4 Tips to Create Voice Search Friendly Content

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Some upbeat music might help she thought. “Ok Music was a great way to get her system running; perhaps, an antidote to her harrowed mind. . Google, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon are all perfecting voice recognition technology. How do we make “voice-search friendly web content”?

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How to play Apple Music on Echo Dot?


Amazon is presently promoting the third-generation Echo Dot with an optionally available digital clock on its web site. It sounds unattainable to add Apple Music songs to Amazon. The post How to play Apple Music on Echo Dot?

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The Web and us

Learning with e's

When Sir Tim Berners-Lee originally proposed the World Wide Web that year, nobody really knew just how influential it would be. In just 25 short years, the Web has transformed the lives of billions of people across the planet. From an educational perspective, the Web must be protected.

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Web feats 7: Videosharing

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You can find lessons on how to play just about any musical instrument, learn how to speak foreign languages, and find master classes on cookery, gardening, dancing, painting, troubleshooting computer problems.

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Voice Coming to Second Life

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « My Blog is Worth $66, 615.72 (any buyers??) | Main | Google and MSFT to Clash Over Copyrights » March 08, 2007 Voice Coming to Second Life Geez.finally right? According to this press release , Voice will be coming to Second Life in Q2 of 2007. Residents dont have to be on voice-enabled land to do this. books futures Web 2.0

Social media: Prevention is better than cure

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I’ve changed my mind about a restaurant or an online shop plenty of times because of negative comments about them on the web. Go a step further and create an alternative channel in which your customers can voice a complaint.

eLearning Cyclops: Cool Tools to Liven Up The Classroom

eLearning Cyclops

I just read an article in T&D Magazine titled "Beef Up Your Training Toolbox with Web Tool." Green , offered suggestions for how you can use web tools to increase engagement in the traditional classroom. Music for Games and e-Learning. Voice Over in e-Learning, Sometimes. eLearning Cyclops. My insights on elearning and mlearning. Pages. Free eLearning. Cloud Apps. About Me. Privacy Policy. Monday, June 20, 2011. Cool Tools to Liven Up The Classroom.

4 Tutorials to Help You Become an Audio Pro


Some other areas where audio helps make an impact include: Course introduction or transition screens: Using music can give high-visibility training (e.g. tradeshow kiosks or conference booths): Grab and keep your audience’s attention by combining music and narration to drive home your message.

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'Virtual/actual' reality - WonderMart

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The voice, with quite enjoyable music in the background, began to tell me about the history of supermarkets before telling me to enter the store. For me the best aspect of this is the ability to get a new 'voice' inside a person's head.

Our Many Hats

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Sound Engineer and Voice Talent - Oh how I wish I had a budget for voice talent and a professional studio. With few exceptions, I am the voice talent and my basement is my studio. Copyright Expert - For that yahoo who grabs whatever images, music and videos they find on the web and use them in their presentations, web pages, docs, etc. eLearning Designers wear many hats – some by choice, some placed upon us.

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Key Steps to Preparing Great Synchronous Interactions

Experiencing eLearning

Demonstrate = Application share/web tour. Like a monitor speaker for music performance. Voice & Language. don’t just focus on technology, think about how your voice works.

Podcasts in eLearning


There is truly something mesmerizing about hearing a human voice, miles away, yet so clearly through the speakers or headphones. Podcasts are truly excellent when music and language are involved, but they may be difficult to produce if the subject is visual.

The 12 Days of Screencasting - On the Twelfth Day.

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Today, professional screencaster and Camtasia trainer, Axel Becker shares his tips with you about voice training in a screencast! You can find Axel on the web at Camtasia Training Blog (in German) and his website fortytwo. We're at the end of our 12 Day of Screencasting series.

How VoiceFirst Technology can be used for Learning and Development


VoiceFirst describes the action of using your voice to complete an activity – first. Voice-enabled devices such as Alexa or Google Home run programmable applications called skills, which allow voice-controlled interactions. An end user then speaks to a voice-enabled device to get a response – avoiding a keyboard. These are available as apps on your device, with which you can communicate with your peers using only your voice. Choice.

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Guest Post: 5 Effective Ways of Maximizing Mobile Tech In Learning Pursuits

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This will will start off with a guest post form Jenni Birch who writes about apps, computer art, music and the latest developments in technology. With the advent of cloud storages , students are given an avenue to keep and to share digital learning resources over the web.

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Essential Tools You Need to Record Audio for eLearning

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Most of the people entering college today, to give you perspective, have never known life without a cellphone or the World Wide Web. Particularly, the voice over narration is a critical part of the instruction. They know how to use their voice for emphasis and to command attention.

