Time Tracking Template for Instructional Design

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Having everything together in a spreadsheet like this time tracking template also simplifies my invoicing to clients. In addition, I track non-billable time. I want to see how long I spend on administrative tasks like invoicing, as well as networking and working with prospects. I use a Google spreadsheet for my time tracking template. The time tracking template is set up to group data by month for invoicing purposes.

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Time Tracking Template for Instructional Design

Experiencing eLearning

In addition, I track non-billable time. That’s primarily for my own interest; I want to see how long I spend on administrative tasks like invoicing as well as networking and marketing tasks. Quarter and Month are calculated in hidden columns B & C of the Tracking tab.). As an instructional designer, I often need to estimate the time it will take to complete a project. One tool I use for determining my estimates is records of how long past projects have taken.

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Usability and Networks

Clark Quinn

As I mentioned in an earlier post , I have been using Safari and Google to traverse the networks. And similarly, Google’s search has been the best, and with a browser extension and some adjustments, I was getting ads blocked, tracking stopped, and more. And the fact that they’re not tracking me is important. Sure, my ISP still can track me, and so can Apple, but I’ll keep working on those. Network effects are true for people and for data.

10 Training Tracking Tool Options To Boost Team Learning


If you’re in the market for a new learning software provider, a training tracking tool is a must. We’ve broken these out into categories to more easily digest which of these training tracking tools is the best fit. Continu is a training tracking tool that offers a versatile cloud-based interface. Learning Tracks is how administrators create courses, facilitate onboarding flows, quizzes , and more. Track assigned and completed courses.

Developing a Results Driven Curriculum

XYZ Fire Association is a network of. Through their network, they identified a. to be tracked, and how. • measure and track some real data to help. Developing a. Results-Driven. Curriculum. 3C O N T E N T S Contents Introduction PA G E 4 Five Steps to a. Results-Driven.

Social Networking – A Contrarian View

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We all know social networks promote learning; while the mechanisms aren’t documented or well-understood, that it works isn’t in doubt anymore. But we must ask, are the ‘social media/networking systems’ out there promoting this learning? I have seen that early attempts to bring social networking inside companies as a work tool have failed. Has your organization implemented a social networking platform? Social Learning Social Networking

Social networking is king

E-Learning Provocateur

Another principle that resonated with me was, in my own words: Social networking is king. Social networking has been around since the dawn of time. Over 5000 enthusiastic members chat online, comment on the blog, post messages, upload photos, and keep track of their calendar of events.

Partner Problems – 5 Common Challenges Channel Networks Face


Five common complications faced by channel partner network managers, and how to avoid them. The excerpt below reveals five key difficulties faced by channel partner networks. Even though 80% of companies utilize partner channels for some portion of their revenue, 65% of CMOs report feeling overwhelmed in managing these growing networks. The five challenges of channel partner networks. Managing growing networks.

A Network of Experts: From Content Curation to Insight Curation

CLO Magazine

analysis, at least 80 percent of companies acknowledge a critical need to redesign their traditional structure to create a network of experts for better, faster business decisions. For most organizations, creating an effective network of experts who share wisdom and execute business actions as a team requires a shift in organizational structure and culture as well as the adoption of a new type of technology.

Extending your learning network: What you need to know

Rustici Software

Extended learning network—what is that? Simply put, if you have training or learning content that you deliver to multiple audiences across multiple systems, you have an extended network. Examples of this might include: Extended enterprises that have a wide network of partners, distributors and other external users. While this is not an exhaustive list, these are the most commonly asked questions we get from people working in or designing their extended training network.

Lowe’s Introduces Track to the Trades Program

CLO Magazine

Home improvement giant Lowe’s has teamed up with Guild Education , an education network for working adults, to offer its employees a new avenue of development. The Track to the Trades initiative is designed to present career alternatives to Lowe’s employees and ensure they get the support they need to pursue those careers.

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Social Network = Social Class?

Kapp Notes

Is your socio-economic status reflected in your favorite social networking software? Check out the full article Does your social class determine your online social network? Anna Owens says "MySpace has one population, Facebook has another."

Presenting in a networked age

Clark Quinn

Which leads to the new skills: for audiences, to know how you best process presentations and take responsibility for getting the most out of it; for presenters to improve their presentation skills to ensure value to the audience and support richer forms of interaction with the audiences; for moderators to track and summarize audience feedback in various forms; and for organizers to support these new channels.

