Adobe Captivate: Say Hello to Version 7

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Case in point: version 7 of the Captivate software was released today. Support for GIFT Format Easily convert offline questions into a GIFT format question bank that you can draw on to create quizzes. Improved Social Media Engagement Instantly enable social conversations within Adobe Captivate courses with the enhanced Twitter widget. by Kevin Siegel. In the good old days, software companies released major upgrades to their products every 2-3 years.

Teacher Appreciation Week – A Conversation with Chris Badgett on the World of Online and Offline Education Honoring Teachers


In this week’s LMScast Ali Mathis of the LifterLMS team discusses teacher appreciation week – a conversation with Chris Badgett on the world of online and offline education honoring teachers.

When YouTube really does have to be offline

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FastestTube is a browser extension that currently works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari (IE version on the way). It sits in YouTube and allows you to download any video in a number of formats: This is a really useful facility.

The gradebook module


For offline activities we have to manually add the scores. ► September (1) 5 things you (perhaps) don't know about eFront ► August (2) From version 3.6 to version 3.6.6

Creating Online Social Learning Membership Sites with Web Development Agency Owner, BuddyPress Expert, and StudyChurch Founder Tanner Moushey


Learn about creating online social learning membership sites with web development agency owner, BuddyPress expert, and StudyChurch founder Tanner Moushey in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. He also has a social learning project over at

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Why are we still talking xAPI?


But an exploding media with an overwhelming Social media and the need to harness the learning content that is garnered from different sources became imperative. And online and offline. Effortless Versioning. Global E-Learning market industry is expected to grow from $176.12

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The Emerging Role of the Community Manager #astdl20

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Behind the scenes tasks: Taking issues offline building relationship with key members The ghost town… Community launches with lots of content but no management. If you see a community forming offline, help them do it online. Understand the role and value of CM Social business becomes a strategic imperative. Create other versions of content in a way that makes it easy for other people to consume. Elevating your brand in an offline space is priceless.

LMS Review: Docebo 7

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It can manage elearning, ILT, dozens of languages, social integration, gamification, virtual classrooms and ecommerce. Mobile apps with offline content support and text push notifications. A separate “course” is required for each language version.

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Docebo’s Mobile App Makes Learning Better


Docebo has some big news that we’re incredibly excited to announce: the latest version of our mobile app is here. Go.Learn allows certain types of learning objects, including SCORM, videos, slide presentation, files, and HTML pages to be downloaded, played and tracked offline.

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Web-Based Authoring Tools for Scalable eLearning Development: The Time Has Come

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Such a tool must deliver, at a minimum: social authoring capabilities; a collaborative review environment; interactive design elements; asset repositories; course template flexibility and reusability; version control; and. Social authoring. Version control.

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How Docebo 7.7 Helps You Amplify Digital Learning Experience to Produce Better Learning Outcomes


Docebo is introducing its first-to-market Mobile App Publisher , which allows your organization to make mobile learning your own with a branded version of the award-winning Go.Learn mobile app.

The best option for virtual training is to get an LMS for online courses


Not just mobile learning, our LMS combines the power of mobile learning and with social learning, contributing to building a much more detailed picture of how students learn, where they learn, and what tools they use to do it. A good LMS for online courses must have an offline mode. For them, the option of offline learning serves as a boon. The LMS platform by Paradiso Solutions has freemium, the free version of our Learning Management System.

Is it time to replace SCORM? A Look at Emerging Learning Technologies

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The last SCORM version was in 2004! This can track and capture our online and offline activities. Online Learning Personalised Learning Social Learning Learning Technologies personalised learning

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What Truly Makes an LMS Mobile-First


Over time, certain features are selected and implemented into native apps that run as a scaled down version of this software on a mobile device. Since it is designed and built for learners who are on-the-go, it needs to open and function just as easily as a PC version.

From Micro-Learning to Corporate MOOCs

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It is an approach that – if done right – can integrate all aspects of the Pervasive Learning model – Formal, Informal and Social – popularized by Dan Pontefract in the book, Flat Army. I have recently been exploring micro-learning in some detail. And wrote about it in my previous post.

Evolving the E-Learning Experience for the 21st Century

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Works even when offline. Free version offers 2GB of storage, paid version goes as high as 100GB. Boosts mobile learning value, social learning (P2P is a form of social media) and removes the browser issue for many businesses (i.e Text to Speech, Automatic Voice Recognition, Audio Social Learning. Tired of having to type to post comments in social learning solutions, what about on discussion boards or forums? Offers offline reading.


Go.Learn Makes Mobile Learning Better


Docebo has some big news that we’re incredibly excited to announce: the latest version of our mobile app is here. Go.Learn allows certain types of learning objects, including SCORM, videos, slide presentation, files, and HTML pages to be downloaded, played and tracked offline.

LearnDash Add-On Black Friday Deals


Includes unlimited grade types, online and offline grades, and front-end gradebook for students to see their results. Pro version of the popular Toolkit Add-on with 12 extra features to enhance your course experience. Social Learner (Theme).

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LMS vendors: R u hearing us?

