How to Create Your Own Khan Academy for Training


You might wonder what relevance this has to teaching leadership classes, or product training, or answering CRM questions. Yes, I know, this sounds a lot like performance support, but I say it’s different in the sense that these tutorials can be casual, fun, and engaging videos rather than boring PDF job aids. This can be your existing intranet, an LMS, or even a password-protected Wiki or blog.

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Online courses must die!

E-Learning Provocateur

Frankly, there’s nothing most online courses do that a PDF can’t. Anyone (and I mean just about anyone ) can create and update a PDF. Not to mention blogs, wikis, discussion forums and social bookmarks. The finished product can be added to the ILE as another learning object. I claimed earlier that there’s nothing most online courses do that a PDF can’t. Shift the bulk of the content to PDF. A touch dramatic, isn’t it?

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The 3 Major Pitfalls of Static Content


There is email, chats, intranets, wikis, training universities, SharePoint, content repositories, file sync and shares, and other proprietary solutions… the list goes on and on. You remember receiving a document regarding the latest Q3 product promotion, but you can’t seem to find it in email no matter how many “email has:attachment” searches you do. How often have you seen a video embedded into a PDF?

Tech Tuesday Toolbox | September 15, 2020

Mike Taylor

You can use Office Lens to convert images to PDF, Word and PowerPoint files, and you can even save images to OneNote or OneDrive. Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. Clipchamp’s products cover all of your video needs.

Tips for Bridging Generational Gaps in Workplace Training


While everyone is an individual with his or her own personality, perspective, and preferences, each generation is also broadly characterized by a unique set of core workforce “peculiarities” that are often a product of the cultural and societal norms that were popular during each era’s career ascent. ” They also enjoy collaboration, which can be easily encouraged by incorporating a wiki or a Facebook page designed specifically to support the course.

My 10 Ten Tools for Learning

Learning Rocks

Microsoft PowerPoint (Creating) The much maligned app is probably where I do most of my design work, either for scripts, demos or indeed, using Articulate, developing finished products. I'm also a fan of it's capabilities for laying out eBooks for publishing to PDF. evaluation rapid tools marketplace articulate c4lpt Moodle LMSs elearning wikis open source silly excitement thought leaders social learning

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Web 2.0 Applications in Learning

Tony Karrer

There were about 7 examples mentioned including Intuit using a Wiki-like system for customers to ask questions/get advice around taxes, using a group blog with students prior to a formal learning event, the US Army's use of collaboration tools to share best practices in Iraq, and several others. Question 1 - What are the most likely ways / places your organization might or does use Blogs, Wikis, Social Bookmarking, Social Networking or Collaboration Tools?

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Adding Online Maintenance Training During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Convergence Training

Online Courses for Mechanical Maintenance , Electrical Maintenance , Facilities Maintenance , Total Productive Maintenance , and Asset Condition Management. Online discussion boards and wikis. For example, have people read a PDF, attend a virtual classroom, then follow-up with some short elearning courses to improve retention. And, you could consider a product known as a learning management system, or LMS.

100 More Tools for Learning

Mike Taylor

You need a wiki – Create a wiki with Google Docs. iLovePDF | Online PDF tools for PDF lovers. Next generation music production software. Give ordinary people the right tools, and they will design and build the most extraordinary things. Neil Gershenfeld. In the course of reading and curating my weekly newsletter , I discover lots of new tools and apps. Last week I shared my top 3 favorite tools from 2019.

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RIP Old LMS… Say Hello to the Next-Gen LMS


As a result, the LMS allows the learners to undergo training via social media like Facebook, Twitter, Wikis, etc., This re-branding also helps add value to your product portfolio. The reports thus generated can be downloaded as an excel, CSV and/or a PDF file. Is your current LMS giving you nightmares? You say east and your LMS goes west? No matter how much you try, your LMS never justifies its presence in your organization.

10 Low-Cost Ideas for Employee Training

The Training by Nelle Blog | Corporate Training and Consulting

Both the good, bad, and ugly, like the shipping issues or the amazing customer product reviews. badges, points, levels, and rewards), video-conferencing integration and more Moodle: Free, open source platform for creating personalized classroom-like environments with the ability to create a blog/wiki, forum, database, assignments, and more. If you think training and development is out of your reach, think again.

Top 10 eLearning Predictions 2011 #LCBQ

Tony Karrer

Twitter, Yammer), wikis, blogs, discussion groups, etc. The availability of cost-effective resources to facilitate wide collaboration (including open source software that enables wikis, discussion groups, chat and even web conferencing) presents the chance for organizations to reconsider the effectiveness of the performance support being offered to their people. Production of content into eLearning is becoming much more of a commodity.

Evolving the E-Learning Experience for the 21st Century

eLearning 24-7

A greater number of people, worldwide are using SaaS then ever before, mobile products, tablets – especially the iPad – is growing at a feverish pace, people are using online storage, beyond just placing photos and media, and open source is continuing expansion. Each one is available today on the Internet for free and these types of products are gaining mass in the global market. The whole premise of this product began for two reasons.


Micro-Elements (Things) in Social Learning - From the ASTD International Conference

Vignettes Learning

Please download the PDF version of the PowerPoint. Inventory and map your environment – on page 27 of the PDF , there are four dimensions of Social and Collaborative Learning; we need to understand where we are and design a strategy. Start with specific applications; Wiki on product ABC to be launched on XX/XX/XXX with this people in them. like the CommonCraft multimedia and maybe do a Wiki for "Creators". See the checklist at the end of the PDF.

