Docebo Launches Major Mobile App Feature Update Borne From Customer Ideas Portal


The mobile app gives learners access to their Docebo learning platform on iOS and Android-powered devices, where they can attend courses and complete training materials (online and offline), while leveraging Docebo’s social and experiential learning capabilities. You click a call-to-action link to explore some more and your mobile web browser takes you to web page, even though you have that publisher’s app installed on your phone, producing a messy and unintuitive experience.

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DMA Professional Development Portal

Association eLearning

DMA is an advocate for industry standards for responsible marketing, both online and offline. DMA’s executive staff was then freed to focus their attention on business critical tasks without the worry of learners being locked out of the learning portal, as had happened with their previous LMS. Download the DMA Association Learning Management System Case Study as a PDF. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) is the world’s leading independent organization for data-driven marketers.

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TalentLMS Goes Mobile (and offline) With Our New & Free, iOS App


We’ve traditionally been big believers in the power, ubiquity and flexibility of web-based apps here at Epignosis HQ , and we have built our products, including the industry leading TalentLMS eLearning management platform with web technologies. Yeah, it shares the same name with the web version. User accounts are shared too — you can login to the mobile app with the same username and password that you use for the web application.

SCORM goes mobile with eFrontPro for Android


Starting from eFrontPro’s Android application’s latest update, we are proud to announce that we’ll be supporting mobile SCORM in both online and offline learning modes. T he web edition of eFrontPro has long offered native support for SCORM version 1.2 ― the most successful and widely adopted version of the standard. So, if a user is offline when they interact with a mobile SCORM course, their progress will be stored locally, and synced automatically when they get back online.


Social Learning – What’s the Point? Time to turn the tables on the naysayers

eLearning 24-7

LMS/LCMS/Learning Portals (commercial & free), Social Learning stand-alone systems, hybrid system, content authoring tools, m-learning, web conferencing (already exists in many systems), virtual worlds, virtual meeting systems (already exists in some systems), marketplace exchanges (not affiliated with a system). LMS/LCMS/Learning Portal (commercial or free), e-readers, any mobile device(i.e. Tutorials can be e-books, audio, video (mp4, avi), web based training courses.

Start this 2019 by the hand of the Top eLearning Companies in India


eLearning portals: you can employ customized branding for each department in your university, school, company or institutions. Mobile Learning: it opens the learning process up further by providing access to learning content on and offline and in any device is convenient – computer, tablet or smartphone.

State of the LMS 2012

eLearning 24-7

Very few LMSs offer online/offline synch with a native app – heck, online/offline synch in general, but pitch that they offer mobile learning. . What they really mean is that you can view the LMS and courses via your mobile web browser. . Hence the value of an online/offline synch with a native app is so important. For the past month, I have been conducting a survey on learning platforms and specifically learning management systems. .

E-Learning End Users Have Spoken – time for the industry to listen

eLearning 24-7

More of a surprise is that with the exception of 6 web conferencing vendors, who have apps specifically for the iPad/iPad2 market, you can count on one hand the number of LMS/LCMS vendors that offer the same thing. I surmise that many of you do this, at least with photographs, whether it be offline (downloaded software) or online. Worse, the number of RCATs who have an offline/online app on a mobile device to create courses on a tablet, is nearly nil.

Top 10 authoring tool in 2020 delivering engaging digital learning content


Authoring tools refer to web-based e-learning and are designed for particular styles of learning, file formats, delivery platforms, production workflows and eLearning standards. Elucidat is a great tool to personalize your learning portal for each type of learner.

A Look Back at E-Learning in 2012

eLearning 24-7

Sadly though many still are in the dark on true mobile learning – i.e. not accessing their platform via a mobile web browser. Web Conferencing – You would think that all these services would have a native app for tablets. Those who aren’t are either offering native apps with online/offline synch or performing the shell game via the mobile web browser and calling it mobile learning. Online/Offline Synch. I love the end of the year.

LMS vendors: R u hearing us?

eLearning 24-7

Dozens of LMS vendors, had typos on their web pages, zero screens of the system, links that went nowhere and two kicked up my Firewall warning of possible privacy collection and one had a Trojan Horse (I use a hardcore firewall and A/V). Do not be fooled by the word “demo&# that you see on a vendor web site – to go and view; or to call them to schedule a “demo&#. Language of their Web Site. We live in a global marketplace. Global.

