4 Psychology Backed Strategies to Keep Your Online Learners Motivated


Try adding a course workbook or including synchronous sessions to keep your course engaging. . In psychology, a schema describes a pattern of thought or behavior that organizes categories of information and the relationships among them.

Top 4 HR and L&D trends to watch out for in 2022


That’s because numbers don’t lie — patterns may be hard to identify and interpret, but the numbers behind them will always be clear. Below are four HR and L&D trends that will be gaining traction in the near future, based on important patterns and trends: Hybrid workforces.


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Think Multiscreen (vs. iPad-only) when developing an mLearning Strategy

mLearning Revolution

via Multiscreen Patterns | precious, strategic design & visual language. Three Patterns of an Ecosystem of Screens for mLearning. Precious Design Studio discovered six patterns of the ecosystem of screens, however I think three apply to us and provide a great blueprint for how we should approach our learning design. Synchronization in Multiscreen Learning Design. This is another pattern to keep in mind when designing for a multiscreen world.

iPad 180

Organizations as Communities?—?Part 2

ID Reflections

Creating space for Synchronicity ?— ?In Welcoming synchronicity require us to hold space for ourselves as well as others, to tap into our inner wisdom and allow the unfolding to happen. I t’s in the in-between space when we let go of control and trust in a higher order do we begin to experience the synchronicity that come our way as guideposts. They only serve to keep the system stuck in the old patterns and habits.

MOOCs in Performance Support

ID Reflections

A holistic MOOC ecosystem enables learners to access the core knowledge required via the formal course components while facilitating access to emerging knowledge, enabling discussions around complex and ambiguous situations and helping learners see the emerging patterns from various disciplines. And today’s organizations need workers to be focused on problem-solving, analytical thinking & pattern sensing, and be adept at exception handling.

Importance of corporate training for employees and organization

Your Training Edge

The corporate trainings and orientations implemented and executed by human resource departments have changed drastically in the last few decades in order to synchronize with organization goals. For evaluation of corporate training program, the use of critique sessions, appraisal of change efforts, and comparison of pre and post-training behavioral patterns are quite effective.

Learner Experience Platforms and their role in enabling Virtual Learning


Asynchronous and Synchronous learning combined. In this way, learners can plan, prepare and submit their presentation asynchronously as individuals; while delivery, observation and feedback is given synchronously in cohorts. Virtual learning is here to stay.

Reflecting socially

Clark Quinn

We can capture our understanding with images, audio or video, e.g. conducting interviews (you think differently creating a response to a deep question synchronously than asynchronously. We also may be able to review interactions in a social media system, messages and such, to reflect on our communication patterns and improve. About ten years ago, now, Jay Cross and I met and with some other colleagues, started what we called the Meta-Learning Lab.

Social 151

Best Things to Know About Studying Art and Design in 2022

Professional Online Learning | ecadema

Also, synchronous learning sessions provided at ecadema platform enable students to raise any concerns and can clear their doubts immediately, receiving further guidance in these additional support sessions.

Study 52

The Challenge Creating a Hybrid Workplace

Time to Know

A team member should not feel they missed out if they were unable to join a synchronous training session or team meeting. Let’s work together to share best practices and learn from each other as this pattern of hybrid working is most definitely here to stay.

6 Essential Steps for a Successful Digital Transformation of Your Corporate Training Programs

EI Design

Historically, that science in corporate training programs has been applied in face-to-face synchronous learning environments as the go-to modality. Digital learning, synchronous or asynchronous, is different from face-to-face training. Create a pattern of testing and learning.

7 Tips To Look Your Best During Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Roundtable Learning

This learning modality is synchronous, collaborative, and reaches remote learners in real-time through a virtual learning platform , such as Zoom or Teams. . Reconsider wearing clothing items that may distract other learners, including: Off-putting patterns that may be disorienting.

