TCC09: Evaluating Social Networking Tools for Distance Learning

Experiencing eLearning

Summary: “Debates rage about the appropriateness of using social networking in teaching, with arguments ranging from waste of time and distraction from academic goals to needed to reach net generation student. This paper explores the range of current social networking choices and argues that like any tool, it should carefully evaluated in terms of affordances and course goals. An example of using a social networking tool, Ning, in an online class is reported.&#.

Facebook for e-Learning


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 11/07/2010 Facebook for e-Learning Facebook objective is " to help you connect and share with the people in your life ". At the same time, Facebook is one of the fastest growing social networks that helps people communicate efficiently with their friends, families, coworkers, and classmates. to version 3.6.6


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10 Best Facebook Ads Examples From Successful Course Creators


While running Facebook Ads is not anything new, they have proven to be effective for many online businesses. Considering that Facebook has about 2.8 The best part is that Facebook advertising allows you to promote your business on a super affordable budget or with minimal costs.

L&D Trends, Time Estimates: ID and eLearning Links 3/2/2021

Experiencing eLearning

Because the questions have been updated, these numbers aren’t really directly comparable to past versions of this study. While following folks on social media can be a good way to discover new things and to interact with others, RSS gives you control and customization over what you see.

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Developing a Results Driven Curriculum

XYZ Fire Association is a network of. Through their network, they identified a. need to create multiple versions of. largest brands including DropBox, Facebook, BP and Credit Suisse transform. Developing a. Results-Driven. Curriculum.

Presenting UpsideLMS Version 4.0

Upside Learning

Today we reach a significant milestone as we release UpsideLMS Version 4.0 - a comprehensive, fully-featured learning management system delivered on a robust, scalable and reliable architecture. Here I am sharing a quick overview of what’s new in Version 4.0 and I encourage you to take a tour OR a trial and let me know of your thoughts on the latest version of our product. UpsideLMS Version 4.0 UpsideLMS Version 4.0 Version 4.0

Top 31 Online Tools You Need For Your Facebook Ads Campaigns


There is a successful recipe for tapping social media that can get you more website traffic, brand awareness, and eventually more leads, and customers. It’s called Facebook Ads. Besides it’s no secret Facebook Ads come with a lot of benefits. 1 Facebook Ads Management.

LearnerScript Compatible with Moodle 3.9 Now


version done. version. As the routine part of releasing the new updates, the latest version is the first of the two versions a year. Social network site MoodleNet from where you can search and import content. version.

The LMS and SNS – A Fine Balance

Upside Learning

That the LMS needs to incorporate social learning elements is no longer a point of debate but both a question of survival for the LMS itself and also a test of how the LMS handles the balance of both the elements of training and the ‘networkedness’ of the social learning. We’ve been hearing of experts commenting that LMSs today don’t come with appropriate social media technology built in. The system is geared to offer the human face required for social interactions.

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Creating an e-Learning piranha network!

Challenge to Learn

At the time the book came out I was CEO of Locatienet , an early Dutch version of Google maps. I have created a Linkedin group ( e-Learning piranhas ) so everybody can contribute and can see all other contributions. Last week I was cleaning up my bookcase and I found an old book, called the piranha economy. It is written by three Dutch guys (John Caspers, Guido Hosman and Stefan Verkerk) in 1999.

17 Ideas for How to Market Your Online Course and Scale with Facebook Ads with Liana Ling


In this LMScast episode we’ll discuss 17 ideas for how to market your online course and scale with Facebook ads with Liana Ling, hosted by Chris Badgett from LifterLMS. Cut portions of the podcast into short videos to put on Facebook Reels, Instagram Reels, TikTok, and Pinterest.

How to Grow Your Community and Niche Network through a Virtual Summit with Jan Koch from WP Agency Summit


Learn how to grow your community and niche network through a virtual summit with Jan Koch from WP Agency Summit in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett from LifterLMS. In this episode he breaks down his process for running virtual summits to generate leads and network.

Inspire others - be a Master Storyteller -Study the Profile and Survey

Vignettes Learning

Click here to download the PDF version of the survey. social networking rapid e-learning scenario-based learning rapid e-learning LMS LCMS e-Learning 2.0 How do you inspire others to take action and make a positive change? Stories are powerful as narratives and become a way to communicate persuasively.However, another dimension of stories is how they move people to take actions. This is what Master Storytellers do.

Is Twitter the Semantic Web?

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His post was entitled ' Twitter drives traffic to blogs and social networks ', and in it he claims that Twitter is the semantic web. What we do understand however, is that 'intelligent agents' in software will enable computers to filter out what we don't want and push to us what we do want, based on our previous use of search engines, network transactions, etc. It is only a small step from here to automated versions.

