PowerPoint 2010: Converting Presentations to Movies

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In previous versions of PowerPoint, converting presentations to movies  could be a bit of a laborious task. You won't be clicking your mouse to continue the presentation once it is a movie and you may find that the default transition time goes too fast (or not fast enough) for your liking. Using this method will allow you to make a movie from your presentation in which the video will play. by AJ George.

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Creating a Simple Video in Windows Movie Maker

The Learning Dispatch

Windows Movie Maker comes prepackaged with Windows operating systems and is more than capable of producing a decent video. What you''ll need: Windows Movie Maker (download here ) A video file ( here is a list of supported video formats, under "What kind of files can I import?".

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New version of Camtasia for Mac bends time and space

TechSmith Camtasia

So you're watching a movie and there's a scene where the clouds are racing overhead at an impossible rate.and cars are streaming along the freeway like a solid river of light.

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Recording Virtual Field Trips

E-Learning Acupuncture

The full version of FRAPS is only $37. The free version allows you to make video capture clips up to 30 seconds in length. I then used Windows Movie Maker to put the video, the audio and a couple of title slides together into the final movie.

Toolbox Tip: Creating Whiteboard Videos With VideoScribe

ATD Learning Technologies

In this installment of Toolbox Tip, Diane Elkins walks you through the VideoScribe process and shows one of her organization’s first movies. Click here to read full version

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SCORM: What is it?

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What version of SCORM are you using? DVDs store and play movies. It’s the system that reads the information on the DVD and shows it to the viewer as a movie. But there’s more than one version. There are two versions, 1.2 Is the LMS SCORM conformant?


Resolve to Engage Your Learners in 2012

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No one wants to watch a movie in which the director yells "Lights, CameraMultiple Choice Question" We are more excited with movies directed with the words "Lights, Camera, Action.". Click here to read full version Multiple choice questions don't reflect reality. In real-life we are seldom confronted with a multiple choice question, we are confronted with problems, decisi.

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Ender’s Game–The Darker Side of Video Games for Learning

Kapp Notes

Since that time, a movie has come about but I think the book, Ender’s Game, is much more powerful than the movie. Movie poster from Ender’s Game. I listened to the audio version of the book and liked it so much, I bought a hard copy.

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The big mistake in elearning

Making Change

To see a bigger version on YouTube, click the movie when it’s playing. Here’s a Flash version. Here’s a short presentation that includes: The one powerful change that will make our elearning a lot more effective. A quick demo of action mapping.

Coming soon to an office near you


It’s not another super hero comic book movie… It’s not some new phone…. It’s CourseMill® LMS Version 7! Email us to learn more about CourseMill LMS Version 7. What’s the hottest new release coming this season?

How to Reduce Flash-to-HTML5 Conversion Costs

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Collate all previous versions of storyboards and audio recording scripts. A bit of creative instructional design can help you use the same audio in your new HTML5 version. How much do you have to spend to convert your flash-based courses converted to HTML5?

Understanding/Using System Variables – part 2

Adobe Captivate

Here the focus is on that very special category ‘ Movie Control ‘ It is special because those variables cannot be inserted for viewing in a course. Essentially Captivate will lead to a movie, not to a sequence of slides which is typical for a presentation. Intro.

5 Training Horror Stories for your Halloween pleasure


In this post, we’re going to celebrate Halloween in our own way , by going to several horror movies and looking at how they relate to actual corporate training nightmare scenarios (and how eLearning and TalentLMS can save the day). 5) Scary movie. Halloween.

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Multiple Toggle buttons with ONE Shared Action

Adobe Captivate

The oldest article explained the use of an Expression and a system variable for a button that kept the same style but could turn on/off a functionality (created for versions 5/5.5). Start by watching the example movie to understand my interpretation of Toggle buttons.

Movie 52

About Slides and Frames – Intro to Micro-navigation

Adobe Captivate

Time to upgrade this article to integrate the changes within newer versions (system variable names) and the switch from SWF to HTML output. If you have a look at that article, please use a Flash Player enabled browser to watch the embedded interactive movie (SWF).

Articulate: A Complete 360

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You can continue using the desktop version of Storyline 2 and Studio '13, but don't expect any future upgrades to these tools. However, there are some additional features in the 360 version. If you upgrade a project from Storyline 2 to 360, there's no going backward to version 2. This can be a major issue if you share files with other developers or content creators who cannot or will not upgrade from version 2 to 360.

New eLearning Games

eLearning Brothers

Simply open the template in Flash and copy/paste your text into the movie clips for each question and answer. Actionscript 2 and 3 versions. Our new and improved Flash eLearning games are here! Each of these games are Flash templates that you can quickly and easily use.

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Blended Learning: Not your Mother’s, Grandmother’s, or Possibly Even Older Sibling’s Training

Association eLearning

Remember the days when you looked forward to field trips to the planetarium, hovering over a formaldehyde preserved frog with your lab team, or seeing the movie version of Lord of the Rings on a Friday afternoon? Blended learning is not new to training.

A Financial Literacy Program Created with Captivate 2019

Adobe Captivate

An assessment lesson, along with checkpoint questions, was added in the Captivate 2019 version. Ethan Robertson – Unsplash | Vintage Movie Camera. This showcase presents a module taken from a larger Financial Literacy program created for a client.

