CCPA: Are You Ready for California’s New Privacy Law?

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The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) marks a new chapter in the global privacy and compliance conversation. Disclose the consumer’s right to delete personal information, either on its website or in its online privacy policies. Distinguishing Privacy Laws.

Facebook: why data privacy matters

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Information security has been in the news recently due to Facebook’s massive breach. The options for data privacy are growing along with our data. Written by Jim Bachert, Director Compliance Learning – West Coast US, Interactive Services. For more information contact Becky Murphy ( ), Client Engagement Manager, Interactive Services.


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This Week on #TalkTech: Going All Digital, Privacy Issues, and Automatic Content Recognition

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Google admits it is tied to the physical world when it comes to its Google Wallet service. No matter how much Google wants us to do everything online (using their services, no doubt), they are being pulled back into the physical world. Will technology make privacy a thing of the past? He suggests that “privacy may actually be an anomaly.” Well the concept isn’t new, but the expectations are—the idea that privacy is a right. BLP News talktech

A Learning Guide to Data Privacy in the Workplace  

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While you may not think about it often, data privacy can play a bigger role in your day to day life than you realize. Data privacy is mainly about getting a say in who or what gets to view your personal information which can include your telephone number, email address, or other personal tidbits. This privacy should extend to who sees the information, who sells the information, and what they can do with it. Creating a Culture of Data Privacy. Latest News

Data privacy, GDPR and how Arlo can help

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These are agreements that extend our existing Terms of Service that formally set out the nature and purposes of relationship between you (as a Controller) and Arlo (as a Processor), the types of personal data you want Arlo to process, the duration we can store it for, any particular special categories of data, and the obligations and rights of both parties. The post Data privacy, GDPR and how Arlo can help appeared first on Arlo Blog. Business news Highlights Latest

Beyond Expensive Lawyer Fees and Cheesy Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions Generators with Donata and Hans from Termageddon


How you can go beyond expensive lawyer fees and cheesy privacy policy and terms and conditions generators with Donata and Hans from Termageddon. The terms and privacy policy will also update automatically when new laws that affect your setup are put into place.

Cybersecurity Training: How to Avoid Becoming a Statistic

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In this article, we take a look at the latest numbers on data privacy and security- and offer compliance teams helpful tips on how to avoid becoming a cybercrime statistic. state data privacy and security regulations. Attacks on Cloud Services Have Increased by 630%.

Managing the Risks of Social Media in the Workplace

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Security & Privacy Issues. What’s more, data privacy issues can arise when an employee shares or posts information about a colleague, client, or vendor without their permission, even if it’s unintentional. LinkedIn) as part of bolstering company and employee privacy.

Cybersecurity and COVID-19: Preventing Organizational Risks with an At-Home Workforce

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This recipe for increased vulnerability puts a tremendous strain on organizations, and is the primary reason why businesses have made data privacy training and cybersecurity training a bigger part of recent compliance training initiatives.

Why Is FERPA Compliance Training Important?


Protecting our privacy is becoming more difficult every day. It is a federal law that stands for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. It came on the heels of the Watergate scandal and invasion of privacy issues. Learning disabilities and special services received. This is used to provide services, teaching materials, meals and transportation. Once a privacy policy is in place, don’t assume your staff understands what it means and how to apply it.

What Geenio does to comply with GDPR


The regulation aims to provide EU data subjects with more control over their data and restructure existing privacy and security laws into one comprehensive law. Here at Geenio we respect your privacy and never misuse the contact information you provide us to get our services, support or product-related news. elearning privacy lms saas gdprStarting from May 25th, 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect.

