Blended Learning and Tracking Offline Learning – The xAPI Way

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SCORM can’t track all offline activities involved in blended learning. Read to know how xAPI aids in tracking even offline learning activities. eLearning Design LMS Standards

What is xAPI?


The Experience API (xAPI) is a technical specification that makes it easier for learning technologies to connect to each other. Basically, it’s a rulebook for how learning tools communicate about and glean data from online and offline activities of an individual or group of people.

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Why is xAPI the future of learning analytics now?

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XAPI(Experience API) helps a company collate data about an employee’s learning behavior. The XAPI technology is open source, and it can be downloaded from the internet, and any device can be empowered with it. What kind of non-LMS learning activities can be monitored by the xAPI?

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xAPI Tutorial


xAPI was the #6 eLearning trend for 2018. If you’re not doing anything at all with xAPI now, it can feel like climbing Mount Everest. Here’s something actionable that you can do TODAY in about an hour to get started with xAPI. xAPI Tutorial: 60 Minute Quick-Start Guide. Mel Milloway’s 3 steps to xAPI LinkedIn post – Mel- You are a rock star for creating the tutorials (video and posts)! Learn the basics of xAPI. How is xAPI different than SCORM?

Reflections on DevLearn’s xAPI Hyperdrive


It was an incredibly exciting week to see the incredible gains and growth the xAPI community has had in the last year. Megan & I spent the bulk of our time helping the eLearning Guild with the xAPI Hyperdrive and the xAPI in Practice track. In this case, xAPI is used with Articulate products to create job aids that track interactions while relief workers — in this case, research interviewers — are out in the field.

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SCORM vs xAPI: The Right Choice For Your e-learning


While it can be confusing to pick between SCORM and xAPI, getting to understand the two standards and your requirements will make your choice easier. Although SCORM is a widely used standard, xAPI has many features that can help to track and deliver personalized learning experience. These features include simplicity, accessibility, offline tracking, and tracking outside LMS. SCORM vs xAPI – What Are They And What Are Their Benefits? What is xAPI?

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Why are we still talking xAPI?


What is xAPI? According to “The Experience API (or xAPI) is a new specification for learning technology that makes it possible to collect data about the wide range of experiences a person has (online and offline). So, as it is still critical, let’s do a quick primer on xAPI. 4 reasons to choose xAPI. With xAPI in online training, you can track any learning interventions happening in your online training environment. And online and offline.

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eLearning Trends for 2018

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Speaking of flexibility, xAPI is an important part of that process. xAPI helps with integrations and reporting between various platforms. With xAPI, administrators don’t need to worry about losing any data between platforms. The Learning Record Store (LRS) is an important feature in xAPI. As previously stated, xAPI is an important part of tracking offline activities. Every year around this time, we discuss the eLearning trends for the next year.

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Scorm vs Tin Can (xAPI)


Whilst SCORM is the most widely used elearning standard, xAPI opens up a wealth of opportunity for tracking, personalizing and improving learning experiences. We take a look at how they compare… Both SCORM and Tin Can – now more commonly known as xAPI – are communications protocols for tracking learning related activity. But, the extent and flexibility to which they SCORM and xAPI are able to do this differs significantly. xAPI can help!


Top 8 xAPI Questions Everyone Wants to Know

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Top 8 xAPI Questions. In comes xAPI. Here are some of the top xAPI questions. What is xAPI? Its official name is Experience API but most everyone uses xAPI for short. No, xAPI is not replacing SCORM. There are still things that SCORM does that xAPI doesn’t do and, of course, vice-versa. Because of this, many Learning Management Systems are keeping SCORM support but adding in support for xAPI. How is xApi Different?

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4 examples of using xAPI for more effective learning


xAPI is a game changer. In this blog we take a closer look at what xAPI is and share some real-world examples of xAPI in action. What is xAPI? The Experience API, commonly referred to as xAPI or Tin-Can enables the recording, tracking, personalizing and improving of learning activity, both on and offline. If you care about supporting real learning that’s truly people-centered , then you should consider xAPI as a way of measuring it!

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Moving and receiving xAPI data in an LRS rich environment

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As you build your xAPI ecosystem, you’ll likely compile a number of LRSs. Developing a strategy for moving and receiving xAPI data between LRSs becomes essential, which is why our CEO TJ outlined tactical steps for doing just that during his recent xAPI Cohort presentation. He’s giving a talk on xAPI at DevLearn this Friday, “ xAPI 201: Move from Experimentation to Mastery.” ” Where does xAPI data come from? Send xAPI data.

What is xAPI?


Over the past three years, xAPI has emerged as the hot new standard for delivering online training. xAPI is often described as the next evolution of SCORM. While the SCORM standard isn’t going anywhere soon, xAPI has redefined some of the fundamental practices of tracking learning experiences. But what is xAPI? What is xAPI? is still the most popular authoring standard used in eLearning, its weaknesses triggered the development of xAPI. How xAPI works.

