Watch Interactive Videos on Your iPad…Offline!

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app from the App Store, but the benefit is that your interactive videos are playable offline (as opposed to just playing the MP4 video using the iPad’s native player). But what if you or your viewers want (or need) to view the interactive video offline–on an iPad?

Offline Marketing for Online Courses with High Ticket Ecommerce and Consulting Business Expert Sayan Sarkar


Learn about offline marketing for online courses with high ticket ecommerce and consulting business expert Sayan Sarkar in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. A lot of my business growth came from offline marketing, which means newspapers primarily.

Message “Your computer is probably offline” upon clicking Assets menu options

Adobe Captivate

When trying to access Adobe Stock assets or eElearning Brothers assets, you may encounter the message, “ Your computer is probably offline ”. Also, whitelist the following URLs to access other Captivate services: Accessing Geolocation. Security Under the hood assets access computer offline message unable to access assets whitelist urlsThis normally occurs in a restricted computing environment, where an IT administrator controls access to certain URLs.

Teacher Appreciation Week – A Conversation with Chris Badgett on the World of Online and Offline Education Honoring Teachers


In this week’s LMScast Ali Mathis of the LifterLMS team discusses teacher appreciation week – a conversation with Chris Badgett on the world of online and offline education honoring teachers.

How Blockchain is Changing Legal Services

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However, only few of the people are aware of the technology of block chain underlying, which has a huge potential to revolutionize the provision of legal services, regulatory enforcement and compliance. Block chain is expected to push the boundaries of conventional legal services.

Time to Migrate eLearning Courses from Flash to HTML5

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Offline Browsing: HTML5 supports local storage of web application code and content, through the offline application cache, thus providing an offline web experience for readers on the move and without an Internet connection.

News: 'Landmark Financial Services Regulation Has Brought Clearer Training Focus' Says Sector Expert

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New diagnostic tools, Apps and mobile learning, with on and offline syncing, video and role-specific scenarios are all critical elements in creating impactful personalised learning programmes that instantly connect a learner with their day-to-day job role, and embed the learning required for firms to meet all FCA regulatory demands.”

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3 Reasons Retail Employees Need Interactive Training Experiences


Brick-and-mortar retailers have what it takes to get shoppers offline and in-stores, but only if they use modern training solutions to help employees deliver an excellent customer service experience. The post 3 Reasons Retail Employees Need Interactive Training Experiences appeared first on Wisetail LMS. All L&D Best Practices

eLearning Authoring Tools: Why You Should Invest in them? 

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Practically, you can create multiple e-Learning courses through an authoring tool in comparison to one offline training class. If you are looking for an authoring tool to design custom courses for your employees , you may want to consider HurixDigital as your service provider.

Struggling With Engagement? You’re Not Alone!


There is a clear correlation between excellent customer service and repeat purchases and brand loyalty. Our design services team has worked with hundreds of companies to develop structured training programs to ensure that their learners achieve their learning outcomes.

Creating a Strategic Learning Partnership


Our Strategic Learning partnership provides a managed learning service, the key word being “managed.” There are a lot of great ideas for building teams without taking people offline. I lead a Strategic Learning Partnership with a major Life Sciences client, and it’s a job I love.

6 Dirty Myths About eLearning People Still Believe

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In fact, most of the offline colleges and universities also use online platforms for interaction with the students. The universities that have decided to run online courses or full educational programs choose the platforms that allow them to provide protected services.

Docebo’s Mobile App Makes Learning Better


Go.Learn allows certain types of learning objects, including SCORM, videos, slide presentation, files, and HTML pages to be downloaded, played and tracked offline. One day, he’s out on a service call to fix an issue with an antenna that he’s seen many times before.

Docebo 179

4 Reasons You Should Invest in Flash to HTML5 Conversion

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Content can be accessed offline. Many a time, traveling staff members such as salespeople and service technicians need access to learning materials in areas with limited broadband. You cannot provide offline access to e-learning content, if it is developed in Flash.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Discover How Mobile-First Content Enables Deskless Workers


Customer homes, dealerships, industrial sites, manufacturing plants (field services). While the goal is to ensure the highest quality of service possible on behalf of the company, the process is often long, arduous, and expensive.

The Docebo Discovery Lab: The Next Era of Mobile Learning


In the case of our Mobile App Publisher, a company’s L&D team will work with Docebo’s professional services team to customize their mobile learning app and then goes through the release process with the help of Docebo to correctly publish the app in the app stores.

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3 reasons why your competitors are outshining you

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This could mean promoting a new deal, a brand new line, or a specific service you offer. Neglecting Merchandising and General Offline Marketing. You need to do offline marketing as well. Another offline marketing tactic is speaking at events. You need to give your all and provide the best possible customer service. In order to keep your business afloat, you need to fight tooth and nail.

What’s Wrong with Employee Training in Food and Beverage SMBs?


The differences between online and offline training. Customer service coaching serves as the deputy governor in the land of food and beverage employee training (25.5%), followed by management training (21%). The problem is that proper customer service is neglected.

