How to compress PowerPoint presentations and reduce picture file size


Did you know PowerPoint has a built-in picture and video compression tool? Images: Select a picture on any slide and go to the Picture Tools Format tab on the ribbon. Choose Compress Pictures in the top left corner: the pop-up box shows you the resolution options you have for the image. Go into the ppt folder and there are even more unfriendly folders. When you open it up in PowerPoint your picture will have been replaced by a white box with a red cross in it.

7 Dos and Don’ts to Design and Deliver Successful Video-Based Learning

Obsidian Learning

Even if your audience is an entire company, getting as clear a picture as possible about the make-up of that population will help you create a video that best suits both the company culture and the expectations of your employees. Do use music. Do ask for help if music is not your forte.

Music 67

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8 Small Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference To Your eLearning Videos


Background music. No matter what eLearning tools you’ve got, a training video for employees or just a video version of your eLearning ppt file, video production needs preparation. Picture this. Use background music. Ah, music. What’s more, it’s scientifically proven that music enhances learning. Remember that signature Tetris music? Some music, though, always makes things lighter, brighter, and more accessible.

Joe Sabia – opening keynote at Brainshark #sharkmeet12

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CDZA – creating videos for this music channel. Relevant aesthetics – no pictures of hotdogs and bunnies! shares a video of a classroom teacher who has a ppt on screen that “comes alive”). Your PPT box. Kineo. Normal. false. false. false. EN-US. X-NONE. Joe Sabia – opening keynote at Brainshark #sharkmeet12. Video maker. TED Talk. link]. Joe follows viral culture. What could be transferred to business communications? From the world of viral video?

How to Edit Video (With Step-by-Step Video)

TechSmith Camtasia

A sample.mp4 video that has been completed and ready to post to an online service (Camtasia PPT Green Screen Experiment). A royalty-free music track to use as background music, if desired (le-chat-gourmand.mp3). Making that first video can feel like a struggle.

Video 83

July Informal Learning Hotlist

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Why Music Moves Us - Scientific American , July 15, 2009. Eighteen Streaming Music Resources - ReadWriteWeb , July 14, 2009. The Paradigm Shift for Big Picture Thinking - Eide Neurolearning Blog , July 6, 2009. It’s not just free music; it’s good music” - Abject Learning , July 23, 2009. Using Systems Thinking: How to Go From 140 PPT Slides to 2 - You Learn Something New Every Day , July 8, 2009. Informal Learning Flow Hot List.