TOPYX Topics – Social Learning Newsletter – September 2016


Below are highlights featured in our September 2016 newsletter. Corporate leaders would do well to remember this when designing employee training programs. The post TOPYX Topics – Social Learning Newsletter – September 2016 appeared first on TOPYX. Newsletters

TOPYX Topics – Social Learning Newsletter – May 2016


overview of the referral partner program and commission schedule. We are dedicated to providing you with relevant articles and newsletters covering the evolving eLearning, learning management, and social learning landscape so you have the information you need to stay current.

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TOPYX Topics – Social Learning Newsletter – April 2016


The ability to easily integrate data between TOPYX LMS with the world’s leading CRM (customer relationship management) software, Salesforce, will allow many clients to enhance the efficiency and control over their learning programs,” states Alfred R. Newsletters

TOPYX Topics – Social Learning Newsletter – September 2016


Below are highlights featured in our September 2016 newsletter. Corporate leaders would do well to remember this when designing employee training programs. The post TOPYX Topics – Social Learning Newsletter – September 2016 appeared first on TOPYX. Newsletters

TOPYX Topics – Social Learning Newsletter – February 2016


Having the necessary content for your learning and development program the seamlessly integrates into you learning platform can make your investment in the future of your organization more likely to succeed. Enjoy this edition of the TOPYX Topics Newsletter. Newsletters

TOPYX Topics – Social Learning Newsletter – July 2016


GrowFL was created in 2009 by the Florida legislature as an economic development program to assist second-stage growth companies prosper in the state of Florida. “We Enjoy this edition of the TOPYX Topics Newsletter. NewslettersGrowFL Company to Watch.

9 Planning Steps for Your Virtual Learning Program

Learning Rebels

First posted on Linkedin) As the need for widespread social distancing increases, the need to move from traditional training to a virtual learning program is becoming more the norm. Below are 9 planning steps to take before running your next virtual learning program.

7-Steps to Creating an Effective E-learning Program Part 4: Implementation

Your Training Edge

And a new e-learning program is certainly going to require a new mindset. Do you want to use the organization’s brand and continue it into the program? This group must be ready to get behind the online learning program and sing its praises at every opportunity.

Did-you-Know Raptivity?


There are many fascinating facts, stories, theories, tricks and tips of certain people, things or processes. Do we all know about it? Most of us may not. After all we are humans and not overtly smart enough to retain all [.].

Microlearning—Is it a Good Fit for Your Training Program?

The Learning Dispatch

Microlearning: Is it a Good Fit for Your Training Program? Odds are pretty good that you do, especially if you have a traditional elearning training program in place. Is microlearning a good fit for your training program?

Grovo 52

A Complete Guide On How To Sell Fitness Programs Online


Moreover, the importance of taking your fitness programs online has increased during the current COVID-19 pandemic where almost all businesses have come to a halt. However, successfully selling your fitness programs online requires more than just certification and qualification- it calls for a well-planned business strategy and preparation. Use your online fitness programs to help your clients create a healthy lifestyle while making along the way with your expertise.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Kineos August Rapid e-Learning Newsletter

Learning Visions

Thursday, August 23, 2007 Kineos August Rapid e-Learning Newsletter If youve been following my blog for awhile, then you already know how I feel about the folks at Kineo. This months newsletter is no exception. and subscribe at the Kineo Newsletter page.

5 Amazingly Effective Strategies to Convert Your ILT Program to High-impact Virtual Training

EI Design

Using Blended Training in Your Employee Onboarding Program to Promote Organizational Culture. 5 Amazingly Effective Strategies to Convert Your ILT Program to High-impact Virtual Training.

How to Build and Execute an Effective Coaching Program


Adding coaching into your current training and development program can have many benefits. How to build an effective coaching program. Let’s dive into why coaching is such a powerful accompaniment to training and how to build and execute an effective coaching program.

7 Steps for Successful Employee Training Programs

Global eTraining

During this time, we have developed seven key steps that every successful employee training program will follow. Determining KPI’s measure the success of the program. Scheduling periodic meetings to review the results of the program and identify areas of improvement.

Top Elements of the Best Employee Training Programs

WalkMe Training Station

Employee training programs are essential to the success of your business. The right programs will help your employees get started with the right skills and the right vision. The wrong programs will undermine morale, teach bad habits, and waste time and money. You need to think carefully when choosing or selecting the training program for your employees, whether it is a training program for new employees or an ongoing training program for established employees.

3 Secrets to Training Program Success


The training should be communicated in weekly emails, newsletters, and other methods so that by the time the event arrives, the audience is well aware of the topic at hand, the benefits, and what to expect.

RECP and Digitec Partner to Offer Online Certification Program

Association eLearning

The Real Estate Certification Program (RECP), Indiana’s oldest and largest real estate school, has partnered with Digitec to create and offer a new online course. During her time as Director of Marketing at Digitec, Amy has authored numerous white papers, case studies and newsletters.

