Twelve Ways to Add Value to Open Source LMS Systems

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

Offline capability When your learners are always on the go, in far-flung parts of the world, internet connections vary from excellent to un-reliable and even non-existent sometimes. So you need to support offline learning capability. The learner should download the course, go and learn in offline mode, take tests and synchronize the results when net is connected back. The solution is a separate collaborative annotation server, such as TeemingPod.

Playable UI, eLearning Challenges, and HapYak: This Week on #BLPLearn

Bottom-Line Performance

The video streams from a video streaming service such as YouTube or Vimeo. HapYak’s server dishes up the interactive layer – and tracks backend analytics, and the viewer gets a very cool experience. The limitations of HapYak right now are that it 100% requires an Internet connection (no offline viewing or caching), and it is NOT SCORM-compliant.


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Case Study: How Classpass Evolved as world’s leading wellness services marketplace


The fitness industry is one such segment with a thriving history in the traditional offline mode. Classpass is a global leader in not just online fitness, beauty, and wellness services, it also helps traditional studios leverage digital mediums to manage their offline consulting processes.

RSC Moodle Roundtable

Moodle Journal

Besides, the latter way of quiz creation is an offline activityand solves the problem of demanding continuous access to a Moodle server. From what I managed to appreciate about app so far it wouldappear that social Media enthusiasts see it as a medium of choice forlife-streaming, but for myself brilliant for student field trips. I went along to an RSC Moodle Forum round table in London yesterday that posed the question ‘What makes for a good Moodle activity’.

Moodle 109

Tin Can in action


Introduction to the Tin Can API: The Tin Can API is a brand new learning technology specification that offers a simpler and more flexible way of capturing learning activities and sharing them with a variety of other systems – opening up an entire world of experiences (online and offline). A wide range of systems can now securely communicate with a simple vocabulary that captures this stream of activities.


eLearning: Interesting Weekly Finds #1

Upside Learning

Available both on and offline, via Adobe’s Flex and Air technologies respectively, Aviary enables artists to create on the fly with an inventory of tools for every medium. This doesn’t involve a Silverlight player/plugin at all, but what looks to be a much smarter backend solution with IIS Media Services.They are translating the content to support the MPEG2 v8 [decoder] format that the IPhone supports; they are moving it to Apple’s adaptive streaming format.

How Skillshare is Changing the Face of Design and Lifestyle Courses in the World


It also offers an offline learning feature, where you can download a class in advance and access it offline later. With layers comprising nginx web servers, PHP and Backbone.js, its interface provides flexibility to customers to access courses from their tablet screen while riding the subway, while just as easily from their mobile phone while riding an Uber. There’s a certain excitement that live streaming always generates.

Two Global Brand Digital Retail Transformation Case Studies: Lessons & Challenges


Mall stores have limited bandwidth, so streaming 4K, 1080p, or even 720p video was out of the question. Instead of constantly downloading new content to the Bigtincan app during the day, we used the back office PCs as media servers or “edge servers” overnight.

Top 10 LMSs for 2013

eLearning 24-7

Tin Can compliment – but no native app and no online/offline synch. Tin Can API with online/offline synchronization – AWESOME! M-Learning offers online/offline synchronization. No Tin Can and thus no online/offline synch. No online/offline synchronization which is bizarre since education is going the way of tablets – including iPad rather than purchasing laptops and desktops. Hello from sunny Los Angeles.

Using LifterLMS to Empower 1 Million Teachers in Africa with WordPress Titan Malcolm Peralty


I was responsible for the technology side, so making sure the streaming was working, making sure the internet was working, making sure the website was working.

Learning Management Systems for Associations: The Essentials

WBT Systems

Being able to connect with peers, discuss challenges, and have a forum for conversation improves learner engagement among association members, whether the learning is on or offline. Opportunities to connect with content and peers for more formal social learning can easily be increased by using a learning management system for the management of online, blended, and offline education programs. What are the essential functions of a Learning Management System for Associations?

Video Learning Platforms

eLearning 24-7

1995 – Real Media arrives on the internet scene streaming an entire baseball game that probably no one watched. Video itself - streamed, recorded, edited then posted, posted without editing, etc. – may/may not include audio incl. Stream your video. SaaS or on your own servers – they can do both, but ideally prefer SaaS (they host it). Offline viewing. If your VLP is on your own servers most of the vendors will allow you to customize the CSS.