Extended Learning Networks can be supported by E-Learning – An Effective Case


The LMS was able to track a variety of data and create logical as well as relevant reports that could provide a lot of pertinent information on the effectiveness of the training initiative. All modern organizations strive to create innovative avenues to provide training, which educates, enables and inspires its people. But training initiatives have to often extend beyond the confines of the organization and create an effective, relevant and uniform way of learning.

Value Networks

Jay Cross

Verna sees organizations as value networks. A value network is a web of relationships that generates economic value and other benefits through complex dynamic exchanges between two or more individuals, groups, or organizations. Every living system is a self-renewing network.

Formal learning & social networking

Clark Quinn

is about informal learning, but the organization was moving to using social networking tools to scaffold their move from face-to-face to more online learning. So I was asked to talk about social networking and formal learning. That is, the first reason to use social networking around formal learning is to make it part of the repertoire of the community. I then segued to my second point, which is that social networking tools are better formal learning.

Social InFormal – it’s the network!

Clark Quinn

Further, we can specifically ask for help and pointers, and track others’ information that serve as virtual mentors for us.We are our network. This is a slightly different cut on it than Harold Jarche captures , focusing more on the processes of working than the organizational role, but in both cases, it’s still about the network. It’s about what the network can add to our ability to do. Yesterday, I talked about how social added to formal learning.

When Trainee Tracking Leads to Negative Results

Training Industry

Here, I am reviewing a study conducted by fellow North Carolina State University alumni, on training analytics: The Advantages of Tracking A frequently touted advantage of e-learning is its ability to track trainees’ progress throughout a learning initiative. which reveals a positive relationship between training evaluation and the length of time that training is sustained (effective programs tracked sales coaching activity almost three times as often as ineffective programs).

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Track Your Learning Experiences 100% with xAPI Enabled LMS

CommLab India

Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are confined to recording and tracking learning on digital devices. So how do we track learning at the workplace that has become informal in the form of activities, networking, work assignments, and collaboration outside the classroom? Without registrations and completions, how can you track learning? The Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is used for publishing, launching, and tracking e-learning courses.

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Thinking in networks

Learning with 'e's

Build your network and always think in networks. Social media has simply provided an increasingly powerful range of tools to extend personal learning networks (PLNs) to virtually any part of the world. I am connected, and I am thinking now as Reid Hoffman advised, in networks. It would be a mistake to think of networks simply as connections. If they like my content, they may track back and follow me on Twitter too. Other networks are available.

Presenting Event Video with Portable Network Graphics and JavaScript

Adobe Captivate

Portable Network Graphics (PNGs). My solution involved editing the videos so the first couple of seconds were occupied with a still image with no audio track. The post Presenting Event Video with Portable Network Graphics and JavaScript appeared first on eLearning.

LMS Tracking of Podcasts and Video Casts

Tony Karrer

They currently provide some podcasts and video casts, but would like to track the new content that is being developed now. So, asked my various networks about this and got back few responses. They do want to track this for helping to make sure that the sales force gets through the content. The tracking would only be that they did a portion. Of course, that assumes that they don’t need to track going through the content and that there are assessments.

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Why your Enterprise Social Network is your most valuable social learning platform

Jane Hart

For this reason the new enterprise social platforms (like Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs) that underpin social collaboration are your most valuable social learning platforms. That person also needs to understand what it is “to be social” and to have experienced “social” in other places, for example on the Social Web, in public social networks as well as online communities. This is the article I wrote for the January edition of Inside Learning Technologies magazine.

How to Prepare for CompTIA Network+ Certification


So you’ve decided you want to take your career to the next level by getting Network+ certification. How can you stay motivated and on-track after a long day at the office? What is the best way to prepare for CompTIA Network+ Certification? Smart move - a technical certification demonstrates to your employers that you’re committed to continuing to grow in your field. But how do you stay focused on that commitment?

Reflections on Twitter and social networking

Clark Quinn

I’ve been using Twitter for a number of weeks now, and that, combined with several recent social networking activities prompted this reflection. Many of the people to track are sharing their interesting discoveries.  It’s also a way to track what’s hot and new. There’s lots more for me to learn, of course, but there are powerful reasons to blog about it along the way as well.

