Tune in LIVE to 48 in 24: Tips, interviews, behind the scenes

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Starting at 9am ET today you can tune in to the live stream of 48 in 24. We’re locking ourselves into the studio for 24 hours straight, to record 48 interviews that will help you become a better screencaster and visual communicator…and will give you an inside look at the people who make the magic at TechSmith. But you can tune in to the live stream any time to go behind the scenes inside the studio and ask questions! Topic: Innovation at TechSmith.

Highlights from SXSW 2013

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The TechSmith SXSW crew had a great time in Austin…bestowing titanium sporks on Shaquille O’Neal and Iggy Pop, eating way too much BBQ, and playing with monster puppets. We spent 26 hours in the booth, learning about the needs of people who stopped by and introducing them to the latest TechSmith tools and features. We met TechSmith fans on shuttle rides and standing in line for sessions. The post Highlights from SXSW 2013 appeared first on TechSmith Blogs.


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Successful Online Learning: How One Professor Uses Camtasia for Her Online Classes

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Camtasia allows us to create robust, engaging content to share or stream.”. Folding in illustrations, examples, clips, and other bits of media — with captions, voiceover, music, and more — is crucial for creating useful online course content.”. The post Successful Online Learning: How One Professor Uses Camtasia for Her Online Classes appeared first on TechSmith Blogs.

Without Les Paul I wouldn’t be an E-Learning Professional

The E-Learning Curve

While most of the tributes to this most rounded of individuals rightly focus on his contribution to music, both through his virtuosity on the guitar and his invention of his eponymous Gibson instrument. Today, this is the most common method of recording popular music, radio documentaries, and podcasts. And it was his musical artistry and fame as a recording artist (with his then-wife Mary Ford) that popularized the technology in a way no 'man in a white coat' could ever have.

Music 57

New version of Camtasia for Mac bends time and space

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So you're watching a movie and there's a scene where the clouds are racing overhead at an impossible rate.and cars are streaming along the freeway like a solid river of light. Or you could simply shrink 40 seconds of screen video to fit a 30-second music track on your timeline. Daniel Foster is the "social media guy" for TechSmith. Image credit: Tomasz Stasiuk We don't usually give codenames to minor releases but if we did, this one would be called Dr. Who.

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How to Edit Videos in the Timeline

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Mike is a long-time video creator who has made thousands of videos (music, corporate videos, etc.) I had the chance during the live stream (jump to 1:02:44 in the video) one thing he would recommend to people looking to learn to get better video. 4) Once you’ve built out your video visually, you can add audio, like music. The post How to Edit Videos in the Timeline appeared first on TechSmith Blogs.

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Transform your PowerPoint into a PowerCast using Camtasia!

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For example, online resources, such as TeacherTube, Khan Academy, and YouTube provide thousands of streaming educational video clips for teachers to use in their lessons. Camtasia Studio® enables you to record a PowerPoint presentation, add narration, import camera and/or YouTube video, add music, images, and sound effects, and publish the presentation as an MP4 video to share with any audience. appeared first on TechSmith Blogs. Today’s guest blogger is Michael F.

Kern Kelley & Michael Ruffini: ISTE 2015 Presenter Profiles

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The TechSmith Education team is excited to give you this inside look before the biggest K12 conference of the year begins. For example, online resources such as TeacherTube, Khan Academy, and YouTube provide thousands of streaming educational video clips for teachers to use in their lessons. Explore steps for using Camtasia to record your PowerPoint presentation, add narration, music, images, and sound effects, then publish the video for your students to watch anytime.

What Online Video Platform is Most Popular for Screencasts?

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At TechSmith, we’ve helped customers publish over a hundred million videos over the last decade using our desktop products Camtasia , Snagit , and Jing. Screencasts are videos created by recording what is taking place on your computer screen, which is the primary use cases of TechSmith customers. The above chart summarizes the most common decisions that result in a free platform choice by TechSmith customers. TechSmith Product Integration, Interactivity and Captioning.

Video Statistics, Habits, and Trends You Need To Know [New Research]

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TechSmith conducted research to learn more about people’s viewing habits and preferences around instructional and informational videos. The TechSmith Video Viewer research provides unique insights into when, why, and how people engage with informational and instructional video content.

50 Tips for Better Video

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Are there visuals or music that you’ll definitely need? Whether you’re using narration, music, or dialogue, it’s by far one of the most important video production aspects of better video. Set the mood with music, but turn it down. Good music placement blends into the story, unless it’s the sole focus. Viewers can only process so many streams of information at one time. The post 50 Tips for Better Video appeared first on TechSmith Blog.

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The Ultimate Video Marketing Playbook (2021)

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Create a weekly live stream. But even if you don’t have a live stream, you can still follow our video content strategy. A live stream video is just one example, but you can use this same method for nearly any video you make. But you can also check out TechSmith Audiate.

Storytelling and Video Solutions at ATD TechKnowledge 2018


To work best, video should be streamed, not just transferred like presentation or document, and when it is, the playback will often stall. Matt Pierce from Do-It-Yourself tool provider TechSmith led an engaging session on how to create great videos on a budget. Finally, audio can make a huge difference; it sets the mood, and in keeping with your budget, search for royalty free music on YouTube. Storytelling.

How to Record Your Desktop with Screencasting

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Here at TechSmith , we understand the power of screencasting. Record live streaming video, like a company meeting. That’s why live-streaming video is being used in the office more and more. Live-streaming a company meeting makes it more accessible, but streaming alone doesn’t ensure that everyone in your company will be able to attend the meeting. This is something we do all the time here at TechSmith. What is Screencasting?

Tech Tuesday Toolbox | Issue #06

Mike Taylor

cchound.com | free music for content creators . A curation of CC licensed music from various artists and genres for you to use, however you like with correct attribution, in your creative projects. TechSmith Capture (Jing) | TechSmith . Spotlight App.

Issue 52

Tips for Adding Visuals to Your Social Media

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For example, here at TechSmith, we have completely changed how we serve up tutorial content. Prior to Facebook video advertising, here at TechSmith we hosted all tutorial content solely on our website and YouTube. Because of this, at TechSmith, we recently made a decision to start using video more on our social media channels. Each week, we use TechSmith Camtasia to re-purpose two upcoming blog posts, by summarizing them to re-create the article as a video.