6 Key Benefits of Using Automated PDF to ePUB Converters


This makes the conversion of eBook file formats an important piece of content production for publishers. PDF and ePUB (electronic-publishing) are the two main document formats supported by most devices. Though PDF is amongst the widely used file formats, it has several flaws, such as the difficulty of reading on mobile devices and text continuously flowing outside of the reading screen. Top 6 Benefits of using PDF to ePUB3 Conversion tools.

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Product Review – Instilled LXP

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Writing a product review on a product that I use, well, I am about to use. Tie a PPT or a PDF to the video as it runs – matching section or clip by clip. Not all of the Watershed metrics are available – I have been told that more metrics will be coming – i.e. incorporating more of the Watershed metric data in future versions, but it would have been nice to have some of the common ones you see in many LXPs out of the gate – who have an LRS.

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CK Connect Product Review

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I’d like to see the page contain less text and more examples visually speaking, hopefully that will appear in a future version. Each piece of content has a duration time, and I wish they didn’t, but every piece of content in any system always has an estimated duration time. What is missing is what type of content this is – a video, PDF, course, etc., I’d recommend that in a future version this is added.

PlatCore LMS Version 1.5 Released – Kingston Support AND More


We are excited to release version 1.5 With version 1.5, We started with Spanish but we will be including many more into the product soon. They can even upload a pdf, jpg, or png version of their paper certificate as proof, all stored on the learning system of record… your Now Platform. No other LMS product can match this experience. The post PlatCore LMS Version 1.5 Product ServiceNowPlatCore LLC doesn’t rest.

Linkedin Learning Product Review

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Administration back-end – Navigation is good, some of the features such as Best Practices from LinkedIn Learning is illogical (especially since in my test, because only one best practice had anything of use for the administrator (from the product or value add standpoint). “4 Ways to Engage your Workforce,” which BTW was a PDF file. PDF file – Engage? LinkedIn Learning to me is a digital learning platform.

Salt Adaptive product update

GRC Solutions

Salt Adaptive Product Update. The following list of upgrades will be included on the 28 th June 2019 Production release for Salt Adaptive : Security and performance improvements of the backend of Salt via GHC compiler upgrade. Export charts to PDF. To access the new v2 Dashboard please select the button titled: Try Out New Version! Product Support: AU : 1800 676 011 | NZ : 0800 629 691 | SG : 800 852 3070 | INT : +61 2 8823 4103.

Leveraging Acrobat DC and Captivate 2017 to Enhance Self-directed Learning Opportunities

Adobe Captivate

The challenge was to develop a guided interactive course that could be used in conjunction with anatomical simulators under the following conditions: Product must be device agnostic. After some research and a great deal of thought a decision was made to develop an interactive PDF using Adobe Acrobat DC and Captivate, and to create a supplemental iBook to address the shortcomings in Acrobat DC reader for Apple mobile devices. Product Development. PDF Design. Overview.

Product Review: Mindflash.com

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The product continues to add new features that overall are surprisingly solid. However, they continue to incorporate some instructor led training components, which is a disservice to an otherwise nice product. Timelines separated for PDF/docs and materials, with the ability to move to different insert areas. This is really a very nice and easy to use feature with the Mindflash product. I have been following Mindflash since it started as a beta.

Intellectual Property Protection for Online Courses & Training [Unique Anti-Piracy Features]


In fact, LearnWorlds is the only course platform offering such built-in copyright protection functionality , meaning you don’t have to spend time and money on third-party products to get a similar result. Watermark & Stamping – Include your name, brand, and logo in your content, like a video watermark or a unique stamp on your PDF files. Paying customers do not pay just for a video or a pdf download. Most will go for the new, updated, legit version.

Create Effective Dialogue Simulations for Online Sales Training with iSpring Version 8.3

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Many sales personnel are aware of the strong points of the company’s products or services but fail to communicate them to the client or adapt their presentation according to the client’s needs. Similarly, a good sales person listens attentively to what the customer wants and using his knowledge of the product, tailors his responses and suggests solutions. How important is it for sales personnel to say the correct thing at the correct time to a potential customer?

Tips & tricks for self publishers – Part 3

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So please find below Part 3 of my series which explains how to self publish a paperback… I was considering using CreateSpace to create my paperback version of Ryan the Lion because it’s the sister service of Kindle Direct Publishing (the service I used to create the e-book version). When converting to PDF – which CreateSpace requires – check the page size again in the printer settings. When the PDF is produced, check yet again the size of the pages.