Live Webinar: Creating effective learning videos in 7 easy steps

Limestone Learning

“ Clipper, movie, picture ” by Bokskapet is licensed by Pixabay. We'll be teaming up with Lambda Solutions Wednesday, June 12 to host another informative webinar: Creating Effective Learning Videos in 7 Easy Steps.

Finding Your Muse in Lectora 16

eLearning Brothers

This limited aesthetic probably inspired the dark, neon-laced world of the 1982 movie Tron, and by extension, its 2010 sequel Tron: Legacy. Back in the early days of the personal computer, monitors didn’t have the sharp displays we take for granted these days.

Check if TEB is empty (Where is Null?)

Adobe Captivate

Beware: the embedded movie is a SWF, you need a browser with enabled Flash Player to watch that movie. Everything worked fine for SWF output also in later versions. It is this second part that is no longer functional in recent versions for HTML output. Example Movie. You can watch the example movie by clicking this link. In the near future it should be possible to embed interactive movies published with Captivate to HTML output in this community.

What is Branch Aware?

Adobe Captivate

So I decided to refurbish that old post, and create a new example movie with CP2019. You have seen a first version of that movie in my recent post about localisation with CSV import. Look at the Advanced Interaction panel of the example movie. Intro.

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eLearning: Interesting Weekly Finds #11

Upside Learning

You can ask Siri to find a place for dinner, tell you what’s playing at a local jazz club or get tickets to a movie. Institutions that are eligible and signup get no-charge access to hardware, full-version software, professionally developed courseware, tools, training, books, and discounts.

Why You Need Audio Descriptions to Make Online Course Videos Accessible

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You’ve probably watched movies that have embedded audio descriptions, even though you didn’t use them yourself (or even know they were there!). That means the movie has an audio description track that can be turned on as needed. Many movie theaters offer audio description support, too.

Audio 82

Using #Characters in eLearning, Part 1

eLearning Cyclops

The first course introduced banking staff to a a retail banking service and the second was a commercial banking version of the service. As the user progresses through the course, clicking the movie clapboards, they learn more.

Attributing Derivative Works in your eLearning Courses


Having read so many Stephen King, Sydney Sheldon, Nora Roberts and many others, I feel a sense of déjà vu when I see a derivative movie based on the novel. Many times, the author of the book on which the movie is based is never mentioned.

Movie 76

eLearning: Voiceover Audio That Will Keep the Learner's Attention

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  The learners we address with our eLearning projects are bombarded with information, often in the form of movies, videos, and television. Scenes change in modern movies approximately every minute and a half. But in a movie, even during that short time, something is continually moving on the screen. Example A:  The capability for the creation of user-defined functions has been instituted with the current version.

Mac Authoring Tools - Help Needed

Tony Karrer

This organization predominantly has Macs and would like to use something like Articulate or Captivate to: "convert our existing Powerpoint trainings, include quizes, track responding, track time spent enaged, insert Quicktime movies and deploy via the web." For so long, Adobe has had products on both Mac and PC, I assumed that Captivate had a Mac version - but I didn't find one. I was just asked a question and was a bit at a loss for a response.

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New eLearning Projects Approved

Moodle Journal

I am already producing some training notes from the trial version that I have installed. Well I am pleased to say that the eLearning project proposals have all been approved. We are currently in the process of generating an instance of Open Simulator for one and the iPad’s will be arriving soon for the other. One late request was from myself for the acquisition by the college of a licence for Wimba Create. For those of you out there who remember courseGenie, Create is the new incarnation.

Tips For Creating Video-based Content And Choosing The Right Technology To Support It: Getting The Value Advantage Of Video-based Learning


Filmmakers doubled up as champions of patriotism and propaganda with movies during the World War 2, fueling national pride or influencing young minds to work for the cause of their country.

Video 207

Top 10 Screen Recording Software for Windows

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The ability to make a screencast video can also be used to showcase your creativity when playing games like Minecraft and recreating scenes from movies and/or filming music videos in simulation games like The Sims. There is no paid version of CamStudio. With the paid version, you can.

PowerPoint 2007: Insert YouTube Videos

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by AJ George I am often asked how to get YouTube videos into a PowerPoint presentation, and, unless you're using the latest version (PowerPoint 2010), it's an understandable question. Locate Movie and paste in the URL for the video you would like to use.

Two weeks with Captivate 2017

Adobe Captivate

The existing functionality for multiple decisions in former versions has been preserved: adding decisions, moving decisions, duplicating decisions. This improves efficiency quite a lot, as you will see in the example movie below. Example movie. Intro.

A Responsive IE10 Quick Start Guide Using Breakpoints

Adobe Captivate

Though originally created in a prior version of Captivate, the project was converted to Captivate 2019 prior to publishing. The exception is for the video demonstrations where the content plays as a movie and the user can pause, forward or go to a prior slide.

Intro to Shared Actions

Adobe Captivate

One of the advantages is that I am able to convert that presentation in an interactive movie. If you did miss the webinar and did not register to have access to the recorded versions, you can watch this movie using this link: Shared Actions. Interactive presentation (webinar). Last week I presented a webinar ‘Dare to Share: Power of Shared Actions’ for a pretty big crowd.

Movie 48

Why Training Needs Video

Learning Rebels

Versioning is easier. Why create a class when you can create a video that is sustainable and easy to version? Here’s another short video on equipment to turn your smartphone into a movie making machine ! The shift has arrived, and video is King!

Video 227