Investing in the Best Online Learning Platform for Education

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The eLearning landscape is rapidly evolving as more and more institutions and universities recognize the benefits that the online learning platform brings to learners. Online Learning Platforms and Their Advantages for Institutions. Top 5 Online Learning Platforms.

The Pros And Cons Of Online Learning: Startling Lessons From COVID-19

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Including moving to online learning to train employees and customers. But what are the pros and cons of online learning? And what have we learned from Covid-19 about the pros and cons of online learning? E-learning is not a new concept.

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Training Remote Workforce: Can Managed Learning Services Help?

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If you have considered outsourcing your training needs a managed learning services partner might give you the advantage you are looking for. What are Managed Learning Services Vendors? 3 Ways a Managed Learning Partner Can Help You Train Your Remote Workforce.

What Is the Business Value of Online Learning?


Is online training for businesses worth the investment? You’ve heard a lot about online learning, but how do you know it’s the best solution for your organization? However, there’s a good reason why online learning has proven to be such a popular choice with many businesses.

Transforming Learning for Effective Customer Service Training

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Most organizations have realized the significance of learning in the current business scenario. Therefore, it is essential for Learning & Development teams to collaborate with business leaders, enabling organizations to transform learning by creating incredible training experiences.

Managed Learning Services and the Future of Work

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Future Learning Landscape Predictions. This past year organizations have been focusing on converting existing learning programs into formats better suited for employees who are now working remotely. Developing a long term learning strategy. Business aligned learning strategies.

TOPYX LMS and EdTek Services Announce Partnership


BONITA SPRINGS, FL – Interactyx, the developer of the TOPYX® learning management system (LMS) software , and EdTek Services, Inc. , a full-service eLearning technology and support provider for small to midsize organizations, are excited to announce a strategic partnership to jointly serve the growing eLearning market. TOPYX LMS is a fully-hosted, social learning management system without user, data or implementation fees. EdTek Services, Inc.,


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Then developing online learning or an e-learning course might be your solution. And how do you know that developing online learning is the right solution for you? Our Dummies Guide to Developing Online Learning starts with what is e-learning. Then it explains the advantages of online learning. Also, it discusses the types of online learning and what makes great e-learning. Advantages of Online Learning.

7 Use Cases for Branching Scenarios in Online Learning


That’s an accepted part of the learning process. But online, educators need to look for other solutions. Read More: How to use Branching Scenarios in E-Learning. Branching scenarios are one of the most effective tools available to online educators. Language learning.

Why Higher Education Institutions Need an Education Services Company

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This lays the emphasis on the urgent need for partnerships between higher education institutions and education services companies to bring innovation into the higher education system. 6 reasons why the higher education institutions need an education services company. Blended Learning.

Managed Learning Service: A Strategy Makeover for 2020

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In fact, there has been a 59% increase in online learning budgets in the last three years (1). HR teams often find themselves dealing with obstacles such as time constraints, a lack of expertise or learning technology that prevents them from accomplishing their training goals.

What Is The Business Value of Online Learning?


How valuable is online training for businesses, and how can they calculate ROI? You’ve heard a lot about online learning, but how do you know it’s the best solution for your organization? Many businesses have ample need for more efficient training, whether it be for new hires, continued learning, or leadership development. Should they invest in online learning, finance courses at an outside institution, or hire a specialist to conduct traditional classroom learning?

Saving Lives with Online Learning


In 2015, UMBC Training Centers collaborated with CourseArc to help one of their partners, the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) , transition face-to-face workshops to the online environment. ICISF are the education and training leaders in crisis intervention and disaster behavioral health services. ICISF reached out to UMBC Training Centers, and requested assistance in creating a strategy for moving their content online.

COVID-19 and Online Learning Translation


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our daily life significantly causing numerous educational institutions and business to go online. Many companies had to learn how to maintain a safe office during a pandemic while teachers have had to polish their IT skills and master online education.

Does Your Company Need to Offer Online Learning?

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Unfortunately, most of the organizations have not added “untrained and inexpert employees” to this list; and that shows how online learning and training is one of the lowest priorities of these organizations. Knowledge is power and being updated and learning novel skills keep the businesses going ahead of the competitors. Regularly upgrading and enhancing your employees’ skill set is important for the business owners, in particular, in the fast-paced online space.

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Learning Administration Services

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Business leaders and HR teams are working together to develop new learning strategies. Outsourcing the administrative tasks associated with your learning and development initiatives is an easy way to lighten the workload of your already busy in house teams. Blog Learning administratio

The Making of a Future-proof Online Learning Program for Colleges & Universities

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Online education with the help of online learning program development, of late, has been gaining massive popularity and a robust following. A study conducted in 2017 by Allen and Seamen found that almost all of the students in the US take at least one online class, and up to 48% of them are only taking online classes. Enrollment in fully online programs has been growing at a 4% annual rate in the US. Increase in the Number of Online Learning Programs.

Significance Of Online Learning For Retail Organizations


Digital learning landscape of the retail industry is gradually shifting with technological advancement. Because data is trending these days, most of the retail organizations are embedding learning technologies with e-courses. They have also started emphasizing on product knowledge and efficient service along with utmost management development. However, the industry is looking for more areas that introduce new opportunities to boost the efficiency of a learning platform.

Best Online Learning Sites 2021: LinkedIn Learning, SkillSoft, uDemy Business, Coursera for Teams

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Off-the-shelf, third-party online learning content is common for organizations who don’t have the internal resources to develop their own training and is a reliable source of ongoing learning for your workforce. . What Are The Benefits Of Online Learning Sites?

