The Metrics of Learning and Dangers of Multitasking


The Dangers of Multitasking and How it Relates to Learning. ” She also notes, “A study at the University Of London found that subjects who multitasked experienced drops in their IQ comparable to someone who missed a night of sleep” [2].

Gooooooooooals! How to Set Them and Keep Them: A Custom eLearning Bridge Course

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Whether they fail to set a timetable, make unreasonable expectations, or get caught up multitasking, they find themselves being less effective than they want to be.

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Creating a Virtual Leadership Academy: A Case Study #ASTDTK14

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A bit of a pilot program to see if this was an approach to continue with. Virtual learning event for physician leaders. These are my live blogged notes from ASTD Tech Knowledge session with Eric Heckerson. I missed his opening setup, so didn’t get some of the context.

Task, Interrupted: How to Seamlessly Integrate Training into Work


Even worse, depending on the amount of multitasking being done at the time, none of the tasks may be done well. and managers can assign training to specific employees or teams within the program.

Information Overload: The Plague of Learning and Development

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Unfortunately, many of these programs do not produce quantifiable results. Studies show how information overload, multitasking and prolonged repetition impair productivity, performance and decision-making. The world has changed.

The Concept of Microlearning


Today, we will evaluate microlearning and the potential it carries in reference to bolstering a learning program. Where our multitasking is so engrained in a workflow that we cannot allow more than 5 minutes on any given task before needing to refocus on a bigger picture.

The neuroscience of attention and why instructional designers should know about it


On the plus side, the report found that people’s ability to multitask has dramatically improved. You know all those classic arguments couples have that begin with “I told you but you never listen!”?

5 Reasons Why You Should Develop a Personalized Learning Plan

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The top 5 reasons why a generic eLearning or Mobile Learning program may not resonate well with all learners are shown here. Learners have different learning styles: They want a program that allows them the flexibility to choose the approach that works best for them.

College Students Take a Swing at Running a Baseball Team

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Before purchasing the team, the university already had an internship program with the baseball team until it ceased operations in 2015. Another aspect of this crucible environment, the small class size also means that more positions will need to be multitasked in order to achieve their goals.

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Micro-Learning as a Workplace Learning Strategy

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In today''s time-crunched, attention-deficit and multitasking world, micro-learning seems to have cropped up as a possible solution to corporate learning and personal development.

A Lesson Plan for eLearning

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We work in a world of limited attention spans, unlimited demands on people’s time, and endless multitasking, Kelly says. I came across Harold Jarche ‘s blog today where he discussed, a brief history education delivered via The Internet, see Learning is Connecting. Check it out.

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Considering mindfulness training for increased employee productivity


While this juggling ability has definitely become a requirement on any job application (it is just masked under “multitasking skills”, “flexibility” and “resistance to stress”), it has not really made people work better.

Today’s Multigenerational Workforce


Multitasking, "What's next?". Multitaskers. While it is nearly impossible to meet the needs of all learners in just one training program, instructional designers should keep each generation’s preferences and habits in mind so that the media they create feels vital and relevant to anyone. The workforce of today is a multi-generational collection of people who come together out of a variety of needs and motivations.

Tools and Tips for Transcribing Videos Faster and Easier

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The following transcription programs have limited free versions with affordably priced upgrades: Express Scribe by NCH Software (Mac or PC). Foot pedals take care of audio playback without the use of a mouse, eliminating the need to multitask with your fingers while transcribing.

Grab Learner Attention with Your Course Content


Want to cut down on distractions and multitasking during your course? They can be math puzzles, short computer programing tasks, or practice data sets. One of the inevitable battles online instructors face lies in retaining learner attention. Teachers in traditional classrooms face this burden too, of course, but in-person classroom experiences provide a more focused learning environment.

Feed the Gorilla

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In these situations, employees must be at their best and are usually multitasking more because of a smaller staff. A senior executive questions the value of a certain program and wants to see the results. Major projects or programs need financial ROI showing they were a good investment.

Microlearning is the next big thing in eLearning


billion by 2019 as more companies add it to their training programs, according to a report by Ambient Insight. They multitask and have very short attention spans, so microlearning is perfect for them.". Microlearning is the next big thing in eLearning.

Mobile Learning in India

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In addition, cell phones complement the short-attention, casual, multitasking style of today’s young learners. Downloadable programs — With mobile phones that have memories, and can accept and install downloaded programs an entire new learning space is opened up on the phone.

Prepare the future of Learning for the Genz

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They are world weary, entrepreneurial, multiscreen, Wifi multitaskers. Makey Makey enables users to take common objects, like a banana, and by adding some electronics and light programming, create a playable piano. Who are these people?