SCORM Cloud API gets its biggest upgrade of the decade

Rustici Software

The v1 API supports both synchronous and asynchronous imports. Synchronous imports are easier for customers to implement on the frontend, but they become problematic once the course being imported exceeds the size that can be processed in under 30 seconds. Since the v2 API does not support synchronous imports, future customers will avoid this pitfall from the onset. Good news fellow SCORMarians. We are excited to announce the beta release of our SCORM Cloud’s API v2.

CCK09: Notes on Learning Networks and Connective Knowledge

Experiencing eLearning

There is no specific ‘mental entity’ that corresponds to the belief that ‘Paris is the capital of France’ What we call that ‘knowledge’ is (an indistinguishable) pattern of. This amounts to the similarity between one pattern of connectivity and another. Third, emergence, that is, the development of patterns in the network. Emergence is a process of resonance or synchronicity, not creation.

Top 6 KITABOO Features that Support Asynchronous Learning


Unlike the rigid nature of synchronous learning, in this type of learning method, instructors set up a learning path that allows students to access learning content, take assessments, and communicate at their own pace. Related Read: Asynchronous Vs. Synchronous Learning.

3 Points on Transitioning to Online Learning


That being said, options to choose the right technology are abundant, either if teachers decide to go for an asynchronous approach (where students and teachers are not present online at the same time) or a synchronous one (for example online chat or videoconferencing).

Designing Elearning without Audio

The Learning Dispatch

If your elearning needs to be accessible (complying with regulations like Section 508), you’ll need to include captions, and those captions will need to be synchronized with onscreen events. Audio needs to be recorded, checked, and synchronized with visual content (and if the elearning needs to be revised, the process needs to happen again). Pay attention to fonts , reading patterns , and text layout. Of course elearning needs sound! Or does it?

Audio 47



It make course data synchronization much easier and makes customer data available across the entire organization. While it was primarily sold as a document management and storage system, due to its high configurability, the usage patterns for Sharepoint vary from organization to organization. .

Mastering skills in 3 steps


In elearning, this step must be done in synchronous If the training is in a blended approach, it is wise to reserve the corrective modelling for face-to-face interactions. Observing our peers is not only our first mode of learning, but it remains one of the most effective even in adulthood.

New: Use video plus powerpoint presentations to create engaging online courses


With our new PPT & video synchronization feature, you get the best of both the worlds. Convey technical topics to learners in an easy format - Using the step-by-step narrative pattern of online presentations, you can easily explain complex topics to your learners. Videos tutorials are excellent teaching tools. So are PowerPoint presentations. But if you were asked to pick the better one of the two, which would it be? PPTs or Videos…? Tough choice right!

PPT 57

Blended Learning For Better Results

Actio Learning

often [mixes] traditional instructor-led training, synchronous online conferencing or training, asynchronous self-paced study, and structured on-the-job training from an experienced worker or mentor."

The 21st Century Curator

ID Reflections

In this complex and chaotic world, making sense can only be aconstant endeavour, pattern matching a crucial need. And in each type ofcuration, what comes across are unique perspectives, a sense of pattern and arepresentation the curator wants the world to see. A good curator sees patterns before others, canconnect the dots in seemingly disparate pieces of information, and candistinguish between an important trend as opposed to a passing fad. If Web 1.0

PKM 178

18 Amazing Outline Templates to use in Course Design [3 Downloadables]


We have researched several online courses and concluded to specific activity patterns (templates), each of which correlates to a particular course type. You have decided on the course curriculum and all the digital material you need, and you feel ready to start training online.

How Difficult Conversations Can Lead to Positive Change

Training Industry

In order to define who we are and make sense of the world, humans develop patterns of thinking that they strongly protect. Ask about what appears to be the underlying fears and needs, logical or not, that are keeping the patterns in place. The most successful leaders participate in helping others create new realities, said Joseph Jaworski in his book, "Synchronicity."