2021 Customer Service Training Guide

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Have you looked at the contents of your customer service training manual lately? That’s because the definition of “great customer service” is always evolving. Sign up for Free and Start Using The Best LMS Platform for Your Customer Service Training.

Why Accessibility Matters in Online Learning


Technology must be accessible to each of these students, regardless of specials needs, different learning styles, or demographics. Creating an equitable learning experience through the use of accessible tech is not only critical to student achievement, it is also the law. Additionally, the IDEA Act evaluates the actions of educational institutions in providing needed services to students with disabilities or special needs. Register here: Accessibility For Online Learning.

Online Learning Works – So Why are Schools Failing at it?

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If you believe what many school districts, governmental officials, and even some folks in the media, the whole idea around online learning, as a result of the closing of schools, is not only a fiasco, but something so new that it has sped up its usage by 15 years. . Anyone who has been involved with online learning in the education sector knows full well that this is false. E-Learning (the actual term) for online education started in 1993.

5 Ways to Ensure Student Engagement in Online Learning

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Online learning has re-engineered the entire classroom experience by making course material available remotely. However, with a lack of face-to-face interaction and peer-to-peer bonding, online learning can take a toll on student engagement. Strive for Active Learning.

10 Important customer service skills

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Why Improve Customer Service Skills? Customer service is an essential aspect of any business. It is this support for your customers both before and after selling them a product or service that creates an impression upon them which will guide their next purchase.

Digital Conversion Services for Every Publisher

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In order to stay competitive, every organization must adapt to the latest developments and technologies to be of service to the respective community. This blog is all about Digital Conversion Services that Hurix has been offering to their clients over the years.

Online Learning Games – Making Remote Learning Fun for K-12 Students

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The recent pandemic has dramatically changed the way in which students learn. Educational institutions have been pushed to conduct online classes to keep things as normal as possible for students. Role of online learning games in K-12 education.

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Importance of Instructional Design Services for Online Learning

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Whether it is your first time creating learning content or not, your organization may need help with instructional design (ID). Seek an online learning technology provider that offers instructional design consulting services to help with your project from start-to-finish This is an important -- and sometimes overlooked -- piece of the support pie.

B Online Learning Launches Birch, A New Learning Platform

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Las Vegas, USA – B Online Learning, an experienced learning company, today released their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) learning platform, Birch at DevLearn. The post B Online Learning Launches Birch, A New Learning Platform appeared first on B Online Learning. Birch is a […].

How to Create and boost K-12 Online Learning Solutions?

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K-12 online learning solution is an expansive field that encompasses a diverse mix of educational content from kindergarten to grade 12. The content aims to foster a love for learning among the primary, middle, and high school children. Interlinking the learning solutions.

Effective Training Methods for Your Online Learning Programs


Have you recently switched from in-person to online training? Most learning leaders and trainers have had to quickly embrace this major shift over the last year. And with many being thrown in at the deep end of remote learning, we wanted to help. Social learning.

5 Features in the Best Online Learning Platforms for CME


The best online learning platforms should fully support your CME program. We’ve come up with a list of five features that the best online learning platforms for continuing medical education should include. #1: 1: Self-Service Tools for Learners.

Top Online Learning Development and Delivery Tools

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As Online learning development goes digital, it becomes imperative for organizations and educational institutions to digitalize their learning and development content. Here, in this article, we talk about online learning development and delivery tools.

How Could Students Make Online Learning More Productive

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So it comes as no surprise to learn how the internet has revolutionized education, and the way we look at knowledge and skill altogether. As each day goes by, online learning tools increase, becoming bigger and better. Although online learning allows you to have more flexibility, it still requires a formal approach to studying. The only difference between traditional and online learning is the setting. Learn How to Research.

Top 8 Companies Providing Educational Content Development Services

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Today, content development companies are developing instructional, educational, interactive, and academic content for online learners across the globe. Here are the top 8 firms providing educational content development services. Below are a few key highlights of Hurix services-.

SAP Litmos is a Top 20 Online Learning Library Company


We’re excited and honored to announce that we’ve been named to the Top 20 Learning Library Company List by Training Industry. This award recognizes the robustness and quality of SAP Litmos Training Content , and its value to the learning market.

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CoreAxis Named Top Online Learning Library Companies, 2021


Southborough, MA – June 24, 2021: CoreAxis is pleased to announce they have been named a top online learning library company by Training Industry for 2021. A corporate learning library is a repository of on-demand content for corporate and individual learning and development.

The Many Faces of Online Learning

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Online learning isn’t bound by just one medium. Head of Learning Experience, Jack Quantrill explores some of the tools you may not have realized you have at your disposal. Subjects such as Leadership and Communication Skills are particularly well-served online.

How to Devise an Effective Online Learning Assessment Strategy

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Nearly everyone regards assessment as a key component of any learning design strategy. But oftentimes, even for large and complex online courses, there isn’t a well-conceived assessment strategy. Let’s say the learning objective is “Describe the different types of clouds.”

Why hospitals should embrace online learning


Healthcare sector today is undergoing rapid transformation in terms of quality service delivery, technology, operations and workforce management. They also need to implement a set of compliance parameters, especially related to training for continued learning. Healthcare is one of the industries where online and blended learning is replacing traditional classroom learning at a great pace. The post Why hospitals should embrace online learning appeared first on.