Learning Management System Basics (LMS)

Your Training Edge

First, the management system consists of the tracking and reporting of the organization and individual learning activities. The tracking feature of most LMS systems is worthwhile in itself. First, automated tracking and delivery creates efficiency, cost savings, and better reporting.

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Day 4. How SCORM tracks course content


We’re now ready to discuss the magic of the SCORM API – how it enables learners to launch or resume a course and how SCORM tracks progress and results. RTE covers the point from which a course is launched and determines how information, including scores, answers or bookmarks, are tracked back to an LMS. A SCORM will first attempt to find the API provided by an LMS in order to track data. That way, the LMS can track total time across multiple launches if necessary.


Improve the impact of your Learning Management System for your Franchise Network


Improve the impact of your Learning Management System for your Franchise Network Your Learning Management System (LMS) can be a powerful learning center, whether for product knowledge, sales development, operations, compliance and as a part of your blended training. You can create a group of courses (track) that your franchisees will have to complete in your LMS before scheduling their in-house training.

Theeducators.com offer fast track Moodle course

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A good one for elearning startups is Moodle, a hugely popular open-source LMS created by educator Martin Dougiamas in 2003 and constantly developed and refined by a global network of software engineers and educators. Theeducators.com’s Teaching Online with Moodle is a fast-track training offer for those who want to get their course online. One of the outstanding small business opportunities of our times is selling courses online, and one of the best systems to do it on is Moodle.

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Find out if social learning chemistry works for you!

Origin Learning

What if the social learning platform can track, measure, and even predict a learner’s behavior? Enable social communication to create a stronger network and common understanding across the many global locations through a single platform. With the increasing penetration of smart technologies, how do you make the transfer of knowledge seamless, smooth, and simple ? How to provide just-in-time learning modules customized to the needs of an organization?



Hema is the chairwoman for the CII-Indian Women Network in Chennai, and as part of her role she is focused on developing leadership talent among women, mentoring initiatives, gender parity diagnostics & facilitation in corporations and POSH activities.

Networked noughties 2003-2005

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The launch of one of the first social networking services Friends Reunited in 2000 paved the ways for a welter of new social networking tools which would revolutionise the way people connected, communicated and shared. 2003-2005 were three eventful years for the networked nation.

Learning Management System Basics (LMS)

Your Training Edge

First, the management system consists of the tracking and reporting of the organization and individual learning activities. The tracking feature of most LMS systems is worthwhile in itself. Individuals, their managers, and organizational management can track who has completed what courses for advancement, certifications, compliance, and even human resources concerns. First, automated tracking and delivery creates efficiency, cost savings, and better reporting.

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Online social networks, learning and viral expansion loops

Sticky Learning

So, whilst I may be a little late, I keep being reminded that there are many, many people who are a whole lot less aware of blogs, social networks, wikis, microblogging and so on than I am. It's just about Christmas time and now is the time of end of year catch ups and Christmas parties.

The dawn of a new generation

E-Learning Provocateur

Beyond enterprise social networks – which are hardly universal and face substantial challenges of their own – UGC in the broader sense is beset by concerns about content quality, accountability, organisational culture, job security and power dynamics. Kit, the Learning Consultant insisted the videos should be loaded on the LMS so that the time spent and results could be tracked. The real tracking now should be done with the business scorecard.

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Blogs, Community and Discussion Tracking - What's Really Needed

Tony Karrer

Having the comment threads in Google Reader with everything else makes it much easier for me to keep track of. The original post often points to some of the posts via trackbacks, but if you want to track this kind of network discussion so that you can see what's being written by different people via blog posts and comments, there's really no way. Consider if you wanted to track the Five Things Meme as it worked it's way through the blogosphere.

Troubling Trends in Organizational Networks

Jay Cross

For all the talk about networks and knowledge sharing, it appears many organizations aren’t practicing it. The respondents said they are zooming into the future on a track leading nowhere. They are not tending their networks. Business Intelligence, CLO magazine, December 2008. How is your enterprise approaching these concepts? In the middle of 2008, a notice appeared on the Informal Learning blog (informl.com) requesting participation in a survey of informal and Web 2.0