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Tips & tricks for self publishers – Part 3

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So please find below Part 3 of my series which explains how to self publish a paperback… I was considering using CreateSpace to create my paperback version of Ryan the Lion because it’s the sister service of Kindle Direct Publishing (the service I used to create the e-book version). When converting to PDF – which CreateSpace requires – check the page size again in the printer settings. When the PDF is produced, check yet again the size of the pages.

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Streamlining Your E-Learning Production Process for Efficiency—Q&A

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Diane and I had the pleasure of sharing some ways we have streamlined our production process in last week’s “Best of DevLearn” Webinar presented by The eLearning Guild, which you can view here. During the session we talked about: The data types to capture and analyze about your production process. How to map out your production process at both a macro and micro level. How to create systems for effectively managing production.

How to Convert Storyline Courses to PowerPoint

Rapid eLearning

It never fails that after building an e-learning course in Storyline, someone asks if they can get a PowerPoint version of the course. My first tip assumes you know that you’ll need a PowerPoint version of the course. This is so people with older versions can open the file.

Your Employees are Desperate for Differentiated Learning


You cannot develop your talent internally if they do not see opportunities to grow, so it’s necessary to give each individual the workouts they need to become the best professional version of themselves. Organizations that are pioneers haven’t developed their programs by throwing content, quizzes, and PDF’s at a wall to see what sticks. Give employees engaging opportunities to grow.

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Training Reinforcement: An Insurance Policy for Your Training

Knowledge Guru

Sales reps fly in for the national sales meeting, learn about this year’s new products… and then return to their territories to keep doing things the same way they were before. What good is a support PDF if it is already out of date the moment you email it or paste the link in your LMS? When content is updated, learners instantly have the latest version. Product knowledge Spaced Repetition training reinforcement

Product Review: Liquid Authoring Content Authoring Tool

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Product: Liquid Authoring. Media Library upload is fast, but I’m running at 20Mbps for upload, the only time it was somewhat slow was when uploading a PDF file. In test version, product did not work in FireFox, had problems in Safari, but worked well in Internet Explorer. PDF capability to integrate into the course, loaded fine, but froze my screen – thus “task manager&# had to come to the rescue.

What is eLearning?


Think of PDF style information delivered with clickable links to more resources. One of the first versions of an authoring tool was known as RoboDemo, a product of eHelp that featured basic flash tools and video recording. Product elearning what is eLearning

Free eLearning Development Calculator… Quickly Determine Your LOE

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

We've created a calculator (developed entirely within Adobe Captivate 7 and published as a PDF) that will help you estimate the level of effort necessary to create eLearning content. Click here to download the Adobe Captivate Production Calculator for FREE! Note: To use the calculator, you will need the free Adobe Reader (version 9 or newer) and the Adobe Flash Player.

What is eLearning?


Think of PDF style information delivered with clickable links to more resources. One of the first versions of an authoring tool was known as RoboDemo, a product of eHelp that featured basic flash tools and video recording. The best difference and example we can give is companies like IBM or HubSpot that offer eLearning courses on their products. Product elearning what is eLearning

8 eBook Conversion Tools Compatible with Multiple Formats


Files stored on local drives in PDF or text formats could be lost if the system crashes. Cost of production is significantly lower than publishing printed books. Here are some popular reading devices and the eBook file formats that they support: Barnes and Noble’s Nook – ePUB and PDF. Kobo – ePUB, PDF, TXT, HTML, RTF, MOBI, CBR, CBZ. iBooks – ePUB and PDF. Inkbook – ePUB, PDF, TXT, HTML, RTF, MOBI, CHM, DOC, FB2.

Using Video in Training: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

The Learning Dispatch

Fortunately, high production values seems to have little impact on video watching or learning engagement. But, as Kristina Smith , owner of Imagine You Media, points out, if the purpose has a marketing component—if it needs to look polished in order to maintain the company image, for example, then a quickly produced video with low production values might work against the broader business purpose. High production values might be worth the extra cost.

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Tracking Time with Toggl.com

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Reports can be printed directly from the interface or exported as PDF or CSV files. The desktop version is available for Mac, Linux or Windows and, like the web version, features an easy-to-use interface. No internet connection is necessary when using the desktop version. If you’d prefer to use the full-featured version, the cost is $5 per user / month with a 30-day free trial. Tracking and reporting time accurately is an important part of a contractor’s work.

