8 Small Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference To Your eLearning Videos


Sound quality. Background music. No matter what eLearning tools you’ve got, a training video for employees or just a video version of your eLearning ppt file, video production needs preparation. Sound-check. Your video sound is as important as the images. In the editing stage, you realize that the sound is terrible. And you should absolutely check your sound before you start shooting. Use background music. Ah, music.

Help! What software tool should I use to record audio?

360 Training

To go with my PPT slides. The visual representation of the sound will display as squiggles on the timeline. The louder the sound, the larger the squiggle. The visual representation of the sound will display as squiggles on the timeline. The louder the sound, the larger the squiggle. It features multi-track editing (so you can put music or sound effects behind your voice track) and a wide range of features.


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Why can't we build something like this for "Objects Used for Learning"?

Mark Oehlert

Did you know that when you use it, when you upload a PPT presentation to Slide Rocket it strips all the images out and adds them to an Asset Library? Sounds useful. . Exfm turns the entire web into your personal music library. As you browse, exfm runs in the background indexing every MP3 file you come across, building a music library for you. exfm will continue to check the sites you've visited, adding new music for you to listen to every day.

Diigo 48

How to Add Captions to Video for Accessibility

TechSmith Camtasia

Adding captions to video for accessibility should provide an accurate portrayal of any narration and/or dialogue, as well as any musical cues, relevant background noises, and/or markers that note the emotional state of the person or people speaking. As that video auto-starts, they can’t hear it because their sound is turned off. With Camtasia, you can directly import the PPT slides and add them to the timeline just like any other kind of media.

How to Edit Video (With Step-by-Step Video)

TechSmith Camtasia

A sample.mp4 video that has been completed and ready to post to an online service (Camtasia PPT Green Screen Experiment). A royalty-free music track to use as background music, if desired (le-chat-gourmand.mp3). Meaning there’s no audio, no sound effects whatsoever.

Video 83

Do People Learn Like Buildings Do?

Usable Learning

<Jeopardy theme music while you formulate a hypothesis> Maybe it’s obvious… … but it came down to the specifics of what we could teach them. This then made me think about a presentation [ppt] that Karl Fast, an information architect friend of mine, did at the IA Summit a few years back. This sounds easy, but actually, it’s really hard. So, I had this horrible job… Years ago I had a fairly blechy job teaching GMAT prep classes.

PPT 59

57 PowerPoint Christmas cards to download and share!


To enjoy the full experience, remember to turn your sound on!)” Even though the design is very minimal, we were able to bring this heart-warming narrative to life using motion and music! The nice transitions in PPT helped keep it simple, while adding some basic sound effects helped the little animation come to life!” Also featuring flurries of snow, gently flickering candlelight and music to warm your cockles, with a customisable label for your own message.”