Quiz: Have you got the New Workplace Learning mindset?

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Many performance problems can usually be solved in far less costly and more effective ways – through the use of performance support, job aids, or other productivity tools, through improved team communication and collaboration, or even through changes in processes. In fact this is very likely to be counter productive; people don’t want to told to participate and required to contribute. So, finally, how did you do in the Quiz?

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Leveraging Acrobat DC and Captivate 2017 to Enhance Self-directed Learning Opportunities

Adobe Captivate

The challenge was to develop a guided interactive course that could be used in conjunction with anatomical simulators under the following conditions: Product must be device agnostic. The product design team consisted of a content developer, subject matter expert and a narrative editor.

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Top 10 Quiz Makers for Teachers and Educators

DigitalChalk eLearning

Quiz makers enable teachers to create assessments quickly and easily. Online quiz makers also allow the teacher to create an answer sheet at the same time. Here are ten interactive quiz makers available online. Export to Word or PDF to print. Quiz Works.

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Product Review: Mindflash.com

eLearning 24-7

The product continues to add new features that overall are surprisingly solid. However, they continue to incorporate some instructor led training components, which is a disservice to an otherwise nice product. Timelines separated for PDF/docs and materials, with the ability to move to different insert areas. Quiz formats (M/C: single or multiple answer, sequencing, true/false, labeling, pics, etc.). I have been following Mindflash since it started as a beta.

Online courses must die!

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Frankly, there’s nothing most online courses do that a PDF can’t. Anyone (and I mean just about anyone ) can create and update a PDF. The finished product can be added to the ILE as another learning object. Shift the bulk of the content to PDF.

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Product Review: Liquid Authoring Content Authoring Tool

eLearning 24-7

Product: Liquid Authoring. Media Library upload is fast, but I’m running at 20Mbps for upload, the only time it was somewhat slow was when uploading a PDF file. In test version, product did not work in FireFox, had problems in Safari, but worked well in Internet Explorer.

Simple Anatomy of SCORM-based E-Learning

Integrated Learnings

I was a software developer working on a quizzing product that needed to export data to a variety of e-learning systems. Many times the learning content contains a quiz as well. For example, to add a referenced file like a PDF or video. By Jonathan Shoaf.


How to Make Onboarding Training Fun & Exciting for New Employees


The point of onboarding training is to quickly get new hires up-to-speed so they become productive faster. Game-based training on the other hand transforms that PDF content into a game, so employees learn as they play.

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Reducing the Stress of ACCME Commercial Independence Compliance


Take This Commercial Independence Quiz First. Solution: While the ACCME does not prohibit the use of trade names, it encourages generic names of products when possible. The content must focus on demonstrable improvements in healthcare not merely the product itself.

How to Make Onboarding Training Fun & Exciting for New Employees


The point of onboarding training is to quickly get new hires up-to-speed so they become productive faster. Game-based training on the other hand transforms that PDF content into a game, so employees learn as they play.

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Learner Assessment in Online Courses: Best Practices Course Design


Speaking about online courses, most instructors provide a final quiz at the end of their course and a passing score accompanied by a certificate. Use quiz techniques to assess pre-existing knowledge of your learners to get to know them better and engage with them in the course.

Field guide to action-mapped materials

Making Change

It’s a process, rather than a style of product. ” It feels like a stream of activities, not a presentation interrupted by an occasional quiz. What does an action mapped course look like?

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SCORM – Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate


It became clear after talking to customers, and prospects that Articulate’s Storyline and Adobe’s Captivate products were the most popular creation tools. We realized we would want to continue to provide support for our most popular files types like PowerPoint and PDF and be able to have that content work side-by-side with the new SCORM files. Quiz scores achieved in a Storyline or Captivate file will be sent to Mindflash to be factored into the overall course scores.


Enhancing our Reporting and Analytics


A new report that is included in this dashboard is Quiz Details. The Quiz Details report gives you an overview of average scores in a quiz, allowing you to drill in further to see the distribution of correctly answered and incorrectly answered questions.

2016 eLearning Hype Curve Predictions

Web Courseworks

Eventually, these devices will send detailed reporting to learning management systems, in roughly the same way that an online quiz or a SCORM module can report to an LMS. We think this one has a relatively clear path to the Plateau of Productivity.

Close the Sale With Quality Content


Your salespeople can spend months learning the ins and outs of your products and services, and still be stumped by a well-placed question. Your product and your brand evolves with time, and it’s important to always offer your sales team the best possible representation of both. . Give your salespeople the opportunity to find information the way that they want to , whether that means viewing video, reading text, listening to narration, or accessing a quiz.

Articulate Rise, A Responsive Authoring Tool


There’s a whole host of products that can be launched in a browser, making it easier to do work across every device you own. This is important as Articulate doesn’t have a Mac version of their flagship product – Storyline. You can choose one option from the following: LMS, PDF, Web. You can track using course completion, quiz result, or a Storyline block. Is it achieving a minimum score in the quiz or just reaching the end of the course?

