Watch Interactive Videos on Your iPad…Offline!

TechSmith Camtasia

app from the App Store, but the benefit is that your interactive videos are playable offline (as opposed to just playing the MP4 video using the iPad’s native player). In this post I took his method of combining Camtasia videos and an iOS app called GoodReader to make them available offline, while still maintaining the interactivity present in the TechSmith Smart Player. But what if you or your viewers want (or need) to view the interactive video offline–on an iPad?

Features You Need to Know About eLearning Search Functions

Your Training Edge

However, with such an expanding online presence, the search capabilities for these learning platforms are constantly being adjusted and improved, and there’s a knack for getting your course positioned at the top of the rankings. With estimates suggesting that workers spend around 20% of their day searching for the right content, not only is this impacting their ability to learn effectively, it’s also wasting everybody’s time. Optimize for Predictive Search.

Search 100

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Gamification, Rapid Search, Scalability, Personalized Learning & More: Key Features Supported by Video-based Learning Management Systems


Access to offline courses. Therefore, organizations use mobile LMSs through which learners can access offline courses on their personalized mobile devices. Instant search. Today’s tech-savvy learners want to consume content at the speed of their search. Video-supported learning platforms are the way of the future with an ability to support offline course access, personalization, security, curation and other features.

FindAnLMS – The New Learning System Search Platform from Craig Weiss

eLearning 24-7

A new type of search, find, assess, engage platform where buyers and all types of learning system providers can connect. Because it is more than the usual search directory for learning systems, I thought it would make sense to go in more depth on the platform, how it will work, who is in it (as of August 23rd), how to register (hold off until Sept. You can either register immediately “Sign Up” or go thru some steps to begin your search. September 6th, 2018.

Top 6 Content Marketing Trends for 2019


Natural Voice Search. Gartner predicts that we’re moving into a world of predominantly screenless searches. Until recently, marketers have developed content with keyboard searches in mind. However, voice searches already comprise 20 percent of all mobile Google searches and are on the rise. Beyond gaining search engine and consumer favor, this content establishes your organization as a valid authority on the subject.

Why Most Organizations Struggle With Mobile Sales Enablement (And How to Fix It)


They’re often clunky to use on mobile, difficult to access offline, and give you no sales analytics about how or when content was used. Show salespeople and leaders which sales assets are actually helping close the sale, even if they’re downloaded and used offline. SharePoint Search.

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The gradebook module


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 7/23/2010 The gradebook module The brand new eFronts gradebook module combines results from online activities (tests, participation, projects) and offline activities (written tests, teacher judgment,) to produce grades for users. For offline activities we have to manually add the scores.

With Paradiso LMS eLearning App your content is available anytime, anywhere even with no internet connection


With the eLearning App of Paradiso LMS, your experience with eLearning will be more successful, thanks to the possibilities that offline learning offers. You can access LMS features that are available offline, such as SCORM content player with activities, assessments, videos, lectures, reading material, etc. The offline SCORM player , that comes with the LMS app, allows learners to continue their training or programs at their convenience.

The Best Sales Asset Management Software Helps You Find Assets Faster: An Overview of Bigtincan


Plus, sellers have to learn how to use tag-based search.). Trying to find what you need requires a lot of searching. Superior Search Helps Sellers Find the Most Relevant Files. Searches Entire Files: We search the entire contents of a file, not just a file’s name.

Sales 87

The Best Sales Collateral Management Solution for Enterprises (Factors to Consider)


It should have both offline and online functionality, so if your sales reps are out of network coverage while on field sales, they don’t have to resort to statements like, “I’ll send this document to you later.” Bigtincan’s Search & Suggest Comes with Several Features.

Mobile Content Management Solutions: Why Simple File Storage Is Inadequate


A true enterprise level mobile content management (MCM) solution needs more than putting files in folders and basic search. The ability to search and find files across multiple file repositories (Google Drive, Sharepoint, Dropbox, Box, etc.). The ability to do all of this offline.

Is retail e-learning that useful or it’s a waste of resources? 

Creativ Technologies

Retail e-learning is encouraging offline shopping by training employees in the following ways: Saving customers’ time: The customers have although started stepping out of their houses to visit stores, just like online shopping, they desire a fast experience.

The Best Microsoft SharePoint Alternatives for Sales-Driven Organizations


Its use of internal company SharePoint sites, search, and collaboration features make it a measurable step up from basic cloud storage options like Google Drive, Dropbox Enterprise, and Box. Mobile and offline limitations limit usability. Mobile-First Design and Offline Functionality.

How Bigtincan’s Document Management System Integrates with Salesforce (And Solves Common Content Management Problems)


Powerful AI-Powered Global Search Helps You Quickly Find Files in Any Repository. One of the most important features of Bigtincan is our powerful, AI-powered search to find files across departments and repositories. Work Offline and On All Devices.

Expectations From eLearning Authoring Tools

Upside Learning

While searching I realized that many learning professionals often confuse between their requirements and the specific features offered by the chosen tool. Functionality of some kind for offline tracking if courses are not being delivered from any LMS. I came across this mind map by Cammy Bean which covers nearly all the tools available for creating/authoring eLearning content. She tries to find answers to three simple questions regarding each tools mentioned in the mind map –.

How to Train a Sales Team on Products: Use Modern Software, Not Old-Fashioned Training Techniques


With Bigtincan’s search-based repository, this “failure” is easily overcome. Bigtincan’s search feature filters through all of your company’s catalogs, training PDFs, and presentations and surfaces an answer— just in time.

