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consolidation continues - BlackBoard + WebCT & more.

The Learning Circuits

Now having gone through a "merger" myself (SkillSoft and SmartForce) it sounds like BlackBoard is really acquiring WebCT and it doesn't bode well for WebCT given that there is a tremendous amount of product overlap between the two companies (a similar comparision would be if SkillSoft and NETg, the leading providers in the corporate education space, merged). The Resulting Big Five: (forecasted annual revenue) SkillSoft $200M+ NETg $150M-200M?

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Merger mania in and around eLearning

The Learning Circuits

First, on Monday, WebEx buys intranets.com for $45M in cash ( details ) then today SumTotal buys Pathlore for $29M in cash ( details ) and $19M in stock. All of this comes of the heels of SkillSoft releasing SkillSoft Dialogue , their version of a virtual classroom and NETg buying KnowledgeNet last year for their virtual classroom technology/LMS resulting in their Knowledge Now suite.