GDPR: A Look At Fines (And Near Misses) Since The New EU Regulations Took Effect

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GDPR has now been in effect for over a year, and since then, regulators enforcing its regulations for data portability, security, and privacy have begun flexing their muscles – and handing out whopper fines left and right. La Liga, was fined more than $280,000 for a “spy mode” was discovered in its official mobile app, and it was found to be violating its user’s privacy. Data Privacy Compliance Training General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Latest News

Rudd v Bridle – Subject Access Requests

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If a Data Controller is not fully trained in compliance with the GDPR regulations in this sector, he or she is very likely to make a mistake, and either refuse to divulge information to which the claimant is entitled, or to hand over too much, and in doing so breach the privacy of a third party. The post Rudd v Bridle – Subject Access Requests appeared first on Compliance Training - Interactive Services. Latest News

2012 LUC Exhibitor Showcase: LinguaLinx Translation Services


Content Creation Services. Custom Development Services. Monthly eLearning News. -->. 2012 LUC Exhibitor Showcase: LinguaLinx Translation Services. With comprehensive translation services in more than 100 languages, they pay close attention to all details of your content to make sure that your online training maintains quality, accuracy and cultural appropriateness. Lectora eLearning News. Industry News. Privacy Policy | Terms of Service

eLearning Brothers Provides Customizable eLearning Courses for Bridge

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HIPAA—Privacy and Security Basics: This course provides a high-level overview of HIPAA regulations and provides specific best practices for complying with the law and protecting the personal health information you are working with. Customer Service Success: In this course, we’ll look at ways you can improve your customer service, whether you work with internal or external customers. Company Custom Solutions eLearning News Products/Services

GDPR: A Year Later, Are You Taking It Seriously?

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51% of examined websites did not have a clearly-disclosed privacy policy. According to ImmuniWeb, the source for the study, their privacy policies were either hidden or hard-to-find, which is a clear violation of GDPR regulations and could lead to a warning or a penalty. If you have not trained your employees on GDPR or taken the time to make your website or your company’s data collection services compliant with these regulations, now is the best time to start. Latest News

How Docebo LMS is Compliant With GDPR


While there’s a ton of info available about GDPR itself, it’s important as an LMS user to know how your learning activities could be impacted by this unprecedented data privacy regulation. Ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability, and resilience of processing systems and services. That right must be clearly presented the first time a user is asked for their personal information and outlined in your privacy notice. EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield.

Docebo 100

Paradiso LMS is now LMS GDPR Compliant


The law has the purpose to set the parameters in order to guarantee the safety of users data and increase the rights of personal privacy in all electronic matters. We use a variety of services like EBS, S3, and EFS. Every service is used depending on every specific case. Also, all the client’s data is stored in secure and encrypted storage services. Corporate Education Paradiso NewsAbout the LMS GDPR regulation.

Google GDPR Fine

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In two separate complaints , pressure groups, None of Your Business (NOYB) and La Quadrature du Net (LQDN), argued that Google was collecting personal data from the users of its services for purposes such as personalized advertising, purportedly “enforcing consent,” given the lack of an alternative, aside from not using the services, and failing to be transparent about the use of personal information. Latest News

Transforming Company Culture: Instilling the Ethical Mindset that Stops Bad Behavior

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Our whole belief is that if you get the culture right, most of the other stuff like delivering great customer service or building a long-term enduring brand will just happen naturally on its own.”. Cybersecurity and data privacy.

Foresight is 2020: Looking Ahead to 2020’s Compliance Training Trends

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Moreover, with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in effect as of the new year, businesses can expect to see more and more pressure to be transparent in how they collect and use consumer data. It’s a new year and a new decade full of potential for growth and opportunity.

The Power of Gamification

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Gamification is the process of adding gameplay mechanics or features to a non-game setting to drive engagement, strengthen decision-making, and build loyalty with a brand, product, or service. The post The Power of Gamification appeared first on Compliance Training - Interactive Services.

Cut the Line on Phishing Scams

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Talk to the Interactive Services team to find out if our Data Privacy Compliance Training Program can help protect the health of your business. The post Cut the Line on Phishing Scams appeared first on Compliance Training - Interactive Services.

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iWriter - Article Writing Service - Buy Articles iWriter is the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to have content written for your website. Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates from Write_On. We respect your privacy 2017 Write_On Sponsors. Email Address. Sign Up.

EthosCE Achieves SOC Type 2 Compliance


A SOC Type 2 report is based on the Trust Services Criteria , which provide the structure for testing and reporting on the operating effectiveness of a service organization’s controls. The SOC Type 2 report focuses on a business’s non-financial reporting controls as they relate to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of a system. News & Updates

5 Tips for Resilience in the Time of Coronavirus – a Focus on Compliance and Ethical Leadership

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The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has shown us daily examples of courage and leadership in the medical, emergency services and biotech fields, as well as many others. The stock market is on a hair-trigger in reacting to the news wave.