15 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest –10

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In continuation to our weekly roundup of the best links shared on Twitter and Facebook, here is a collection of our top 15 links from the last week, each accompanied by a quick brief. This week we deliver you a dose of the latest in mobile learning, Web design & development, eLearning and Social Media. 100 Ways You Should Be Using Facebook in Your Classroom. The Social Side Of The Internet. Almost every new client these days wants a mobile version of their website.

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Micro-Elements (Things) in Social Learning - From the ASTD International Conference

Vignettes Learning

Top management directed me to see how we can launch Social Networking and Learning to 45,000 of our employees."These Please download the PDF version of the PowerPoint. Inventory and map your environment – on page 27 of the PDF , there are four dimensions of Social and Collaborative Learning; we need to understand where we are and design a strategy. and Social Networking tools. Manage Micro-Networks and Micro-Results.


My professional use of social media and communication tools

Challenge to Learn

I noticed that I use more and more social media tools and different tools to communicate. These streams can be fed by other tools like Twitter, Linkedin and Google reader and I love it. It also has a magazine like interface and the advantage is that you will get information from outside your standard network. ELearninglearning is the one I use most intense, but there are more like ‘ Working smarter Daily ‘ Social media.

So does Linkedin really work?

From the Coleface

I’m often asked the question does Linkedin really help or is it a waste of time? Like most social media it allows us to do things that we do in real life faster, more cheaply, with more reach and more publicly (or with less privacy, if you prefer). Fast forward about ten years and I get introduced to Linkedin. It’s a grown-up business version of the hall photo game. I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent (or wasted) on Linkedin.

The Modern Virtual Classroom Is Global, Mobile, and Social

ATD Learning Technologies

Trends in business and training include globalization, mobility, and social networking. Click here to read full version By establishing a foundation of knowledge and skills in these areas, training professionals can get ahead of the trends and create core practices in their organizations.

#Blimage Challenge! Game On!

Learning Rebels

Now, Larry Straining (USA @Larrystraining ) and I had just been having a Facebook messenger conversation (Okay, so I didn’t get much office cleaning done) about gamification and we were JUST TALKING about Mousetrap, the Game. Which is what we are all here to do…help people grow and be the best versions of themselves. Then, either in the comments below or on the Learning Rebels Facebook page , post a link to your blog so we can share and “show our work”!

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The 10 basic online tools every trainer and online facilitator should know

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

Twitter - microblogging Twitter is good for networking with colleagues, use and follow hashtags like #lrnchat. Diigo - or any other social bookmarker Diigo is very important to keep track off your online sources. LinkedIn - for groups Everyone knows LinkedIn. However, as facilitator, you should also know how LinkedIn groups work and how you can facilitate conversations in groups. Are you already an administrator of one or several LinkedIn groups?

Ning 163

Your social wishlist

Jay Cross

How will you take advantage of your in-house social network? Use networks to create services and share collective intelligence. Your company will install an in-house social network. Wise Chief Learning Officers are thinking about how social networks will augment learning & development. Social business is the flavor of the day in the C-suites of the Fortune 500. The allure of social business is captivating. and learning networks.

Some Tools for Social Learning and How they Help Learning

Kapp Notes

Here is a table with some tools for social learning, short description of the tool, the best use for social learning for the tool and some examples. Older versions are archived. Social Bookmarking. The ability of someone within an Intranet or Internet to mark or tag a blog entry, a link or an article within the network as important or interesting to them. Social Network. Facebook. LinkedIn.

Audience Take-aways From LinkedIn Training

eLearning Cyclops

A quick, very informal evaluation of my Online Professional Networking class. Several weeks back I held my last online professional networking class, which focused on using LinkedIn. And due to the bank acquisition and upcoming lay-offs, it had a very strong focus on using LinkedIn as a tool for employment networking. Perhaps I will be facilitating some version of this class in the future and then evaluate the class in a more formal manner.

Tools I Use

Marcia Conner

Yesterday I participated in two fabulous webinars, each with a different focus, yet both with social learning themes. During each I was asked about some of the tools I use personally to get the most from social media–and ultimately learn as much as I can. I've made bold links to the primary social tools that I use. Buffer – Providing an easy way to share tweets (or status updates to most every social network) by allowing you to choose set times to post each day.

Virtual clans

Learning with 'e's

The latter have made the conceptual leap of seeing the mobile phone as a multi-functional communication tool, and as we have already seen, have developed their own reduced or slang version of common language. Another example is the social networking tribe which boasts many clans, such as the WhatsApp clan, the Instagram clan, the YouTube clan and so on. One particularly interesting comparison can be made between the users of Flickr and Facebook.

Top Open-Source LMS in 2020 to enhance your learning experience


Open Source LMSs can also be converted to social learning platforms. As an example, your learners can chat, blog, connect to social network sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) Moodle is free LMS and can be used for in its vanilla version endlessly.