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xAPI – What it can mean for your learning Program


xAPI – What it can mean for your learning Program. In the Learning and Development industry a very buzzworthy topic is xAPI (xAPI is also known as Tin Can API or the Experience API in case you have heard or read additional posts elsewhere, it will herein be referred to solely as xAPI within this blog post). Experience Tracking (The reason xAPI is also known as the Experience API) is a very real component of the xAPI offering.

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What is the xAPI Standard and Why is it the Future of Learning Technology?


Get ahead of the learning technology curve by enabling xAPI in your LMS. Then in 2013, experience API (xAPI) — also known as Tin Can API — was developed and quickly became crucial for obtaining accurate activity reporting. Both SCORM and xAPI built off the framework AICC provided. xAPI – Meet the New Standard. Since blended learning is on the rise , the xAPI mobile features are crucial.

How xAPI is Re-Shaping Modern Workplace Learning?

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xAPI or Experience API is the outcome of Project TinCan that started in 2010. xAPI’s remarkable growth and evolution as an eLearning specification is truly heralding a transformation in the way eLearning is being created and deployed globally. A Quick Introduction to xAPI. xAPI is an eLearning specification that makes it possible to collect data about the wide range of experiences a person has within online and offline training activities.

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eLearning Authoring Tools + xAPI = A Love Story

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eLearning authoring tools and xAPI go together like the proverbial horse and carriage. In this blog post from Customer Success Manager, Simon Waldram, we look at the love affair between xAPI and authoring tools, and detail four ways an authoring tool can use xAPI to drive learning value. What Is xAPI? In its simplest form, an xAPI statement consists of an actor, verb, and object. actor": "Jared", "verb": "completed", "object": "xAPI training". }.

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Beyond the Hype – 5 Practical Applications of xAPI for Online Learning

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Beyond the Hype – 5 Practical Applications of xAPI for Online Learning. In today’s blog, we want to take the mystery out of xAPI and show you some of the benefits xAPI can bring to your online learning solution. We believe that xAPI could be just what you need. What is xAPI? xAPI stands for Experience Application Program Interface. Why use xAPI? Before there was xAPI, there was SCORM. xAPI and the Real World.

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What is XAPI And How Should You Use It?


It’s called xAPI. What is XAPI? xAPI allows for deeper tracking of learning. xAPI also makes it easy for learning and development teams to see self-directed learning in action. The “x” in xAPI stands for experience and represents this software’s ability to capture learning experiences which was not always possible. How is xAPI different from SCORM? What are the benefits of xAPI? How to use xAPI.

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Experience API, xAPI, Tin Can API Integrated Learning Management System


Experience API, xAPI, Tin Can API Based Integrated Learning Management System and HTML5 based Authoring Tool and Platform form Instancy. Experience API, xAPI, Tin Can API Integrated Learning Management System No doubt the new learning world has arrived with the speed of mobility, as Web 3.0

SCORM vs. Tin Can xAPI: A simple guide to everything you need to know

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What is xAPI? Unlike SCORM, xAPI isn’t limited to learning management systems. It can also integrate with other platforms recording and tracking data from Sales CRMs, offline assessments and CMS, giving you insights into training efficacy and employee performance. Differences between SCORM and xAPI. Offline activity tracking. xAPI far out-performs SCORM and is more likely to be future proof as you expand on your training and build your platform.

What is SCORM? xAPI? TinCan? AICC? A review of the LMS acronyms

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Here we will take a look at AICC, SCORM, and XAPI (Tin Can), define what each one is and see when each might be an ideal solution for your business. XAPI – TIN CAN . XAPI Pros. XAPI Cons. When to use XAPI.


The What, How and Why of xAPI in Corporate Learning


who serves as the Director of the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative, aptly put it ‘xAPI helps us put the puzzle together’. But What is xAPI Really? To truly understand Experience API or xAPI, we need to first talk of Shareable Content Object Reference Model(SCORM) – the popular protocol that allows learning systems to speak with each other. So, in 2013, the developers of SCORM released xAPI (also known as Tin Can). How Does xAPI Work?

What is Cmi5? A new set of rules for xAPI


Initially called Tin Can, a more formal name of xAPI was settled upon. A new set of ‘rules’ for xAPI called cmi5 is set to harness the possibilities of xAPI making it even more impactful. In this post we take a look at a snippet of our new eBook: xAPI and cmi5, Plan now for the future of eLearning. Cmi5 is a “profile” for using the xAPI specification with traditional learning management systems. cmi5 is there to put some of the rules back on top of xAPI.

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[Free eBook] xAPI and cmi5: Plan now for the future of eLearning


In recent years xAPI has risen as a challenger and now with cmi5 it has every chance of fulfilling SCORM’s original potential. This free xAPI and cmi5 eBook was inspired by the questions we have been asked by our customers and partners. What is xAPI? xAPI, the new standard for delivering online training, is often described as the next evolution of SCORM. But what is xAPI? Cmi5, a modifier of xAPI, has started to gather momentum. How does xAPI work?