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Seismic vs. Highspot vs. Showpad vs. Bigtincan Compared


With Bigtincan, you don’t just search filenames, like most content management systems do; we search the full text of files. Enterprise File Management: Find Files Faster and More Accurately with Industry-Leading Search and AI-Based Content Suggestions.

5 often forgotten features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides


Offline Mode. Thanks to the offline mode setting of guides the answer is yes! There are several key things to note about offline mode. First users must load the guide online and they will automatically be switched to offline mode when no Wi-Fi is available.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): "Theories and Models Of and For Online Learning" (First Monday)

Mark Oehlert

iPod 32

12 B2B Sales Enablement Tools from Content Management to Sales Intelligence and More


It’s a single interface that your sales team uses to search for, use and edit any file in any of the repositories you already use (like Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft Sharepoint, for example). AI-Powered Full-Text Search Quickly Finds Any Asset. Search through all repositories.

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8 Highspot Competitors: An In-Depth Analysis


AI-powered full-text search. Offline access across smartphones, laptops, and tablets. With Bigtincan, salespeople can find the latest version of any collateral they need with a simple search without worrying about where the file lives.

4 Best Dropbox Enterprise Alternatives (An In-Depth Comparison)


Advanced search. So the HR team can continue creating onboarding documents in Google Docs ( without uploading them on Bigtincan ), and Bigtincan will still search, index, and surface the most relevant documents and files to the end user. Powerful, advanced search.

Enterprise Sales Software: The Three Tools Every Enterprise Sales Team Needs to Sell Effectively


Here’s how that works for Bigtincan: It Starts with AI-Powered Search. First, the rigid, old-fashioned folder-in-a-folder system is replaced with extremely powerful search. Complete Offline and Mobile Functionality. Even the AI-powered search is available offline.

The Three Necessary Components of Effective Change Management with Digital Adoption

Epilogue Systems

This is important because employee engagement and patience with Support, knowledge bases, help portals and searching for the help they need diminishes with each experience. Effective change management with digital adoption is not a one-and-done process.

How to Create and Scale a Document Management System in SharePoint (Without Hiring Extra Help)


Salespeople can’t find it in SharePoint online, so you add a “sales” keyword to the metadata to make it pop up in sales searches more easily. Then you add a link to the sales SharePoint site so it’s easily accessible, even without a search.

Importance Of Mobile Apps In Your Online Training

Online education using WordPress as LMS

They can even download the training videos for offline viewing. Learners can easily search for specific topics at the time and can learn the process instead of having to go through a lengthy process of reading multiple web pages.

Enterprise Document Management Systems: Stop Relying on Metadata


Without this feature, employees would be trying to remember where the latest version of each doc was stored, waste time searching through every platform (or folder), and/or be trying to follow strict document organization rules. Here’s how that works: AI-powered search scans entire documents.

Teaching Sales Techniques: 7 Key Factors and How the Right Software Can Satisfy Them


Have a way for reps to quickly search and find the training they need. Reps should be able to search for relevant training they need just by using specific keywords that are related to the content they’re searching for, making all training content accessible for reps for just-in-time learning.

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Implementation Is the Key to Successful Sales Enablement Strategy


Delivering the right content to the right people, finding the right content when you search, setting permissions so the right people can edit the right content are all dictated by software. Training should be accessible online and offline.

Sales 91

3 Simple ways to gamify your online learning


Instead of creating online learning that mimics a traditional offline game, such as a word search, think about how you can use gamification elements to enhance the learning experience beyond what is possible in offline face-to-face training. 3 Simple ideas for elearning gamification (without the gimmicks). Gamification can help you create a more engaging learning experience. But, make sure you don’t simply take a game and apply it to your learning.

Pionieering with a lightboard: Robin Lechner’s experience


That is something I’m still searching for.”. “ We are thinking about how we can give the tool a relevant role in our offline sessions. Pioneering with a lightboard. Robin Lechner shares her experience. Success for our customers is success for us, and that goes beyond our platform.

Introducing Lectora Mobile—Simple and Secure m-Learning


With this powerful mobile learning solution, e-Learning administrators can easily deliver and track secure, SCORM-compliant mLearning content—even offline. Ease of Access: With Lectora Mobile’s reliable native mobile app, learners can access courses anytime, anywhere—even offline. Meet the newest member of the Lectora® family: Lectora® Mobile , a new mobile solution that allows for seamless m-Learning everywhere.

Why Should You Outsource Your Content Development

Hurix Digital

Apart from writing, it also involves research, fact checking, formatting, optimizing for search engines, and checking for grammar and inconsistencies.

Online Course Ideas That Inspires You to Create and Teach


Estimate demand through search. You can do this by performing an online search based on the keywords for your online course topic. Ideally, you want to choose a topic that has a high amount of searches and low competition. Search eLearning marketplaces.

Ideas 75

Is synchronous eLearning necessary? If yes, in which situations?? 

Creativ Technologies

Synchronous learning, which is the focus of companies, is an expensive proposition when organized offline, however it can be done online without incurring many costs through video conferencing software.

KITABOO -The Best Online Bookshelf for Digital Publishing


Elastic Search – To Help you Find Content Easily. To save time, KITABOO offers an elastic search feature, which opens up a panel for users to type in the topic, title, author, ISBN or description of the book they are looking for.

Best Mobile LMS for Sellers: An Overview of the Top 4 Platforms Available Today


Notably, that includes AI-powered search and content management. Full-Text, AI-Powered Search. Bigtincan’s search feature uses AI and full-text search to provide the most relevant results for any query. Even the contents of a PDF or other document can be searched.