TalentLMS For Android: The Content Downloader – Part 2, Integration


As the user navigates between screens and provided that the device is online, Unit content, and Unit and Course metadata have to be continuously fetched and updated from both TalentLMS and third-party servers. Units that only support streaming content such as YouTube and Vimeo videos, also have the effect of pausing all downloads to free up bandwidth and provide smooth playback. The user is served offline content and is notified when that is not available.

On Fire in 2013 – What’s going to be hot in e-learning

eLearning 24-7

Enables people to work offline without net connection then when back online, re-synchs with SaaS platform or system. Video streaming – either through the system itself – I believe it would be something like the vendor gives you 1GB of storage for free and then charges for more storage; you can stream from another server and tie into the LMS in some fashion. Yeah I know its not the end of the year, when such forecasts tend to show up in droves.

LMS, LCMS, Content Authoring: Exploring eLearning Tools

WBT Systems

It is software that sits on an organization’s server or in the cloud , allows managers to enroll employees in courses (or lets employees self-register), and presents the learner with a menu of lessons from which to choose. Webinars – Live streaming or recorded. Before getting started with using eLearning tools for your education or certification programs, it is important to know the difference between the different tools used to create, develop, and deliver eLearning content.

Summer Course Authoring Tool Rankings – Top Ten

eLearning 24-7

Work offline with their optional Studio Server – extra charge. Video streaming. The summer is nearly upon us (or in LA it is already here) which means you can expect the following in your hometown. Annoying summer related songs – from Cruel Summer to Summertime and everything else. Big blockbuster movies – some that will make you cheer and others that you will demand your money back. Road Rage – Everyone’s favorite past time.

How to Grow Your Community and Niche Network through a Virtual Summit with Jan Koch from WP Agency Summit


Jan uses Zoom to record and stream, and then uploads the recordings to Vimeo to create evergreen content. It bombed, so I’m arrogant to say that it bombed because it still had 700 and a few registrations, which is huge for any offline event.

Creating Online Social Learning Membership Sites with Web Development Agency Owner, BuddyPress Expert, and StudyChurch Founder Tanner Moushey


Chris: Take a community that you’ve already built, either offline or on Facebook, before you really try to own it yourself. Chris: You mentioned, with, that you were in a situation where somebody who was doing well offline, and you were trying to do the problem of, can I bring this community online? So course plus community plus coaching plus service plus in-person event or offline event, or online event.

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Webinar Q&A: Empowering Continuous Learning with the Experience API (xAPI)

Experience API

The data is stored on Google’s servers and can only be used for reporting. You’re not allowed to talk about social media, mobile internet or video streaming services. SCORM courses will be around for a long time to come, just as we still have VHS tapes decades after DVDs were introduced and we even as we consume so much streaming video. that can keep that record offline. Some LMSs include offline tracking and some authoring tools have offline tracking features.

xapi 40

Answering your LMS Questions

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Mobile learning – it might surprise you to know that 75-80% of all systems in the space, currently do not offer any type of mobile learning, the number goes up even higher for online/offline synch. Streaming video – low number of systems. A: If the LMS is available only as a hosted solution – as on your company’s own servers – it may not.

Learning Management System – LMS

Ed App

The two main components are the server and the user interface. Think of the server as the computer hardware which allows the system to run. It is one of the newer formats and enables the collection of online/offline data. What is an LMS? .

What Can You Expect in 2013?

CLO Magazine

Other ideas include providing reinforcement videos via streaming video server or corporate YouTube or making aids accessible via tablets. A global offering can be challenging with inconsistent access to online learning, offline access and language translation requirements. Apps, videos and more sophisticated blended learning and collaboration schemes are just a few of the learning trends to watch and implement in the next year.

2019 Talented Learning Awards: Corporate Extended Enterprise Systems

Talented Learning

However, you can use all the pieces and deploy it on your own servers or in the cloud. Specifically, the EdCast application provides a stream of daily learning content that aggregates formal and informal learning activities for each user. Its user interface is appealing and online/offline mobile friendly.

The Revolution is Coming: Consumer Tablets and E-Learning

eLearning 24-7

E-Learning and all forms within are normally taken via your desktop computer and either hitting your company’s server with your browser or going to a hosted LMS vendor’s solution. If you wanted to have a video conference with multiple people or a webinar with high quality video or full video streaming on your smart phone, you are out of luck. Create, take and learn anywhere – at the airport, coffee shop, home, work, in the field, on the plane (offline or Wi-Fi).