Yet Analytics announces new Open Source LRS

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With support for embedded SQLite and Postgres and set-up times of less than 15 seconds on Windows, Linux, or Mac, the SQL LRS will change the way government, industry, and education stakeholders will use xAPI. Offline Mode Licensed Apache 2.0

Webinar Q&A: Empowering Continuous Learning with the Experience API (xAPI)

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Questions: What is the common identifier that allows the xAPI to connect the data provided by the ‘activity provider’ to a specific user in the LRS? Answer: xAPI allows for learners to be identified by email address, Open ID or an account on some system, such as an LMS. How do you best see xAPI interfacing with an LMS? Which LMS platforms out there today best interface with xAPI? That’s one of the big advantages of xAPI, *anything* can make a statement.

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LRS - Learning Record Store - xAPI - What is it?

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The information gathered by an LRS system is derived as a direct outcome of a type of learning experience that occurs in other processes, which are designed to support the Experience Application Performing Interface (xAPI). xAPI was previously known as the Tin Can API. The format and processing technology integrated by xAPI to record data and information pertaining to different learning experiences is highly precise and intricately flexible.

“What is the right learning standard to support in my application?”

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While SCORM is still the standard most commonly supported today, your customers may ask for others like AICC, cmi5, LTI or xAPI. xAPI Resources: . Overview of xAPI. Benefits of xAPI. cmi5 provides a way to move from SCORM to the more modern xAPI specification.

New Open Source Capabilities for the Total Learning Architecture

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Our team has been working hard to get new open source capabilities out to the xAPI community before year’s end. You can think of a Noisy LRS as being responsible for capturing any and all of the xAPI emitted by a data source. xAPI Total Learning Architecture Open Source

Choosing Mobile Learning Solutions Using Standards

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Then came Experience API (xAPI) and CMI5. It would have to be installed on the mobile device but would allow for offline work. Using xAPI for mobile learning gives you some options. Since with xAPI we would not be tied to just “Bill passed this course and got 85%” it opens us up to the full spectrum. If by app, you build the xAPI hooks into it. That would provide the ability to keep records offline if necessary and sync when possible.

SCORM vs. Tin Can (xAPI): which is right for your LMS?

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then SCORM 2004, and then the Developer saw that those were all good and said: “Let there be Tin Can (xAPI or Experience API)!”. SCORM vs. Tin Can (xAPI). Offline learning. The Developer. Do you have questions about having a SCORM compliant learning management system (LMS)? Ever wonder about the difference between SCORM vs. Tin Can in online learning content standards and LMS training? If so, read on… In the beginning, there was SCORM!


A New Kind of Training Platform

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Access to both online and offline training… powered by xAPI and the Master Object Model. The platform was adapted from a commercial xAPI capability and re-imagined in partnership with airmen — and with input from a variety of Air Force stakeholders. Training Commons.

SCORM goes mobile with eFrontPro for Android


That’s especially true for the two well-established eLearning data interchange formats, SCORM and xAPI (Tin Can), both of which eFrontPro has long supported. Starting from eFrontPro’s Android application’s latest update, we are proud to announce that we’ll be supporting mobile SCORM in both online and offline learning modes. Product News Android App Android SCORM Mobile SCORM Offline SCORM


Experience API – A New Form of Communication in eLearning

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Now there is a new revolutionary way to communicate in the industry, experience API (xAPI or Tin Can API). This learning technology bridges the digital world and the real world allowing the tracking of online and offline learning experiences. xAPI collects data unlike anything before. xAPI is a new specification that track learning by the learning experience. Offline learning and collaborative learning can be recognized and communicated well with the xAPI technology.

LMS Standards and Specifications


SCORM and xAPI are two of the standards that have been developed. To address the limitations of SCORM, the xAPI standard was developed, specifically, regarding the relationship between learners and learning experiences. What is xAPI?

SCORM vs. Tin Can (xAPI) vs. AICC: What’s the difference?


Before we get into how SCORM, Tin Can (also called xAPI, or meaning Experience API), and AICC are different, let’s start with what they all have in common: a complicated acronym (AICC is a doozy), and standards and specifications for eLearning content that is compatible across multiple platforms.


5 Eternal eLearning Trends That Have Stood the Test of Time

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SCORM was succeeded by xAPI, also known as Tin Can API as well as Experience API. xAPI or Tin Can was considered an improvement over SCORM because it enables learners to collect data online and offline, while helping track learner progress and use content through a multitude of software suites, in addition to certain other features. In addition, it gave hardware access, offline storage, and supported cloud-based applications.

Don’t throw away your shot with Rustici Engine!

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Rustici Engine has solved my SCORM problems, but I keep hearing about xAPI, LTI, and cmi5…does Engine support these standards? Engine has a built-in, fully compliant Learning Record Store (LRS) to store xAPI data and can import and launch both Tin Can and cmi5 packages.

Tin Can API & the Future of E-Learning


Here is a quick re-cap on this learning standard, before we take a closer look at some of the use cases: Experience API is a new (and evolving) e-learning specification that makes it possible to collect data about the wide range of learning experiences a person goes through (both online and offline). Most informal learning is happening even while learners are offline (without being connected to the LMS). Occurring even while learners are offline.