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Started with a couple of polls with the moderator. Directions on the slide said to type answers in chat, but actually wanted to use the poll feature–mismatch in how people were directed to respond. Valerie Wilson: make it so fast you can’t multitask. Chat, polling, breakouts all good tools, but the technology can’t do it on its own. Tags: Instructional Design e-Learning Ray Jimenez synchronous learning webinar

Non-verbal communication for online facilitators

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I also know often on a Skype call when someone is multitasking. You can particularly use tools to ask for quick feedback, for instance, you can do a quick poll or survey or even call someone to see how he or she is doing. Use synchronous moments. Synchronous moments such as chats or webinars are very convenient to hear what's going on and receive feedback. At the University I did communication studies as one of my subjects and I always liked non-verbal communication.


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Moving to the Virtual Classroom: A Trainer’s Roadmap to Success with Cindy Huggett #ASTDTK12

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She wrote the book: Virtual Training Basics Two types of virtual training: webinar vs. classroom One def of virtual training: “an online synchronous instructor led class with participants in dispersed locations, that uses a virtual classroom software program” vILT (virtual instructor led) Step #1: Clarify definitions and expectations. Cool: Cindy’s using Poll Everywhere right now – 35% of participants using WebEx]. My live notes from Cindy Huggett’s @cindyhugg session at ASTD TK12.

How to Make Orientation Virtual and Accessible

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For example, Zoom is a great tool for virtual environments because it has a lot of engaging features like a chat window, poll questions, screen sharing, Q&A, and remote annotating. . Closed captions are time-synchronized text of the audio within a video.