Change Our Traditional Approach to Education

Kapp Notes

While kids are growing up with cell phones, internet access, virtual worlds and a culture that rewards creating digital networks and online content, the basic instructional paradigm for teaching those students has not adapted to the explosive use of technology among the culture of third millennials. Video game companies now create multi-player versions of their once solitary products.

360Learning LMS vs. EdCast – Which is the right one for your business?


The main purpose of Edcast seems to be to integrate students, teachers, and courses into their social network. Assessment Tool – Assessments are available in both automated and manual versions. Free Version – NO. Free Version – YES. Free Version – NO.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): 100 of the Best Legal Free Full Version Games You Can Download Online (PC Gaming Blog)

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « First Look Viewer for Second Life Has Voice | Main | Who Are the Beavers? » June 24, 2007 100 of the Best Legal Free Full Version Games You Can Download Online (PC Gaming Blog) This is a great list.and the following post is 50 MORE games !

Social First!

Clark Quinn

And as an extreme version of this, let me start by saying we need to start thinking ‘social’ first. When we’re facing a performance problem in the organization, our first resort should be to ask: “would a social solution solve this”? Social solutions basically suggest that we either tap into user-generated solutions, or reach out to people on the fly. Or it just might be tossing it out to our network. design social strategy

Social 157

The “m” in mLearning means More

mLearning Revolution

I also agree with Josh when he says: “The notion that you should create a separate, stripped-down version for ‘the mobile use case’ might be appropriate if such a clean mobile use case existed, but it doesn’t.” ” In the context of mLearning, I also believe that we should not approach designing for mobile with the mentality that we need to create learning experiences that are stripped-down version of their eLearning counterparts on the Desktop.

The Web from 1.0 to 4.0


Although experts do not all agree on the distinction between these different phases of the Web, here are the most common versions, which, without being exhaustive, should help you better understand the evolution of this tool that is now an integral part of our lives.

Web 74

Noughties. but nice

Learning with e's

iPods and Podcasts: The Touch, the Nano, the Shuffle, the Classic, you name it, versions of the iPod popped up and grabbed our attention in the noughties. Social networking sites: Facebook (2006), Myspace (2003), Bebo (2005), LinkedIn (2003) and other sites together have changed the face of social networking for ever. Seriously, social networking has blurred the boundaries between public and private, business and leisure, even good and bad taste.

The Difference Between Games, Game-Based Learning, and Gamification

Infopro Learning

Within a year of being released Farmville had 73 million monthly active users – 20% of Facebook’s 350 million users signed on to play the game on a monthly basis. If you somehow missed the revolution, Farmville was a farming simulation and social network game, developed by Zynga, which could be played on Facebook. The game taught a generation of Facebook users appreciation for the agrarian lifestyle and the virtues of patience and paying for faster crop growth.

Games 254

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Big Basket of Stuff #3.the last for today.and short

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Big Basket of Stuff Main | The World Continues to Get Spikier, not Flatter » March 05, 2008 Big Basket of Stuff #3.the last for today.and short Adobes Kevin Lynch on AIRs Open-Source Road to the Desktop (WIRED):"This week, Adobe released version 1.0 which even amnesiacs can remember games.students get connected and wikis get adopted.

Wiki 32

PowerPoint: Sites for Slide Sharing (Say that 5 Times Fast)

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

" SlideShare does not support animation and gives you the typical sharing options of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus, among a few others. After uploading your presentation, you can edit settings, share on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, download as either a Flash or a PPT file, or convert to a video. The addition of a YouTube-like "like" system gives Speaker Deck a bit of a social side.

Site 143

How to Sell Online Courses from your own website – You Should Know


I was great at networking. Facebook Groups, Forums and Niche Communities. Here’s the interesting part – You get to listen to your potential audience by being a member of Facebook groups, forums like Reddit and online communities like Quora. In other words, Pinlearn generates multiple scaled versions of your original course content videos. Based on bandwidth, Pinlearn streams a scaled version. CDN stands for Content Delivery Network.

Sakai 3 Development Process

Experiencing eLearning

JCT, Open Social (What are these?). Academic Networking. Versioning. Academic Networking. Social networks now are either about content (flickr, delicious) or people (Facebook, LinkedIn). Apparently content networks shun capital letters). Academic networking: friends isn’t enough. Milestone 1: simple project sites & basic networking.

The Difference Between Games, Game-Based Learning, and Gamification

Infopro Learning

Within a year of being released Farmville had 73 million monthly active users – 20% of Facebook’s 350 million users signed on to play the game on a monthly basis. If you somehow missed the revolution, Farmville was a farming simulation and social network game, developed by Zynga, which could be played on Facebook. The game taught a generation of Facebook users appreciation for the agrarian lifestyle and the virtues of patience and paying for faster crop growth.