Making the most of Lynda.com

Technology Enhanced Learning Blog

Productivity related CPD?). Courses are split into functional areas of ‘speciality’ (as above), you can ‘save’ courses to playlists and share certificates on your LinkedIn account (or download as PDF).

How to Create an Online Course (in 2020)


For example, some instructors invest a lot of money in video production. Cultivating employees’ skills and preparing them for career advancement provides a better trained and more productive workforce. You will show them which ways to use your product and what they can accomplish.

Message to Current Knoodle Customers


We support PowerPoint, PDF, Word, video, and audio. You’ll enjoy powerful functionality like simple, template-driven quiz creation, slide narration and trainee surveys. We learned with you today that the Knoodle learning platform will be shutting down on May 7, 2013.

PowerPoint to Captivate Process Overview

Adobe Captivate

Verify ToC, Quiz & Scoring, validate SCORM. Publish to Production LMS. Verify course title, assign to target audience, and launch into production LMS. Our workflow has been to build a content outline in Word, this is typically shared as a PDF. Production Launch.

How to Start an Online School: Step-by-Step Guide (for 2020)


Interactive Video with Quiz on LearnWorlds. PDF is the best format to use for your Word documents, or you can spice them up using the LearnWorlds’ Ebook Authoring Tool to create a web-friendly ebook. Productivity apps, Zapier and others. Productivity apps, Zapier and others.

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The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Online Course in 2018


His eight-step plan can guide you from research to development of the teaching curriculum and comes as a downloadable PDF. Test, worksheet, quiz, labeling, table. Article, report, essay, experiment, composition, essay audio or video product, drawing, graph, design. Take the Quiz.

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8 Reasons to Create Interactive Textbooks for Engaging K-12 Students


Low Cost of Production. Unlike the traditional printing business, digital publishing helps publishers to reduce their cost of production by eliminating many aspects that are not required. We now have eBooks that are more than just PDF renderings of print textbooks.

User Interface lessons applied to eLearning

Challenge to Learn

As a result we now have the requirement that someone with no eLearning background should be able to use our tool and create a course or a quiz without any training. Our product owner, designer and UI expert will dive in and come up with possible solutions and improvements.

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2016 eLearning Hype Curve Predictions

Web Courseworks

Eventually, these devices will send detailed reporting to learning management systems, in roughly the same way that an online quiz or a SCORM module can report to an LMS. We think this one has a relatively clear path to the Plateau of Productivity.

Multimodal Learning: Engaging Your Learner’s Senses


For example, let’s imagine an organization is onboarding a new sales hire, training them on their product, and has decided to take a multimodal approach. Then, they’re enrolled in a webinar that visually and aurally explains what the product does.

Top 10 Learning Systems for 2018

eLearning 24-7

You have the ability to add a quiz/assessment to a video, video bookmarking (cool) and video streaming, but no built-in screen/web cam redorder. And you can add an assessment/quiz to a video, think overlay if you will.

Video Statistics, Habits, and Trends You Need To Know [New Research]

TechSmith Camtasia

Don’t make users spend their time pouring through long, wordy training manuals or documentation to learn about your product or service. Get a free PDF version so you can read it whenever you want. Download PDF. Explainer videos Presentation recordings Product demos.

Build eLearning Courses with Materials You Already Have


Dragging and dropping your files into order, choose from: Text documents – PDF/Word/PPT. Get the learners to answer exam/quiz questions to gauge their understanding. The actual product of an authoring tool, a zip package can’t be edited!

How I Created This Interactive E-Learning Course

Rapid eLearning

I attached some additional content and you can download a PDF. The trivia section includes two different types of knowledge checks: traditional quiz question and one that requires watching a video before answering. I created a demo course in Rise for a workshop.

Blended Learning For Better Results

Adobe Captivate

Many companies put up content on the LMS, add a quiz and sit their trainees in front of a computer and expect world-class learning to take place. Using Blended Learning. Types of Blended Learning. Face-to-face driver – where the teacher drives the instruction and augments with digital tools.

What is an LMS?


Companies that have a product use an LMS to train their customers on the product. Using files like powerpoints or PDF or uploading or embedding video content, courses can be built quickly and at no extra cost. The search for an LMS is a little confusing at first.

The Ultimate Guide to Game-Based Training


They don’t sit and read a pdf; they complete game rounds, participate in role-play scenarios, and play through simulations. Think more flashcards, than pop-quiz. That translates to an average savings of $301 per employee in lost productive hours.

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Double Your eLearning Return on Investment

eLearning Architect

Any business can create the most incredible product or useful service, but if they don’t market their product/service, the business will ultimately fail. Outsource the final content to a third party video production specialist via a website such as Upwork.