Start this 2019 by the hand of the Top eLearning Companies in India


The Top eLearning companies in India are ready to receive 2019 with new versions of their products and releases of new specialized services for companies that are interested in increasing their workforce and training capacity.

Proud of our Talented Learning Award customers

Rustici Software

Our Rustici Engine solution helps eLogic support SCORM, AICC, xAPI and PENS within the LMS and includes support for offline SCORM support in their mobile app. Recently, they have also adopted our Rustici Engine Offline Mobile Player extension , enabling their mobile applications to run and track SCORM content offline, then sync data back to the LMS when the Internet connection resumes.

Mobile Learning Has A Promising Future In India

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hours of it daily across offline channels such as television, DVDs, and CDs. It is a well-known fact that Mobile learning hasn’t yet picked up steam within India. The primary reason for this being the low rates of mobile internet penetration in our country.

India And The Mobile Internet Revolution

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hours of it daily across offline channels such as television, DVDs, and CDs.”. Indians consume huge amounts of digital content, and even if a part of the consumption moved online via the mobile internet it’ll result in a huge market for content over mobile services.

LMS Basics: What is a SaaS LMS?

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That’s a software as a service learning management system for those of you who still use words to communicate and think. What Is Software as a Service (SaaS)? Managing training that happens offline , such as classroom training and field-based training.

4 Training Effectiveness Metrics to Track Your L&D Fitness

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Better customer service, sales wins and compliance with health and safety regulations: What do all of these have in common? Offline, ask managers to survey team members about their training experiences. When a coworker leaves, temporary hits to morale, productivity and service quality are a real threat. You’re a great runner—but you want to run even faster.

The Role of xAPI in Creating Powerful Learning Experiences for the Modern Workforce

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xAPI is an eLearning specification that makes it possible to collect data about the wide range of experiences a person has within online and offline training activities. is a leading provider of Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) services.

xapi 151

3 easy ways media companies can improve the quality of training content


Place learning in the workflow, at the point of need Penfold points out that this can easily be addressed by making bite-sized learning objects available on any device (bonus points if your online training platform allows offline viewing of course content).

How to Empower Frontline Employees with Mobile Training


And their job roles could be that of a customer service executive, bank executive, in-store salesperson, receptionist, to name a few. How else can they convince customers to try out your product/service. At times like this, having an offline training guide comes really handy.

10 Benefits of Moodle based Learning Management System (LMS)

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Product and service launches. Besides providing online features, this LMS is able to support offline learning and includes features for tracking, recording and assessing offline events along with online ones. What is an LMS?

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Tame Your Training With 4 Best Practices Of Microlearning

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Use Moodle for offline access. Moodle is now compatible with all mobile devices and accessible offline. Hence, Microlearning modules can be accessed offline through mobile apps with an offline player. What if the world is going to end tomorrow?

NRF 2018: It’s About the Brand, not the Channel


Historically, retailers have viewed online and offline as two different channels, which explains why we went through a “multi-channel” phase that evolved into “omnichannel” before settling into more recent discussions of a blended approach. Each one is a brand deposit or a brand withdrawal, and increasingly, these touchpoints are simultaneously online and offline. As the biggest retail conference of the year, NRF’s Big Show sets the tone of the industry for the year ahead.

How Experience API Can Support Personalized E-Learning in Organizations

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Basically, Tin Can API is a web service that allows its applications to send ‘statements of experience’ to a Learning Record Store.

Zomato agent eating food meant for delivery, the result of the lack of training


Many companies don’t realize the importance of the employee training until they lose clients because of the bad customer service or their employees make mistakes that cost a lot of money for them. Probably, clients have lost the confidence in the services that the company offers to them.

What is XAPI And How Should You Use It?


xAPI effectively tracks a wide range of online and offline learning It substantially enhances your analytics capabilities, makes integration into any learning management system easy and intuitive, and supports more learning experiences, like gamified, social and group learning.

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Applauding our Fosway Group 9-Grid clients

Rustici Software

The products represented in these categories are Rustici Engine, Rustici Engine’s Offline Mobile Player Extension , Rustici Cross Domain and the SCORM Cloud API. For the Digital Learning category, we are proud to say that in addition to highlighting our clients’ achievements, we have the pleasure of highlighting our own parent organization, LTG, recognized by Fosway as a top provider of Digital Learning Services.

Buying an LMS? Acronyms You Must Know (Part 1)


Let us explain some of the most used acronyms that you should know, when you are planning to buy a LMS: AD- Active Directory: A Microsoft's trademarked directory service, which is used by organizations to maintain a list of all employees, usernames, passwords, etc.

AICC 151

How To Use Software To Automate Large Scale Project Management

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On the other hand, you can rely on data provided by Google Trends and related services to understand market trends and preferences at a given time. Likewise, companies are now going international with their products and services with some targeting markets in different time zones.

Best Ways to Deliver Online Learning Courses to Employees

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Blended Learning Features : Besides providing online features, the LMS should also be able to support offline learning , which means that it should include features for tracking, recording and assessing offline events along with online ones.