Get Voiceover Right First Time with this Essential Checklist

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More and more learners are demanding voiceover in their eLearning courses and for good reason – a great voiceover can bring your content to life. Question 1: What is your voiceover preference? Click here to see some examples of courses with high quality voiceover.

Successful Product Training Through e-Learning: Strategies For Success


The courses can be accompanied by a voiceover to compensate for the minimalistic on-screen text. • This allows the learners to study offline. Educating and training employees on the product knowledge and selling skills are paramount to the success of the organization.

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Adopting e-Learning: Tips for reaping business benefits out of your elearning initiative


The courses were accompanied by an audio-voiceover which compensated for the minimalistic on-screen text. We also provided downloadable offline learning material along with each online learning course , encapsulating the main learning of the course.

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10 Common Problems faced by Learners in Online Learning


One of the key goals of any Instructional Designer, educator or SME of an online course, is to engage learners into the course and help them successfully achieve the learning objectives. They take quite a few efforts towards achieving this goal.

Publishing Success with Digital First Publishing – Part 2

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Course publishing choices include SCORM 1.2/2004, offline, and Web ( [link] ). Voiceover technology and other features allow built-in accessibility. In our first blog on the evolution of digital first publishing Publishing Success with Digital First Publishing , we discussed how the publishing industry led by decreased sales in education textbooks initially adopted a general digital first workflow.

Unicorn Client Day - LIVE BLOG

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Will have video functionality by time its launched by 1 Sept but really open to hearing the other thoughts/feedback of functions people may like to add to post-launch roadmap (audio for walkthrough voiceovers one function suggested a few times today). Mark Jones is bringing the day to a close.

Top 11 eLearning software tools to make your courses shine


This means that it allows you to host your courses on the web or offline via the Gomo app. Active Presenter is an online, user-friendly video editor that allows you to record your screen, a voiceover, and/or a video of yourself. You want your courses to be fantastic.

85+ Top Tools & Resources for Course Creators


iMovie is the iconic tool for Mac – for all apple mobile devices, offering unique features including studio quality titles, extra special effects, filters, built-in music and voiceover. As a file storage tool, Dropbox offers an online (offline) space for sharing and collaboration among group/teams and businesses, with advanced security features, and a dedicated live support along the way. Steve Jobs once said, ‘Technology is nothing.