Training on a small screen: How to use the TalentLMS mobile app


Download training material and continue their learning even if they’re offline. Rather, it aims to be its perfect companion for delivering microlearning and micro-certifications both online and offline. Offline use and sync with the desktop version.

LMS Utility For Content Providers: Helping Content Companies Sell Better, Market Better


But now, modern users are tech-savvy and exposed to the latest developments in design through perineal web presence. The LMS should allow learners to review e-courses that provide feedback, on the course content as well as their experience on the learning portal. The LMS should be e-commerce ready, providing opportunity for learners to browse through product catalogue, generate invoices, use discount coupons and even pay online or offline.

Moodle vs LearnUpon: Find out which tool is better?


Hence, the solution is consistent and easily accessible on all popular devices and web browsers. Whereas LearnUpon is hosted on the web of the vendor’s servers, and the LMS accessible from anywhere, on any device, by logging in on a dedicated page.

Building eLearning Mobile App: 7 Mistakes and Their Respective Remedies

Your Training Edge

Since mobile took over the web portals as the easiest way to access online content from a source that you rely upon, eLearning mobile apps have more appeal to the learners than ever before. Like most young students these days at least flaunt a Smartphone, they are more at ease with eLearning apps than the traditional eLearning web portals. Absence of Offline learning. Does your eLearning mobile app support offline reading and accessing contents offline?

The need to switch to a cloud-based LMS is upon us all – here’s how to make the switch seamless


A cloud-based LMS is a learning tech solution that is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and hosted on the web. All information is housed (in the cloud) and learners can log into a web portal to gain access to the platform from any device.

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Going native! eFrontPro for Android lands on Google Play Store


Sure, eFrontPro always had a great presence on iOS and Android thanks to its responsive and mobile-friendly web UI. Like, proper native, not browser-inside-an-app “native” This means it’s blazing fast, and it allows us to be easy on the battery, integrate better with the underlying device, and do some things that are impossible to do in a web app. It also has a strong focus on mobile and offline learning, and especially microlearning (and microcertifications).

MagicBox Announces New Module for Teachers – Teacher’s My Drive


Once a content is added to the MagicBox portal by a teacher, they can perform following actions: Open – To view the content. Students can access these contents from anywhere via the web platform as well as various MagicBox offline (iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows) apps.

Giving ‘em what they want: Exploring what Modern Learners want from an LMS


Modern LMSs are employing technologies like Responsive Web Design (RWD) and touch-friendly screens to provide learners an enhanced user-experience on any device of their choice. Some users may not have uninterrupted internet connections, and so they may not be able to access a web-enabled learning solution. So, many modern LMSs now have dedicated apps which allow users to download courses from the LMS and study them offline even when they don’t have an internet connection.

Leveraging technology to drive profitability in your practice


Facilitate nonemergency inquiries when the clinic has limited bandwidth, during offline hours. But veterinary medicine is woefully behind, with a fragmented solution of patient portals and records transfer utilities.”

Moodle vs Cornerstone : Find out which tool is better?


Hence, the solution is consistent and easily accessible on all popular devices and web browsers. Moodle offers top-notch customization and with Cornerstone, customization not only helps in creating branded portals it also offers e-commerce tools to facilitate payments.

Case Study: How Classpass Evolved as world’s leading wellness services marketplace


The fitness industry is one such segment with a thriving history in the traditional offline mode. For the past few years, the fitness and wellness industry is experiencing a significant impact of web technologies in its core business model.

We’re live: Introducing the TalentLMS Android App


The TalentLMS for Android and for iOS have both been carefully designed and meticulously crafted to be the perfect companion for mobile and offline learning, microlearning and micro-certifications. Instead of trying to cram everything the web (and mobile web) version of TalentLMS does into it, we optimized TalentLMS mobile for learning on the small (screen) and on the go , while still allowing you to deliver rich multimedia courses complete with a intuitive, mobile-optimized, experience.

10 Online Training Systems

Ed App

So, what web-based training solution best fits your training needs and goals? This web-based training software features a SCORM authoring too l that anyone can use to create beautiful, engaging course content and deploy it right away.

It’s the small things that count: microlearning with eFrontPro


Offline. Of course, for true microlearning, just making your content and eLearning portal available on mobile devices is often not enough , nor is it wise to assume always-on connectivity. That’s why our programming gurus took advantage of the latest web technologies to allow learners to continue, well, learning with eFrontPro, even when offline. Small is beautiful. We’re hardly the first to notice this. The above phrase was popularized by British economist E.