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Three Rules for Supplying Memorable Content to Employees


A knowledgeable and well-trained labor workforce is a productive workforce—an easy enough concept in theory. Make sure you have version control! A static, text-dense PDF offers little incentive to its users for easy recall or even possibly to being read in the first place. Yet, many businesses still house their internal content on papers within binders.

5 keys for Section 508 Compliance and Web Accessibility

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Most private companies still want to make a good-faith effort to deliver courses and products that are as accessible as possible. Alt-text for screen reader accessibility: Our instructional designers and production staff members worked together to keep alt-text tied to images we created and purchased for use in the project. Accessible PDFs: NASWA and DOL provided accessible versions of downloadable PDF with proper tags and readable text (no scanned text or images).

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Time Estimates for E-Learning Development

Experiencing eLearning

Graphic Production: 12%. Video Production: 6%. Audio Production: 6%. I’ll assume less than that because it’s a conversion and a lot of analysis has already been done with the face-to-face version. Adobe Captivate, TechSmith Camtasia Studio, Articulate Storyline: Production Times by IconLogic. This is a free interactive PDF download, but it requires registration.

eLearning and Training: The Basics of Translation & Localization

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Localization: The process of adapting a product (in the context of translation, usually software) to a specific locale, i.e., to the language, cultural norms, standards, laws and requirements of the target market. This is not a PDF of the file, but the actual file itself (i.e. It is ideal to translate from the source file rather than a PDF or uneditable version. by Jen Weaver. For many training professionals, the translation of support materials is a fairly new task.

Top 10 Benefits of ePUB3 Conversion for Publishers


Though PDF is one of the widely used file formats, it has several flaws, and ePUB3 conversion is the key to overcome these flaws. Also Read: Converting PDF to ePUB | Which is the Better Format for ePublishing? . The latest version of ePUB, ePUB3 is an HTML5 standard-based file format.

Easily share and review documents online

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crocodoc takes any PDF, Word document, PowerPoint presentation, image, or web page and lets you view and mark it up online. Save your marked up version of your document as a PDF, in native file format or directly to your Google Docs account. The free version of the software allows you to do everything except for the option of password-protecting documents, which are uploaded and viewed using bank-grade SSL encryption.

Getting Handy With Interactive Enterprise Software Training

Your Training Edge

A trainer needs to be able to interact with students and make materials available as quickly as needed, whether it’s a supporting PDF, quiz or survey. Regardless of scale, virtual training labs should perfectly mimic a production environment, yet be sandboxed to prevent anyone from doing any damage to actual resources or infrastructure. Author: By Michal Frenkel, VP of product, CloudShare. Enterprise software training has changed.

Reflowable or Fixed Layout – Which is the Best Layout for your eBook


Before you turn your manuscript or PDF into an eBook , you need to decide which layout would be appropriate for your content. The earlier version of ePUB could only convert eBooks into one standard layout- the reflowable format. The new ePUB3 version has brought a fixed layout into the picture. Related Read: How to create a Fixed Layout ePUB3 file from a PDF. Here’s How to Convert PDF to ePUB3 while Keeping the Format Intact.

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Authoring Tools for E-Learning: The Definitive Guide


Instead of solely pushing out word docs and powerpoints, you can expand your horizons with different media types by using the various versions of SCORM or with xAPI. With tools like these, you can for example highlight product demonstrations more easily than ever. Version Control: We have probably all taken a photo for Instagram before. Have you ever looked at a powerpoint for more than 30 seconds and then suddenly felt your eyes glaze over?

Web-Based Authoring Tools for Scalable eLearning Development: The Time Has Come

Web Courseworks

As more organizations and associations embrace rapid eLearning development to keep pace with new products and services, evolving business needs, and industry and government regulations, the need for distributed authoring solutions that enable collaborative, team-based development continues to grow. Web-based products such as Claro and Composica promise to solve collaborative dilemmas and enable development teams to create engaging and interactive learning content with ease.

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Online Community Management (Workshop)

Jane Hart

All participants will receive free copies of the PDF versions of the Social Learning Handbook and the MWL book as well as membership of the MWL Association. Even showing “raw” examples of your work is valuable for others to see, it doesn’t have to be a perfect product. Next public online workshop runs: 30 MAY – 24 JUNE. Setting up and running an online community takes time and effort.

Rapidly developing online learning

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Ordering everything logically in a single PowerPoint or PDF? This can help bypass an entire development stage and get closer to creating the final version faster (e.g.