Digital platforms have global impact on competition policy

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Regulators are now grappling with the need to take a flexible approach to issues surrounding market power, data control and heightened privacy concerns. This department will work closely with the existing Department of Justice Technology and Financial Services Section to investigate potential anti-competitive behavior. Mergers of app services. Digital platforms have global impact on competition policy.

Intellectual Property Protection for Online Courses & Training [Unique Anti-Piracy Features]


Sharing can be positive – Seeing the positive side of this, everyone who shares, even a pirated copy of your work is doing you a service. Talking with thousand of course creators using our platform, we have done multiple updates of our platform over the last few years adding on the security and privacy features. Privacy, Policies, Terms, and GDPR.

Top 25 Training Topics for Small Business Employees

CEO Rupesh Patel shares 5 good customer service habits here. People can be frustrating sometimes, and it takes a lot of skill to handle them gracefully, but if your team can do it, you’ll build a reputation for amazing customer service. Be mindful of their privacy settings. Business offerings and services. Here’s the good news. Learning Culture News employee learning employee training sales training soft skills

Using Explainer Videos On Your Company Website


Or, a video that briefly explains how your products and services will benefit consumers is also an excellent choice for the home-page. Product-page / Service-page. Before consumers buy your product or make use of your service they subconsciously (and sometimes quite deliberately!)

Instilled’s parent company, Learning Technologies Group, to acquire Blackboard’s Open LMS for $31.7 million


LTG remains committed to student data privacy as it does with its other learning-related products and services. News & Updates

4 Reasons a Compliance Manager Changes Their Compliance Training Program

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Managing big data in today’s transparency-driven regulatory environment is a considerable technological challenge, and ever-expanding monitoring and disclosure requirements are raising privacy concerns among personnel and clients of regulated firms. Compliance officers are seeking out e-learning companies at the cutting edge of educational technology in order to provide the best possible compliance training services. Blended Learning Custom Elearning eLearning Latest News

How Do Your Employees Behave When No One Is Looking?

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At Interactive Services, we help our clients establish this culture of compliance. Data Privacy. appeared first on Compliance Training - Interactive Services. Corporate Training Ethics Latest NewsIn March and April of 2019, dozens of CEOs, entrepreneurs, medical and legal professionals, investors, college and university personnel, and Hollywood actors dominated the headlines for their participation in the college admissions scandal dubbed “ Varsity Blues.”

Here’s What No One Tells You about Multi-tenant LMS


A multi tenant LMS is SaaS (software as a service) architecture that capable of serving multiple customer/clients, by login into a single instance of the LMS. Privacy between LMS tenants. Corporate Paradiso News corporate elearning elearning ell multi tenancy Multi Tenant multi-tenant lms multiple tenants‘Extended enterprise’, ‘multi-tenancy’, ‘ multi-tenant LMS ’… These words are no overblown vocabulary, but simply equivalent of one another.

GDPR: Docebo is ready – are you?


In an effort to harmonize its data privacy laws, the European Union (EU), after lengthy negotiations, in April 2016 finally adopted the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”, EU regulation 2016/679), which will come into force on May 25, 2018. It builds on the 1995 Directive’s requirements for data privacy and security, but includes a number of new provisions that bolster the rights of data subjects (users/citizens) and makes penalties for violations more severe.

What You Need to Know: GDPR & xAPI


Find out more as we explain everything you need to know about this important set of privacy regulations. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of regulations designed to accomplish two primary objectives: ensure the privacy and security of European Union (EU) residents and their personal data (any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person), and. What about xAPI and data privacy? The Privacy Shield framework was designed by the U.S.

xapi 48

Thank You for Sharing: The Next Generation of Extended Enterprise Learning


A global professional services firm is launching multiple organizations (aka “tenants”) within Degreed, that can use separate branding, settings, and permissions for each. With Degreed you can: Manage organizations : If you have distinct populations of users that need to be separate from other users for privacy, security or administrative purposes, you can create and manage multiple organizations within Degreed from this tool. Degreed News Product Insider

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