Security Best Practices for Your LMS

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You may have seen news stories about high profile cyberattacks on companies and government organizations. If you’re the administrator of a Learning Management System (LMS), and you haven’t thought much about security, now is an excellent time to start!

Do IT Right The First Time (3 Application Security Tips)

KMI Learning

We hate to be the bringers of bad news. Creating, developing and building a secure application doesn’t give us much room for error. Companies that can afford to often solve the problem of application security by throwing money at it.


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Learning Pool secure G-Cloud 11 certification

Learning Pool

Learning Pool secure G-Cloud 11 certification We’re delighted to announce that Learning Pool has secured certification for the new G-Cloud 11 framework to deliver our market leading e-learning cloud software to public sector organisations throughout the UK. The post Learning Pool secure G-Cloud 11 certification appeared first on Learning Pool | e-learning content and learning management systems.

Cyber Security Sales Training: The Future of the Industry


Sales teams need to know their service offerings, just like the individuals, groups, or organizations that create these offerings. Sales teams must take an extra step to explain these products and services to clients who do not share their in-depth knowledge.

Learning Pool step forward as inaugural corporate sponsor for addiction recovery service

Learning Pool

Already, Learning Pool has been instrumental in developing and maintaining The ARC Academy ; an online addiction recovery learning platform offered as part of ARC’s service. The online academy has been instrumental in allowing ARC to deliver its services during the current COVID-19 situation.

Meeting Financial Services Goals With a Zero-Based Budget


Many companies, especially financial services firms, use zero-based budgeting to plan for the upcoming year. You must provide a rationale—and secure approval—for every activity in your budget. The good news is that many of the numbers you need already exist in your data.

LearnerVerified Brings Security to the Virtual Classroom by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

LearnerVerified is launching its new line of learner identification and monitoring services. Measurement Professional Development Training Strategies Virtual Classrooms

2020 Awards Recap: Allego Recognized for Innovation, Excellence, and Service


For the second straight year, Allego received a 2020 Technology Innovation Award from the Bank Insurance and Securities Association (BISA) for our commitment to advancements in technology-based solutions for the financial service industry. Excellence in Customer Service.

Visionary Integration Professionals Secures Morgan Stanley Investment


VIP is an industry-leading technology firm providing tech-enabled business solutions, IT managed services, and management consulting serving both government and commercial customers nationwide. Morgan Stanley Credit Partners, as part of Morgan Stanley Investment Management, invests in corporate debt securities and related instruments issued by middle market companies. Press Release Meridian News

Taco Mac Secures Fifty Spots in NRAEF Apprenticeship Program


As one of two restaurants in Georgia to participate in the program, Taco Mac is a pioneer for the restaurant industry, having secured 20% of the available restaurant apprenticeship spots and $50,000 in grants for the inaugural year. Several of the competencies include: Front of House Knowledge, Service Culture, Product Quality and Cost Control, Branding and Marketing, Food Safety and Sanitation, and Maintaining a Lawful, Safe, and Healthy Workplace. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.

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Bank of England Urges Security Hike

Unicorn Training

Just last week we brought you news of a second high-profile cyber-attack on a major UK bank. What we’re seeing is the very clear need for businesses to realise the potential cost of not only software security, but also cyber awareness among staff”, says Unicorn Training’s own Alex Prodromou.

Cyber Security: ‘A Tale of Two Banks’

Unicorn Training

As banks roll out more digital services, and as more customers use technology to handle their money, cyber criminals have a greater number of entry points through which to access systems and customer data.”What On January 11th, Lloyds was hit by what is commonly known as a ‘denial of service’ attack, where hackers hijacked several of the bank’s servers and flooded their website with large amounts of traffic designed to cripple online services.

Firewalls and Security in Software as a Service

Tony Karrer

Tools - A Summary - was general consensus around: Software as a Service is Great for Learning Professionals inside Corporations Firewall restrictions still pose a problem for SOME services Security is a concern, but generally should not stop use The reason that Software as a Service is so attractive is that it is often hard to get Corporate IT to spend time on getting even simple software packages set-up and even harder to get them to agree to support these packages.