Designing Elearning without Audio

The Learning Dispatch

Yet audio can be difficult, for both the learner and the training program. When developing a course, course designers (and training program managers) need to address additional concerns. This commentary originally appeared in our June 2018 Learning Dispatch newsletter.

Audio 61

7 Simple Steps to Implement your New Training Program


People from the e-learning fraternity often ask me– “Sach, we know we need solid training programs, but how do we get started?” ” Here is my answer — 7 Simple Steps to Implement your New Training Program.

Be Alert for Unexpected Risk Points on the Training Development Journey

The Learning Dispatch

Our instructional designers work with subject matter experts to develop storyboards; those storyboards are then handed off to course developers, who program the courses. General Learning Dispatch Newsletter Commentary

Let us feature your training program

Latitude Learning

Be among the 100 other training organizations to be featured in our upcoming newsletter. We are currently filling out our editorial calendar for 2019. Share your training success story

The Year in Learning: 2019 Edition

The Learning Dispatch

If you missed (or would like to revisit) stories from his Learning Dispatch newsletters in 2019, here’s a chance to review. The stories are grouped in several categories: Accessibility Instructional Design Learning Experience Evaluation Inspiration Professionalism Program Design Visual Design.

3 Big Takeaways from Last Year’s Learning Development Projects

The Learning Dispatch

But it turns out that the new storyboard format didn’t contain everything that the developers needed to have to program the courses (Microassist splits course design into designer and developer roles ). Course Development Learning Dispatch Newsletter Commentary TWIL

How Course Creators Can Improve Their Affiliate Marketing Programs with Dustin Howes


Learn about how course creators can improve their affiliate marketing programs with Dustin Howes in this episode of LMScast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Developing an affiliate program is a topic that comes up a lot in the LifterLMS and course creation space.

Effective Elearning and the Template Dilemma

The Learning Dispatch

They want to explore better ways to create more delightful experiences, and more effective ways of programming content. Yesterday, the only way to include closed captions might have been to hand-program them to appear on the screen. Instructional Design L&D Fundamentals LD Commentary Learning Dispatch Newsletter Training EffectivenessDo you use templates when building elearning? I’m a big fan of templates (as I am of other methods of standardization ).

Does Your Elearning Team *Always* Need an Interaction Catalog?

The Learning Dispatch

The programmer, having noted this, was able to reuse several screens to quickly program the course. This commentary originally appeared in our October 2018 Learning Dispatch newsletter. When Informal Communication Succeeds: A Tale from the Trenches.

The Year in Learning—89 Hand-Picked L&D-Related Articles from 2017

The Learning Dispatch

Are you a Learning Dispatch newsletter subscriber? A favorite newsletter feature is “This Month in Learning.” Program Design (11). Let us know what learning and development topics are most helpful to you, then s ubscribe to the Learning Dispatch newsletter today.

How to Effectively Promote Your New eLearning Program

Designing Digitally

Strategizing key marketing tactics can be a part of your eLearning program. ELearning professionals and designers need to promote their programs, enhancing them for a target audience and emphasizing their value to the audience.

6 Steps to Prepare Your Company for a MOOC

Your Training Edge

This doesn’t have to be elaborate, but there are many ways you can get the word out — email campaigns, company newsletters, internal blogs, videos, etc. Featured Posts MOOC Training corporate training MOOCs technology enabled learning training programs

The Best Marketing for Educational Programs is Content Marketing

WBT Systems

Yet you count on them seeing, opening, and clicking on the promotions you send out about your online educational programs. But, informational or educational content is another story—and that’s why content marketing is the best marketing strategy for educational programs. Figure out what type of free content will meet those needs and lead them toward your paid content—your courses and other online programs. How to use content to market your educational programs.

Formative Assessments in E-Learning

Origin Learning

Unless there is a mechanism to test, the effectiveness of the learning program cannot be guaranteed, nor can the course be improvised. Subscribe to our newsletter for best learning solutions & practices.

Format 218

How to Design Programs Around Outcomes, Unlock Flipped Classrooms, and More with Course Launcher Ellen Martin


How to design programs around outcomes, unlock flipped classrooms, and more with course launcher Ellen Martin in this episode of LMScast with Chris Badgett of the LifterLMS team. Su bscribe to our newsletter for updates, developments, and future episodes of LMScast.

Resources from Webinar, “Develop the Elearning Your Program Deserves”

The Learning Dispatch

We had a great turnout during our recent webinar, “Develop the Elearning Your Program Deserves—for the Training Results You Want.” And of course, our own Learning Dispatch blog and its companion, the Learning Dispatch newsletter (subscribe on our home page !).

Schedule a Report with Zoola Analytics

Lambda Solutions

Alternatively, a report filtered for a business unit could be sent to a manager to congratulate them on completing the program ahead of time. Reporting Analytics Zoola NewsletterStudents and teachers--and any other LMS user--can now schedule their own reports through the Zoola Reports Block. Suppose that you have a Health & Safety Coordinator who is charged to ensure that everyone in the organization has completed a new training initiative.