social micro-learning activities – accessible from the web and mobile devices.” Earlier this year, Associations Now wrote an article asking whether “binge learning” will become the new “binge watching.”

Evolution of Training Systems in L&D

Origin Learning

A significant number of people are watching entertainment by streaming movies and shows on their computers and smartphones. The early 2000s saw an interesting theme resonating among L&D companies. Every organization that had a strong learning culture and that wanted to foster workplace learning was keen to invest in a ‘Training Management System’ (TMS). Some people also started using the phrase ‘Talent Management System’ interchangeably.

System 126

(almost) Everything about video for learning professionals

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

For this blog I suffice to say that you can screencast (make a movie of your computer screen), on-the-fly videos (amateur quality with iphone, ipad or simple camera), professional videos, web lectures and live stream (let online follow a meeting by people who are not there). A nice idea is a stopmotion movie. with animoto you can produce a short movie with pictures. January was our #videoleren theme on Twitter with the Ennuonline twitter tips.

Video 137

The wake-up call

Jay Cross

Behind the curtain of awareness, our minds take a snippet of this and a smidgen of that, connect the dots, and play the internal movie we experience as reality. It’s about that inner movie. You can let the inner voice prattle on, making comments sparked by your inner movie. You must revere your inner mind and believe that you are more than a mere pebble in the stream. Monday morning.

Movie 45

Video Format Comparison - Flash Video Format - WMV Format - Quicktime - Real

Tony Karrer

Better "Streaming" In general, the Flash video format is very good at playing as it streams down additional content. WMV Format, Quicktime and Real either require a streaming server to achieve the effect or do not do as good of a job. Several sources say that the same quality flash video format movie will have a larger file size and require greater bandwidth. Protection One of the specific questions I was asked was around caching and protection of the movie.

Video killed the radio star: So will LXP kill LMS?

Learning Pool

In this 1937 movie, which recently had its third remake, the hopeful ingenue shimmies sequin-clad into the spotlight to eclipse the clapped-out has-been who shone brightly in his day but whose sell-by date has long since passed. Most recently it has been maintained that streaming video (Netflix, et al) will do down movie theatres. We still have movie theatres. Does the advent of LXP mean the LMS can finally be pronounced D.O.A.?

6 Change Management Best Practices to Learn from Big Brands


In 1997 Netflix was launched, offering customers monthly subscriptions so that they could rent movies to be sent to them by mail, rendering the then-norm of charging late-fees irrelevant. In 2007, Netflix launched its streaming services and ultimately changed the way consumers would watch content online. 3 min 49 sec. Whether it’s a process, software or anything else, getting employees and partners to hop aboard a change isn’t easy.

How To Edit Video: Reducing File Size

TechSmith Camtasia

Codecs encode or compress streams of data for storage, playback and video editing on a variety of platforms. Other common video file types include: MOV (Apple Quicktime Movie).AVI Video file size can be tricky and the concept of reducing video file size has many technical variables associated with it. You may want to reduce file size to more easily send to your co-workers, or complete your upload to YouTube quicker.

How Apple Killed Flash for eLearning (and What to do with All That Non-Compatible Courseware)


Thanks to new platforms like HTML5, Apple users happily stream movies, games, and other multimedia on their tablets and phones without the use of Flash. In 2010, Steve Jobs singlehandedly started one of the biggest–OK, maybe the only–software feuds by stating that Apple products wouldn’t support Flash, citing reasons like a high fail rate, lag time, and the overall unnecessary nature of the platform.

20+ eLearning Tools and Resources

DigitalChalk eLearning

Windows Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker is an easy to use video editing production suite. Quickly add photos and footage from your PC or camera into Movie Maker. Then fine tune your movie just the way you want it. CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your Windows computer and create bandwidth-friendly streaming flash videos.

Going from 0 to 60 - 6 Jing Videos in 60 Minutes

TechSmith Camtasia

Ah, one of my favorite quotes from the movie, Top Gun. If you'd like to tune in live, we'll be streaming from Ustream.TV "I feel the need. the need for speed!" Remember that scene? Last weekend was the Indianapolis 500. I was watching the news and found out that those cars hit speeds of 220 mph or more!? That got me thinking about speed.

Jing 80

What Makes Social Learning so Interesting?


Social media doesn’t just close the gap between ourselves and movie stars, it also opens up a world of communication options to industry peers, thought leaders, and potential clients. One of the most intriguing value offerings of Social Media in direct relation to social learning is that there is an endless stream of content being updated live, clicks away from the learner. ​. What Makes Social Learning so Interesting?

11 Innovative WooCommerce Product Bundles Strategies for 2020

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

Spotify, a music streaming company offered a free Hulu (on-demand TV and movies) subscription along with its subscription bundle to provide more value to its customers. Product Bundling as a strategy is a sure shot way to scale your business!

How to Publish Online Video

3Play Media

Live captions ensure that all of your live video streams are accessible to the deaf or hard-of-hearing community as well as make your content more engaging. Netflix was sued by the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) in 2012 for failing to provide closed captions for most of its watch instantly movies. The court ruled in favor of the NAD and Netflix settled, agreeing to caption 100% of its streaming content, which set a profound precedent for online video. .

Video 46

What you can expect in 2019

eLearning 24-7

We are about to see a movie that we have been waiting for to come out. Video management including video bookmarks, auto detection FPS and video streaming – Mixed expectations. Any movie you find on Amazon Prime, Netflix or Hulu where it looks like a bad B-movie, will meet your low expectations. Expectations. We all have them. We have them when we go out to eat. When we are on a blind date or using a dating app.

5 Reasons Why the ‘Netflix of Learning’ May Be a Bad Idea


The physical media format wars of yesterday seem like a quaint footnote to a world where streaming media currently reigns supreme. Invoking the current market leader in streaming entertainment, Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) have been touted as the ‘Netflix of Learning.’ 2) You’re Not at the Movies. Firstly, the streaming video market is a crowded one. A key theme in Instilled’s current team discussions has been ‘Learning Like We Live’.

Thinking Beyond the Traditional LMS


Imagine having a learning platform that got to know your learners in the same way that their favorite movie streaming service did. A Learning Management System (LMS) is an integral part of any enterprise business. Not only does it allow you to host learning content, but you can also track the progress and related performance of each of your learners. While a necessary tool, the LMS doesn’t encompass everything needed to ensure a full and impactful learning experience.