How Risk Management Affects Learning Innovation in Financial Services


When we trust our financial information to a financial institution, we want to know that it’s secure. Corporate Learning Trends D2L NewsAt the same time, we also want easy … Continued.

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October News and Notes

AXIOM Learning Solutions

Or, if you’re prepping for 2019 budgets and yearly plans, take a look at the 2 newest pages on our website: Custom Learning Solutions More Services. On our More Services page, you’ll get a great sense of the services and solutions we can provide with our partner network. It’s also a pre-conference session, so you will need to register now to secure your seat! Watching the leaves fall (and trying not to think about raking!)

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Security Matters – Keeping Your Data Safe In A Post GDPR World

HT2 Labs

The upcoming implementation of GDPR legislation in Europe puts additional pressure on internet data processors and controllers to ensure that the systems they use are secure by design. In the context of this we thought it would be good to outline a very simple step you can take today to increase your online security. It uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to achieve this. Chrome displays security information on HTTPS sites. Don’t delay – secure today.

Professional Examination Service Introduces Digital Micro-Credentials by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

ProExam Digital Micro-Credential Solution adds assessment, secure verification to “badges.”. Blended Learning Emerging Topics Management Measurement Professional Development

A small investment in IT security training could save you millions


Barely a week goes by without news of a major cyber breach. Impacted companies are often unprepared, leaving them scrambling to secure data, communicate with customers, and repair damaged reputations. Ransomware attacks are the current tool of choice among cyber criminals, reaching number one on the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report's list of most serious cyber security threats. Also, you need to stay consistent on delivering this type of security training.

Mobile App Trends for 2018

Origin Learning

Blockchain offers a high level of security and is designed to keep information decentralized to prevent easy hacking. Apps that let users trade bitcoins with ease and in a secure environment will also gain popularity. There was an interesting news-item last year that mentioned that Facebook shut down an artificial intelligence engine system. Apple has its own secure digital payment system, Samsung is promoting its Samsung Pay service with extensive advertising.

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Cybersecurity Training: How to Avoid Becoming a Statistic

Interactive Services

This might come as no surprise to people who follow the latest security trends, but to those who don’t, it’s a signal that cybercrime is a pressing concern and isn’t going away any time soon. state data privacy and security regulations. Attacks on Cloud Services Have Increased by 630%.

The SEC just mandated human capital disclosure: What does this mean for you?

CLO Magazine

Securities and Exchange Commission mandated human capital disclosure by all companies selling securities in the United States. The SEC was founded in 1934 during the depths of the Great Depression to bring order to largely unregulated securities markets controlled by each state.

Cybersecurity and COVID-19: Preventing Organizational Risks with an At-Home Workforce

Interactive Services

In the wake of COVID-19, more people are working from home, and companies are scrambling to create and strengthen security protocols in a short and unexpected timeframe. Here cybercriminals use stolen passwords to access secure business data by simply logging in as real users.

7 Reasons Why WordPress Websites Get Hacked (and How to Prevent It)

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

You do not want to wake up to the news of your website been hacked, find out that it is sending phishing emails or worse still, get suspended for hosting and spreading malware. Security updates for WordPress are configured to happen automatically. This is a guest post by Ravi Bhatt.

Managing the Risks of Social Media in the Workplace

Interactive Services

Security & Privacy Issues. Despite the efforts of social media platforms to beef up their security, criminals still seem to find a way around it, making social media one of the easier targets for hacking, phishing, and other malicious online attacks.

If Wikis Work for National Security, They Can Work For the Rest of.

Dashe & Thomson

Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS If Wikis Work for National Security, They Can Work For the Rest of Us by Jon on December 13, 2010 in Wikis , social learning Although most people don’t view US intelligence agencies as great examples of organizational effectiveness, I came across some encouraging evidence recently in the way some have begun to share information.

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If Wikis Work for National Security, They Can Work For the Rest of Us

Dashe & Thomson

Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS If Wikis Work for National Security, They Can Work For the Rest of Us by Jon on December 13, 2010 in Wikis , social learning Although most people don’t view US intelligence agencies as great examples of organizational effectiveness, I came across some encouraging evidence recently in the way some have begun to share information.