It’s the small things that count: microlearning with eFrontPro


Offline. Of course, for true microlearning, just making your content and eLearning portal available on mobile devices is often not enough , nor is it wise to assume always-on connectivity. That’s why our programming gurus took advantage of the latest web technologies to allow learners to continue, well, learning with eFrontPro, even when offline. Small is beautiful. We’re hardly the first to notice this. The above phrase was popularized by British economist E.

Enhancing Employee Engagement with Content Delivery Platform


Content delivery platforms like Kitaboo support multiple types of content, such as e-books, courses, videos, presentations, tests, social content, assessments, practice portals, web guidance, etc. Mobile Accessibility and Offline Delivery. It allows offline access and secure distribution medium of online, interactive content.

10 free compliance training courses

Ed App

As essential as compliance training is, it’s not restricted to expensive offline courses. There is also an offline component to complete to finish the requirements for this course, however all online content is free.

How to Create and Distribute a Responsive Online Course


Use Appropriate Image Size The first thing you need to keep in mind is to use web-friendly images. Learners can download the course on the go and study it offline anytime, anywhere. Cloud Learning Portal A cloud-based authoring tool enables you to reach your target audience in no-time. Today, people are keen to learn new things through online training courses.

The Various Modes of E-learning for Corporate Training

CommLab India

Web-based learning. This form of training is accessed via web browsers or through the corporate Intranet. The compatibility of web browsers with videos, audios, animation, and other media elements, make it a user-friendly medium to deliver the training. It is training accessed offline on computers. A webinar is a training or a workshop delivered over the web using videoconferencing software. Is there a way to train global employees with minimal costs?

10 Free HIPAA training courses

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When searching for a HIPAA course , however, you don’t need to just look for expensive offline training. Receiving HIPAA training online has many advantages over attending offline training sessions.

How To Create An Online Language Learning Website Like Verbling


offers free language courses with an optional subscription plan for an ad-free and offline learning experience. Before Verbling, most of the language training portals relied on ready-made instructional designs or text-based chat interactions at most. How Online Language Learning Portals Generate Revenue? It’s 100% customizable, Comes with open source-code, Can be self-hosted on a web-server, And you can get 100% ownership by paying a one-time cost; no recurring fee at all.

The Revolution is Coming: Consumer Tablets and E-Learning

eLearning 24-7

Two cameras for capturing video and audio, 3 megapixel web cam, 5-megapixel LED flash camera. Consumer slates are multimedia entertainment, which means you can web browse, read e-books, watch video, stream video, listen to music, play games and they meet business needs too – with word, excel, powerpoint to name a few. Create, take and learn anywhere – at the airport, coffee shop, home, work, in the field, on the plane (offline or Wi-Fi). The Revolution.

2019 Talented Learning Awards: Continuing Education Systems

Talented Learning

Web Courseworks. Founded in 2002, Blue Sky supports the entire event lifecycle, including branded event portals and ad networks, registration and attendance, presentation proposals and materials management and complex certification credits. Digitec’s learning portal platform is a pure SaaS solution with a low entry cost and reasonable ongoing operating costs. WEB COURSEWORKS.

8 Best LMS Options to Enable Online Course Creation for your Employees

Hurix Digital

Talent LMS is a convenient LMS platform that gives employees the ability to keep themselves updated on the go with its native iOS and Android apps coupled with various advanced functions such as downloadabilty of the course for offline use.

The tech behind LXP de-mystified

Learning Pool

The LXP is a platform on its own but functions best when acting as a portal for a number of enabling technologies. LXP is an emerging market space, which inevitably means that information available on the web is likely to be partial, fragmentary and in some cases contradictory. If you’ve ever used WordPress to publish a personal blog, or a web builder like Squarespace, you are using a content management system. The LXP was born in the Web 2.0

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Software for Associations | 15 Platforms to Consider

Web Courseworks

CourseStage LMS by Web Courseworks: Overview of this Association Software. CourseStage LMS by Web Courseworks is a fully customizable association learning management system designed to address the educational needs of learners working in a variety of fields. Why CourseStage by Web Courseworks Stands Out . Learn More About CourseStage by Web Courseworks. Self-service portals. OpenWater’s app provides attendees with access to the event schedule offline.