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Learning with e's

Authors can see at a glance how many people have downloaded their abstract, or full paper, and some also track where the readership is located around the globe. academic publishing OER open access open scholarship

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Open educational practices

Learning with e's

Watch the video and then tell me whether you think I'm on the right track about OEP, or whether I'm barking up the wrong tree. Tags: creative commons Open content OER Google MOOC OEP open scholarship I made a video recording for Core Ed while I was at the Ulearn conference in New Zealand last month. They sat me in front of two cameras, and asked me to talk off the cuff, no script, about something that I was passionate about.

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11 Differences between a MOOC and an Online Course

ID Reflections

I think the confusion between a course on an LMS and a MOOC—especially now that MOOCs are all set to enter the workplace where course tracking has so far been the norm—is going to be rampant. MOOCs on various topics can be set up using blended content – some custom designed and some re-purposed from OERs and other available content from the net as long as one takes care to note the various IPR-related policies.

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Uberizing Organizational Learning – Thinking Beyond Courses

ID Reflections

Just as the Uber app allows a user to track the route, a learning app should allow the users/learners to see their learning roadmap personalized to their role and growth path. Curate from existing sources – Tap into MOOCs, and other existing OERs. Designing courses is passé!

What Makes a MOOC a MOOC?

ID Reflections

The OER movement was the trigger for the MOOCs then. Rather than tracking course completion, it’s time to track performance output. MOOCs have taken the world of higher ed and corporate learning by the proverbial storm. When George Siemens , Dave Cormier and Stephen Downes came up with the concept in 2008, they had a vision of how a “learning design” based on Connectivism could change the face of learning and collaboration.

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A Solution to the College Crisis

Jay Cross

I propose we put higher ed back on track by founding Corporate Colleges. Use OER, YouTube, and other online media to present mainstream content. Most traditional content is provided by online sources such as xMOOCs, I Tunes U, OER and similar public resources. Corporate colleges.

Learning Styles and Visualization

Mark Oehlert

Ive been tinkering with Many Eyes over the last couple of weeks as a way of exploring potential visual navigation tools/interfaces for Open University courses and qualifications, and OpenLearn OERs/course units: [link] and search for "many eyes". One thing that I am looking for is something like mindmap that I could use to plot different technologies, conferences, etc that I am tracking and then allow people to view that over the web. e-Clippings (Learning As Art).