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Cut the Line on Phishing Scams

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In general, companies will not ask you for information like your Social Security number, account number, or password over email or text. There’s no time more critical than now to train your teams on data security, with a special focus on scams like phishing.

Game On: Training Employees To Battle Cyberattacks

The Game Agency

Information security company Shred-it found that 47% of business leaders blame human error and negligence for their security breaches. Recently, Intuit set out to teach 3,000 employees its latest set of security protocols. The game allows each player to learn about Amazon Web Services (AWS) security protocols. Cybersecurity is still one of the biggest challenges companies face today and one of the top priorities for CEOs in 2019.

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Payment from your account.

Vignettes Learning

I have to share bad news with you. Do not try to contact police and other security services. Greetings! Approximately few months ago I have gained access to your devices, which you use for internet browsing. After that, I have started tracking your internet activities.

Listen: Discover Financial Services’ Jon Kaplan on tuition assistance programs and the importance of building trust among your learning team

CLO Magazine

He worked his way up from aspiring academic to public school teacher to corporate instructional designer and eventually into the top learning job at Discover Financial Services, a Chicago-area firm with 17,000 employees. Jon Kaplan was, until May of this year, vice president of training and development for Discover Financial Services. They’re a large financial services provider headquartered outside of Chicago. It’s in the news all along.

eLearning Brothers Provides Customizable eLearning Courses for Bridge

eLearning Brothers

HIPAA—Privacy and Security Basics: This course provides a high-level overview of HIPAA regulations and provides specific best practices for complying with the law and protecting the personal health information you are working with. Customer Service Success: In this course, we’ll look at ways you can improve your customer service, whether you work with internal or external customers. Company Custom Solutions eLearning News Products/Services

What’s in a Name? Exciting News from the CourseMill Team


It integrates seamlessly with CourseMill LMS, is secure and works with iOS and Android. Don’t worry; you’ll still get the same great service and support. For more product news, e-Learning tips and goodies, subscribe to the Lectora e-Learning Blog. Exciting News from the CourseMill Team appeared first on With the release of CourseMill® LMS Version 7, we decided it was time for another update as well.

News: FSTP and Unicorn Deal Raises Compliance Training Bar

Unicorn Training

Leading financial services consulting and training specialists, FSTP, has joined forces with online learning and performance developers, Unicorn Training, to introduce an enhanced sector-specific compliance learning solution that includes integrated T&C guidance and CPD management. As two of the UK’s most prominent financial services training providers the new strategic partnership brings a more targeted, streamlined approach to compliance for FCA regulated firms.

News: New Sator Partnership Brings Compliance Boost To Jersey

Unicorn Training

Unicorn has joined forces with respected Jersey-based Sator Regulatory Consulting to enhance Sator’s commitment to providing first class financial industry compliance and regulatory services at global to local level. The new partnership between financial services online learning specialists Unicorn and Sator now offers a managed service for compliance training through Unicorn’s award-winning ComplianceServe learning and performance platform.

We are proud to announce ISO-27001 certification

Rustici Software

At Rustici Software, we have always considered security important. About eighteen months ago, we began working towards ISO-27001 certification in earnest as a way to confirm our security efforts. Achieving certification in no way means we have a perfect ISMS or that we are 100% secure.

Why Is FERPA Compliance Training Important?


For you, as a student, parent, or staff member, FERPA exists to give you guidelines to know what your rights are and how to keep sensitive information safe and secure. Consequently, FERPA compliance training is more important than ever to ensure institutional safety and information security. Social Security Number. Learning disabilities and special services received. This is used to provide services, teaching materials, meals and transportation.

NEWS: AXELOS And Unicorn Partner In New Cyber Awareness Learning Launch

Unicorn Training

Upwards of 90% of successful security breaches are regularly being attributed to human error, regardless of a person’s role or responsibility. SkillsServe is the World’s top ranked LMS for financial services and fourth overall in the learning industry-renowned 2016 Top 50 Global LMSs Report.