What The Future Holds For Game-Based eLearning: 8 Points To Consider

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This approach transforms an entire eLearning course or program into an immersive eLearning gaming environment. Now that’s what I call multitasking! Companies will use them as the foundation of their corporate eLearning programs. Nobody knows what the future holds.

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | November 9, 2018

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Your favorite program 1:45. Multitasking View 6:34. “Being alone and connecting inwardly is a skill nobody ever teaches us. That’s ironic because it’s more important than most of the ones they do.” — Zat Rana. Looks like there is something for everyone in this week’s roundup.

Are You Ready for These 5 Trends in 2018?


Tech-savvy multitaskers, millennials are eager and able to connect with others around the world. Organizational leaders will need to ensure that their learning programs support workers of all ages. January is always a month for optimism, planning and predicting.

Micro-Learning as a Workplace Learning Strategy


In todays’ time-crunched, attention-deficit and multitasking world, micro-learning seems to have cropped up as a possible solution to corporate learning and personal development.


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Not surprisingly then, we are currently witnessing an uptake of online and offline workshops, skilling programs, webinars, eLearning courses, and mentor-led initiatives. They also have to frequently multitask. Take a quick look around your office.

Leveling Up: Why Gamers Make Better Learners


Understanding the difference could be the first step in overhauling a tired L&D program to include some fun and games. Hours spent alone with your Xbox might not be the same as hours spent in the library, but–contrary to your mom’s belief–your dedication to Modern Warfare isn’t for naught.

Top 7 Training Administrator Pet Peeves – And How To Address Them

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For a training administrator, training logistics starts with knowing the when, where, and what of a training program. Tip: Create a training request template to send to your stakeholders that focuses on the key questions: the “who, what, when, and where” of the training program.

Top 6 Training Administrator Pet Peeves – And How To Address Them

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For a training administrator, training logistics starts with knowing the when, where, and what of a training program. Tip: Create a training request template to send to your stakeholders that focuses on the key questions: the “who, what, when, and where” of the training program.

Seven Ways to Use the iPad for Workplace Learning

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Does it support multitasking? Can I run more than one program? The iPad is here. After all the hype, which it didn’t quite live up to, there was a lot of commentary web-wide on whether it’s suitable for elearning, or a specific type of learning. Here at Upside our camp is divided, there are iPad lovers and there are iPad baiters.

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Survey: Workplace Productivity Peaks on Tuesdays

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In theory, multitasking seems like a good way to increase productivity. Digital calendars, task management apps and other time-saving programs can help you keep track of projects, meet deadlines and be more productive. Tuesday is the most productive day of the week, according to a new survey, while Thursday and Friday are the least productive. Menlo Park, Calif. — Dec. 16 Have a challenging project to tackle? Take it up on Tuesday, a new survey suggests.

Facing These Challenges with Mobile Learning? Check Out the Solutions

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Training programs might contain company sensitive information or expose the company’s network to the outside world, significantly increasing the risk of data theft. The task of refurbishing or recreating content for mobile phones can disrupt your training program.

Generation Z is Here. Are You Ready?


What does the appearance of Gen Z mean for your recruiting efforts, learning and development programs and company culture? When you evolve your learning and development programs for the next generation, you may want to tweak some things for the best fit. The Homeland Generation.

Millennials + Video = Love


Millennials are great at multitasking, socializing and networking and can use a laptop, a tablet and two smartphones at the same time. Millennials. Millennials. The generation almost everyone born before the '80s loves to hate. I can't blame them, really.

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3 Employee Training Challenges Solved with Technology (and how to figure out more)

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Psychology experts confirm that millennials need relevant, active or experimental coursework to satisfy their multitasking tendencies. This saves time on both ends, when the program is installed and when the data is analyzed, as the algorithms do all of the work for you.

RECAP: Mindflash UK Partners Optimised Learning at World of Learning


Her knowledge through Neuro Linguistic Programs has enabled her to drive her business towards new learning techniques that require creative engaging skills. We had a great few days at the World of Learning Conference and Exhibition at the NEC last week.

Microlearning – Ushering a New Era in Skill Development

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It is a well-known fact that new-age learners have short attention spans and multitask. The phenomenal growth in the use of the “mobile Internet” is compelling companies to deliver their skill development programs through smartphones and tablets.


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You’d think with all of this proven—and nowhere is it more evident than in large corporations—that learning programs would have been adjusted to align instruction with M proclivities for workplace education. Hyperconnectivity is baked in to millennials as is multitasking.

The Importance of Engagement in Elearning


To ensure the program you develop benefits your company, here are a few tips to consider. Advice for a successful elearning program. Business 2 Community recommended beginning with pilot programs and test versions of your software to gauge how engaging it is.