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How to Make a YouTube Video: The Definitive Guide

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For a topic focusing on “video tutorial” I would want to focus on editing, video ideas, and background music as a good starting point. He suggests baby steps, “…start with your phone, and then move to a web camera, then move to professional gear.” Add music.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Fleck.Web page annotation

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» May 08, 2007 Fleck.Web page annotation So I tried a Web page annotator called Fleck ( Webware story ). You download an extension for Firefox and then you can add notes to Web pages you visit and other people with the extension can see if the page they are on has any notes they can read.etc. Third Voice, et al) but I will agree with Webware that this is a nicer in that you dont have to register. books futures Web 2.0

The 18 Essential Steps of a Course Design


Does the customer need a CBT (computer based training) or a WBT (web-based training)? Creating a look-and-feel and sound treatment, and produce graphics, animations, sound effects, and music for the partial script. Purchase photographs, voice talent, graphics etc.

How to Make a Screencast in 5 Easy Steps

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You can choose to send your video straight to the web or produce it as a local file (mp4 file) to your computer. Narrate your screencast or add some background music. Make sure you have a good voice-over recording to provide the best instructions.

How to Make a Screencast in 5 Easy Steps

TechSmith Camtasia

You can choose to send your video straight to the web or produce it as a local file (mp4 file) to your computer. Narrate your screencast or add some background music. Make sure you have a good voice-over recording to provide the best instructions.

10 Basic Grammar Components of a Style Guide

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Italics are mostly used to flag part of your text which is different from that surrounding it (such as titles of books, journals, plays, films, musical works, etc.). Voice of the verb. It is imperative that style guides set down how books, articles, web links, etc.,

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iPad for eLearning


iPad was not created for supporting eLearning and (or) mLearning instead it was created as a media device that supports books, magazines, newspapers, games, music, video and web access. As you can understand it has a microphone and speakers that can be used with Skype and Google Voice.

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TechSmith Acquires Knowmia Teach

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Knowmia, Knowmia Teach and Knowmia Teach Pro represent a completely new way to create and assemble interactive video content on both mobile and web-based platforms. Knowmia Teach makes it easy to import your own visual aids, organize them in easy steps and record your voice, or your face, to bring them to life. Put very simply, Knowmia’s web service, called myKnowmia, lets us all channel our inner Martin Scorsese in a way that’s easier and more elegant than we’ve seen anywhere.

Vlogging and learning

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Here ther are with my own annotations included: 1 - It is personal and facilitates the student voice. A number of new literacies need to be learnt, including video camera use, editing (possibly), audio production, presentation skills, reflective communication and posting content to the web.

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5 Golden Rules of Creating Course Content


So you’ve got your fancy new LMS or web training portal up and running. Long gone are the days of monotone voices over boxy screen captures and two hour live recordings of event lectures having the power to hold the attention of the online world at large.

Twitter as Social Learning: Seven Ways to Facilitate the Exchange.

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For those of you that use web-based aggregators like Google Reader but have not yet made room for Tweets, Twitter is an aggregator on steroids. This is a tool you use to react to something you see, hear or do and an opportunity to create a voice.

Podcasting for E-Learning: Critically Analyzing Podcasts

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Those of you who can play (even if it's only a few chords on the guitar) know that you listen to music in a qualitatively different way to those don't play. How is that musical piece orchestrated? Technical Elements : Podcast should take advantage of appropriate Web 2.0

iLust? Changing the game

Clark Quinn

Like him or not, he’s changed the face of our digital lives several times: popularizing the GUI interface with the Macintosh, changing the music market with the iPod, and upending the mobile market with the iPhone. It’s been equipped with a bookstore to complement the iPhone Store (media and apps), will play movies, music, and apps. Without a camera, he notes, it’s only usable for voice or text chatting. I don’t consume a lot of music and movies.

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Start an Online Academy – A Step-by-Step Guide


Let your inner web designer do wonders by following the instructions here. Your school’s notifications are practically “the voice” of your school. And just like your voice, it’s better to talk directly to your potential students and customers.

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100 More Tools for Learning

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WebCull – Collect the web. Otter Voice Meeting Notes. loving | The fastest free web app for easy image modification. Use Voxgun to easily create short videos with animations and any language voice overs. Next generation music production software.

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ET and E-Learning

eLearning 24-7

Why have a virtual classroom that in essence is a web conferencing tool where you “aren’t really there”? Examples include the ability to create music, play the piano, games, paint and much more. Voice Recognition. Voice Recognition. Send voice messages.

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5 Finance Companies doing captioning right

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And when a video has text and music but no voice over, they still indicate the music at the beginning with [Music]. On the web, JP Morgan applies the requirements outlined by WCAG 2.0

Three Ways to Level-Up Your Video Marketing

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Often accompanied by a peppy soundtrack (which, by the way, is SUPER-easy to add in Camtasia), these videos don’t require a voice-over because the visuals speak for themselves. Want to make your new web service or software feature really shine?

Airtable’s Chief Product Officer on Building Products that Amplify Our Creative Potential

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They’re allowing you to do the same things you were doing before with greater ease: Text-based chatbots and voice-based assistants make it easier to check sports scores or the weather report.