PowerPoint 2007: Converting Presentations to Movies

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I am frequently asked if it is possible to convert PowerPoint presentations into movies that can be shared on websites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.   The following steps show how to convert a presentation into a movie.   Open Windows Movie Maker.

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Creating a Simple Video in Windows Movie Maker

The Learning Dispatch

Windows Movie Maker comes prepackaged with Windows operating systems and is more than capable of producing a decent video. What you''ll need: Windows Movie Maker (download here ) A video file ( here is a list of supported video formats, under "What kind of files can I import?".

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eLearning Tips and Time Tracking: This Week on #BLPLearn

Bottom-Line Performance

Why hourly time tracking doesn’t work for software. Or maybe it was hard for her, I don’t know—I never saw the movie. Why hourly time tracking doesn’t work for software.

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SCORM: What is it?

Association eLearning

DVDs store and play movies. It’s the system that reads the information on the DVD and shows it to the viewer as a movie. It lets you track course completions and whether the learner passed or failed, among other similar things. It also lets LMSs track completions, pass/fail, etc.


Tracking Without an LMS

Tony Karrer

I received a couple of questions around tracking. Then today, I saw a post on TrDev about tracking without an LMS and thought I should maybe clarify what I often see as the choices around tracking: a. Click tracking b. Custom tracking c. LMS tracking Click Tracking In Click Tracking, you rely on looking at logs of what pages have been clicked on and get reports via log file analysis (web analytics) tools such as WebTrends.

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Fascination and boredom

Learning with e's

I wanted to make a comment about the in-flight movie. There was no dialogue, no sound track. But no, the movie continued for 10 monotonous hours. I won't be watching that movie again. Much more interesting than an in-flight movie, and certainly more informative.

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Lights, Camera, eLearning: What Project Managers and Hollywood Directors Have in Common

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I recently watched a sci-fi movie with tons of special effects. I’m always amazed at how these massive productions begin with someone’s imagination and evolve into the magnificent movies we see on screen.

SCORM for E-learning Courses: WHY?

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If your e-learning course is SCORM compliant, you can track the status of the course. You can also track the course completion status, assessment score or percentage, number of points earned, or even how many times a user has accessed a course, provide certificates, etc.


Mac Authoring Tools - Help Needed

Tony Karrer

This organization predominantly has Macs and would like to use something like Articulate or Captivate to: "convert our existing Powerpoint trainings, include quizes, track responding, track time spent enaged, insert Quicktime movies and deploy via the web." I was just asked a question and was a bit at a loss for a response.

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Workplace Learning Trends in 2018

Origin Learning

If someone would have predicted that one could book a train or movie ticket by fiddling with a phone a decade ago it would have evoked laughter. Here’s wishing all our readers – ‘A Happy New Year’.

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Opening Keynote with David Pogue #DevLearn

Learning Visions

And they track more than steps. There are some to track your posture, your sunlight, you heart rates, your steps, etc. Health tracking hats, bras, forks, earbuds. Books, music, learning, movies. Why are there still terrible movies?

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Instructional Design: The Process – 1

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There have been all types of blend in learning, using all possible avenues from brick-and-mortar classrooms, virtual classrooms, eLearning, digital tutorials, videos, to xAPI tracking all forms of social or informal learning. Does the smell of fresh popcorns trigger a movie time memory?

Top 5 e-learning trends for 2019


There are a lot of channels dedicated to teaching users about subjects they are interested in and statistics show that 60% of YouTube subscribers follow advice of video creators rather than their favorite movie or TV personality.

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How to Merge Your Captivate Projects Into One Course

eLearning Brothers

In order for the TOC to show by default on the compiled file, you need to set a file as the Master Movie. Select the Objectives.swf file and click “Set as Master Movie”.

#DevLearn retrospective: Start dreaming about the future of eLearning

Challenge to Learn

The stories in movies like Titanic and Avatar were impossible to realize with the techniques available at the time the stories were written. So they created the techniques in order to be able to create the movies. This year more than ever DevLearn addressed the future of eLearning.

Learning the ‘Dinosaur’ way!

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The relevance is so historic that even the uninitiated movie goers got a taste of Dinosaurs that existed 231.4 Ditto was the experience of the 1975 movie Jaws or the 1982 film ET the Extra Terrestrial. So, what is the relevance of the Spielberg movie success in business, you may wonder.

Picture Your Time Management: Read This and Make It So

Your Training Edge

Overplaying or spending too much time watching movies are a major distraction. You have made this to make everything perfect for you, therefore, not following this table will bring you back to the same track which leads you nowhere.

10 Commandments for Mobile App Onboarding Content


The advent of internet and smartphones has shrunk the size of what we consume, be it music or movies. What about movie screens. Well, there won’t be movie halls in the future, so no worries there!). Say you found something cute on mobile: a video, an article, or a music track.