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I must admit I am still in a daze on some shocking data, I saw in the last few weeks (on a side note: the new and updated version of my LMS/LCMS directory will be available for download this upcoming Tuesday). 30% vendors offer at least one type of social media – from my latest LMS directory. Many made it nearly impossible to find their social media to follow, friend or check out their social bookmarks. Social Media & Social Learning – LMS Style.

Building the Next Generation of SCORM

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version of the Tin Can API (planned for June of this year). As one of the most widely used versions of SCORM , the SCORM 1.2 Ability to handle offline and long-running content. It will collect activity streams similar to the way social media applications track activity streams. By doing SCORM in this new way, content can in fact reside on social networks and report across domains to an LRS that is part of your LMS. by Jonathan Shoaf.


5 E-Learning Forecasts for 2012

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They involved talent management, “hello and goodbye” with vendors, social learning, upswing in mobile learning, new feature sets in the authoring tool space, flat lining in web conferencing and standalone platforms. They plan on launching a version next year on smartphones. Social Learning. The “gerbil in the wheel” mentality continues, despite over 30 different types of social media.

The 6 Hottest Training Technologies That You Can’t Overlook


Virtual Environment and Avatars: Virtual learning environments bring the social interaction part of traditional classroom training into the e-learning world. HTML5 is the latest version of HTML, which is accessible on all platforms, devices, and browsers.

9 Elearning Authoring Tools: Comparison and Review


Flexible rules and branching options enable complex, personalized and adaptive learning experiences; and the ability to use social polling, gamification and a whole host of interaction types provide plenty of opportunity to hook in learners.

New E-Learning Rankings: Authoring Tools

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Offers three versions. #7 That said, the enterprise version is really strong. That said, the version I am talking about this time is the commercial one, although the free version will suffice for many folks. Everyone loves lists.

Top 10 Quiz Makers for Teachers and Educators

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Some HTML5 quiz makers are built in order to develop online content and may even grade the questions for you, whilst others generate a printable version. Formatting quite bland on the free version. Paid versions come as either ‘Plus’ or ‘Premium’. Cons: Free version has text ads.

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Why Use ActionScript 3.0 in Flash Based eLearning Development?

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The latest version of ActionScript- ActionScript 3.0 [AS It has many new APIs and better performance which were not available in the previous versions of ActionScript [AS 1.0 & AS 2.0] This can help in creating some really cool animations and effects which were not possible in previous versions. There are also a few Social media libraries/classes. Social Media Libraries for Flash eLearning Development: Useful Firefox add-ons.

RSC Moodle Roundtable

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Besides, the latter way of quiz creation is an offline activityand solves the problem of demanding continuous access to a Moodle server. version do not use the GIFT format, which is not nativeto Moodle and lack some capabilities (for example, adding images to questions).The

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Tin Can API, the evolution of SCORM


Tin Can API , also known as Experience API or xAPI, is generally considered to be the successor to SCORM , and expands the ability of the organizations that use it to gather data about the experiences, both offline and online, experiences that are quantifiable, trackable and shareable.


Reporting eLearning Results

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There are two primary versions of SCORM-version 1.2, released in 1999, and version 2004. But what if a trainer needs to get scores from learners who are collaborating with other students using social media? The new Tin Can API allows training professionals to gather detailed data about the learner experience as the learner moves through an eLearning course (either online or offline).

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FastTrack for iPad - Learn Camtasia Studio 7 on the Go

TechSmith Camtasia

Some of the cool things you can do: View Camtasia Studio tutorials offline Follow along in Camtasia (use iPad as extra screen) Search across videos Skim video transcripts (Tip: rotate iPad to portrait mode to see transcripts) Give on-the-spot feedback to TechSmith tutorial creators.

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What Can the E-Learning Industry Learn from Omnichannel?


With customers engaging with a company from any number of platforms (desktop, social media, and in-store), it’s more important than ever for that experience to be the same, no matter what platform the customer uses. Omnichannel takes this approach to the next level by applying it not just to online and offline learning, but to any learning channel a learner might adopt. Or they may not have a smartphone at all, or they may have a version that doesn’t run your app.

Be A Corporate Superhero With Learning Heroes Courses


This translates to a great many quality eLearning courses with a focus on microlearning , accompanied by tons of course-related animations, offline activities, workbooks, pre-reading texts, and infographics. Communication and Social Skills (5 courses).

New-Age Learning Management System: What It Has in Store for You


Today, we are talking about the new-age learning management tools and software, more developed and capable than their earlier versions. Using a robust learning management system on the market, you can create training courses to offer both online and offline training.

5 Benefits of a Learning Management System for Businesses


With a cloud-based LMS, your organization’s eLearning content is not stored on different offline hard drives or devices. Since the LMS is already accessible online, it is possible to integrate social learning into your eLearning strategy. Compliance rules and regulations get regularly modified, but updating your traditional offline course to reflect these changes can be a rather time-consuming task.

Presentations in the cloud

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This Facebook version includes a video, slides and a summary of the presentation. More interestingly, dpcloud's Facebook and LinkedIn versions can also incorporate all of those platforms' social media features, allowing the presentation to act as catalyst for an on-going discussion.