"Working Out Loud": Using the Tools We Already Have

ID Reflections

Before I get into how each of the tools facilitate and inspire #wol, I want to highlight that the process of working out loud is not only restricted to synchronous sharing of what one is doing at the moment with a closed group or team. I have discussed each platform based on my usage pattern and preference; the order in which they are listed is not a reflection of the tool's inherent quality or characteristics.

Tools 174

5 Must-Have Gifts for Trainers

The Training by Nelle Blog | Corporate Training and Consulting

You can synchronize all meetings across one platform without a hitch. So, What’s on Your List? Still shopping for that last minute Christmas or birthday gift for an office pal? Not sure where to start?

Design ‘debt’ and quality process

Clark Quinn

Similarly, refactoring to remove typical bad practices in programming could easily analogize to the reliable patterns we see in Broken ID. Another way we accrue debt is transfer learning designed for one mode, e.g. F2F delivery, and then re-implement it as elearning, synchronous or asynchronous. A tweet from Joshua Kerievsky ( @JoshuaKerievsky ) led me to the concept of design debt in programming.

How To Use an Online Gradebook for Employee Training (and Why You Need One)


This will allow you to identify patterns and problematic areas within the course. Learner assessments are an integral part of any course, be it online or in-person, synchronous or asynchronous.

The Waterfall Model for Instructional Design


The process is synchronous and follows a strict precision pattern. As you can see, the Waterfall Model approach is quite linear and synchronized. The Waterfall Model is an age old instructional design strategy. It enables the eLearning development team to manage a large project efficiently. This is especially true for iterative design, where in-depth analysis and detailed planning is required.

How to Increase Your Ability to Communicate Effectively Online with Brian Casel of ZipMessage


Let’s do a live synchronous call.” I often like to look back in history because patterns repeat themselves or at least they’re similar. So these patterns have been around or you drop a video into Dropbox so that you can send somebody the link.

Ultimate eLearning terms you should know: Part 2 (M-Z)


Scalability is an important requirement for organizations that intend to grow or have unpredictable usage patterns. Synchronous learning: Instructor-led learning in a virtual classroom setting. Last week, we decoded tongue-twisting eLearning terms from A-L. Today, I’ll complete the list by defining the true meaning of training, from ‘manifest’ to ‘white label’ Let’s dive into the language of learning!

What Is Learning Management System, Its Features, And Advantages Of Using LMS


With this, you can also identify different eLearning patterns and trends especially if the LMS comes with data visualization tools like charts and graphs. .

LMS 87

Mobile Authoring Tools: Hot Lava Mobile

The eLearning Coach

Results are captured locally and automatically synchronized when connectivity is re-established. Results are stored locally on the device and are automatically synchronized back to MDE at a configurable time interval, or when connectivity is available. In an ongoing exploration of how to design and develop for mobile learning, I plan to examine many of the products and design paradigms in the mLearning space.

Top 8 Cloud Security Best Practices

Hurix Digital

For instance, it is equipped to detect if any of your confidential data is being repeatedly downloaded and alert you to keep an eye on such patterns. Synchronizing passwords using an enterprise password management system that enables you to maintain consistency across security systems.

Women’s Leadership Coaching 101: Teach Female Executives


Our advice is to sell coaching online to allow for more flexibility and create a program that has both synchronous and asynchronous elements. Study after study has shown that women outperform men in key leadership competencies. Not only that, but men score higher in dark personality traits.

How To Teach Design Online & Make Money in 2022


You can build interactive eBooks, upload videos ( webinars or live classes ) or audio files (podcasts), and implement synchronous or asynchronous teaching or a blend of both. Pattern Design and Illustration.

Teach 52

Capture Examples

Tony Karrer

The primary reasons for doing the eLearning Tour was that it is hard to see examples of what is being done by fellow eLearning professionals and get a sense of the patterns that exist. Including synchronized subtitles makes a rapid seek far more effective. As part of pulling together the tour, I asked for contributions from this blog and from Learn Trends. I received quite a few responses. Far more than I could accommodate.