Instructional Designer’s Guide to New Year’s Resolutions

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If you don’t have a plan to follow or progress that you can track, the resolution is likely to fall out of sight and therefore out of mind. but flexible enough to let you recover if you get a little off track. Track your progress. They can be simple, like treating yourself to a movie or getting stuck with extra chores. We’re nearing “New Year’s Resolution” time again. That got me thinking about the pass/fail rate of this annual ritual.

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Listen only once to the narration – micro-navigation

Adobe Captivate

Both workflows can be watched in this interactive movie. As explained in the previous post, we’ll need a tracking user variable. For each slide where you want to use this action, you’ll need a tracking variable. Intro.

About Slides and Frames – Intro to Micro-navigation

Adobe Captivate

If you have a look at that article, please use a Flash Player enabled browser to watch the embedded interactive movie (SWF). Also less known are the system variables from the category ‘ Movie Control’ related to slide navigation. Intro micro-navigation.

Force Clicking Hotspots: Comparison 2 Workflows

Adobe Captivate

Those hotspots reveal extra information such as explanation, images, video… Moreover the clicks on the hotspots are tracked, because something has to happen when all of them have been clicked at least once. Example movie. Watch this short (rescalable) interactive movie.

4 Tips for Improved Video in eLearning

eLearning Brothers

Whenever you use audio in a video, make double sure that everyone who will be speaking is properly mic’d, and that the ambient noise doesn’t muddy the track.

How do you create a perfect blend of the various learning components?

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In Harry Potter movies, Severus Snape’s classroom has a perfect mix of very traditional teacher-pupil relationship, coupled with experiential learning, where Snape is in complete control of the student’s behaviour, presenting an opportunity for the young wizards to mix ingredients and create potions.

Achieving Learning Flow with Your Online Member Education

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This references the growing trend among Netflix subscribers who use the on-demand television and movie steaming service to watch entire television series in one sitting. Earlier this year, Associations Now wrote an article asking whether “binge learning” will become the new “binge watching.”

6 Change Management Best Practices to Learn from Big Brands


In 1997 Netflix was launched, offering customers monthly subscriptions so that they could rent movies to be sent to them by mail, rendering the then-norm of charging late-fees irrelevant. 3 min 49 sec.

Great Reads on Gamification


Gamification is everywhere—from Cheez-It Scrabble Junior , which gamifies snack crackers, to the popular Fitbit fitness tracking bands. This post from the eLearning Brothers discusses the movie Ender’s Game and all the cool game simulations and interactive graphics in it.

Why each employee needs a learning path


Each time I saw the movie along my childhood and young adulthood the story somehow got a different meaning. Wait a minute, your company’s learning and development strategy is not a movie and not every employee is named Dorothy. One of my favorite story for kids is “The Wizard of Oz”.

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Devlearn conference day one: an exhilarating day

Challenge to Learn

We have two main standards in our industry SCORM and IACC, both of them enable us to track and trace results, both of them confine eLearning within the borders of the LMS. TinCan will free us from this, it allows you to track and trace any learning experience, anywhere.

Ten Commandments for Mobile Onboarding Content


The advent of internet and smartphones has shrunk the size of what we consume, be it music or movies. What about movie screens. Well, there won’t be movie halls in the future, so no worries there!). Say you found something cute on mobile: a video, an article, or a music track.

22 Powerful Tools to Create and Edit your Own Instructional Videos


People, objects, and products can be automatically identified with a hotspot, and the motion of the object can be tracked as it moves in the scene. This app (also available for your PC) makes it easy to transform photos and videos into edited movies.

Learning gets social, emotional, progressive!

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Choosing to use authentic data points and a tracking mechanism to measure progressive growth, the under-2 minute Walmart clip has proved that exciting performance-backed efforts can make learning fun, enthusing, and pervasive. Walmart is a giant of a brand!

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Secrets of Video Demo Timeline (cpvc project)

Adobe Captivate

Here is a screenshot of a typical timeline of a video demo in the Video editor: Similar to other video applications, you’ll see one continuous timeline for the whole movie. I will use the word ‘track’ for each horizontal line in the Timeline panel. Intro.

Personalized Learning Just Got Easier With Content Curation


How many times have you seen the same movie pop up on your Netflix dashboard – a movie you’ve already watched three times and can’t seem to get rid of for good? . Docebo now gives learners the ability to curate what learning content they see.

PowerPoint: Playing Audio Sequentially. and Automatically

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  Last week I covered how to play multiple audio tracks at the same time. That wasn't so hard, but what can get a bit complicated is playing multiple audio tracks sequentially. by AJ George.