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Here Are More Than 200 Free Rapid E-Learning Tutorials

Rapid eLearning

Set up PowerPoint workspace to be more productive building courses. Download the PDF. Use a wiki (or any social media tool) to storyboard your course or offer a collaborative review process. A few weeks ago I offered some advice on how to become an elearning pro without spending a dime. The essence of that post is: You have access to a lot of free tips and tricks. So there are plenty of opportunities to learn and it doesn’t cost you anything more than your time.

The Building Blocks of Technology-Enabled Learning

Your Training Edge

for compliance), then the best technology may just be a pdf. Wikis. Many LMS vendors say their product is mobile, when in reality it isn’t. So, you’ve decided to start using technology-enabled learning in your corporate training program. Now what? Well, just like there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to all of today’s training challenges, there also isn’t just a single way to “do” technology-enabled learning.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Adobe/Bersin Overview of the eLearning Industry

Learning Visions

Study Methodology: Studied Adobe customer base -- how using the product and how they might like to be using it. Example: On-Demand architecture create content in smaller chunks leverage it across delivery formats chats, PDF, etc. People have an expectation to produce content more quickly -- this drives productivity. Better off if we can incorporate training material into the wikis and blogs.

eLearning Portal Integration

Tony Karrer

For example, a Plateau case study (PDF) talks about: The biggest benefit Reuters has seen from its Plateau LMS to date is from deep linking functionality. For web pages, wiki pages, PDFs, Word Docs and other standard content that's easy. This is really all about the issue I raised 3 years ago in terms of strategic choices for LMS Vendors in a few different posts such as: Moving from One to Many - LMS Products are Two Generations Behind and Point Solutions vs. Suites and Composition.

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Top 74 eLearning Posts from September 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

Wikis in eLearning 2.0 - Learning with e’s , September 12, 2010 The latest issue of the journal Interactive Learning Environments is a special issue entitled: Towards eLearning 2.0 TweetBook: Create a PDF ‘Diary’ with all your Tweets - Dont Waste Your Time , September 23, 2010 I was pointed to TweetBook by Jane Hart begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting ; if you have an account on Twitter, you’ll absolutely love Tweetbook.

Social Learning and LMSs Marketplace

eLearning 24-7

Wiki- looks nothing like Wikipedia. mp3,mpeg),pdf, documents including PowerPoint and Excel; learners can then view/preview and can download them; again the items are uploaded into the system. Mzinga’s OmniSocial product sort of fits the build, but it lacks some components, to what I see as a true system, specifically 100% standalone, since it can also be integrated into a LMS or used in their own LMS. I rarely recommend 100%, a product, but I will on this one.

Balancing top-down and bottom-up approaches

Clive on Learning

Online, learners collaborate using forums and two, one-hour synchronous sessions; they have their own blogs in Moodle (not used as much as I would have liked); they can, of course, also contribute to the glossary and the wiki. They also add their reviews of the tools they've been using to the wiki. Learning is a by-product of the experience, but no less important for that. Seb Schmoller reported on a presentation by Google's Peter Norvig at the ALT conference.

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Challenge: Make Informal Learning Visible & Valuable

Fort Hill Company

We were struck that a handful of individuals in this sample group were the most productive in documenting their informal and social learning. This is somewhat consistent with the 1% rule in Internet communities where the general rule of thumb is that about 1% of people on community sites (like wikis or forums) create content, 9% edit the content, and 90% view the content. A PDF version of this report is available to download here. A Research Report from the 2016 ATD ICE.

CMS: An Alternative to a LMS for those who seek Portals or Communities

eLearning 24-7

Well, the list I will provide below includes some components (in some cases, not all the products) of a ECMS, but still have the core functionality as the CMS. Some of the products/sites are just “CMS&# nothing more, others are more robust. iPoint Full Content Management Capabilities, social media features including wikis, RSS, blogs, forums, rich media support inc. flv), HTML5, docs, pdf, etc.

Learning = getting the job done

Jay Cross

Twelve national Toyota training entities were trying to offer relevant and timely product information to roughly 17,000 sales professionals and managers. Providing learners with the ability to practice in a virtual environment ensures a better experience for our guests, and reduces product waste and trainer labor hence positively impacting P & L. DevLearn marked a significant shift in the field of corporate learning.

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Three tiers in the content pyramid

Clive on Learning

The form may be a simple interactive tutorial, a short video, a podcast, a screen capture movie, a PowerPoint or a PDF. Content generated using social learning technologies such as wikis, forums, blogs and the like, is an entirely bottom-up initiative. They all serve different purposes and, as a result, adopt different production values. Back in December I posted about what I predicted would become e-learning's two tiers.

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Top Posts from August - Augmented Reality - Social Learning

eLearning Learning Posts

Five Software Products for Adding an Avatar to Your eLearning - Kapp Notes , August 16, 2010 Here are 4 software products that allow you to add an avatar to your elearning courses. 21st Century L&D Skills - Performance Learning Productivity , August 8, 2010 I was recently involved in a discussion about 21st Century learning skills in one of the LinkedIn Groups. You can export the file as a DWF, PDF or graphic.

Hot List - April 1, 2009 to April 11, 2009

Tony Karrer

from 2008 to 2013 for learning technology products and services. Instead you arrange your images, text, audio, video and PDF files on one great canvas that you navigate throughout your presentation. Coming back after a week of being mostly disconnected I'm woefully behind on email and even more so on my reading. Luckily, I have a short cut to seeing the stuff that is generating interest across most of the top eLearning bloggers.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Reflecting on the e-Learning Guild Annual Gathering

Mark Oehlert

I loved his quote that "Interactivity is a product of technology but Participation is a product of cultures" and the follow-on that "learning is about optimizing a persons participation in a variety of cultures." In following some of your links, Mark, I ran across a little gem pdf called CircleofLife by J.G.

The ULTIMATE Guide to PowerPoint Alternatives


Currently, you can only lock and unlock elements in PowerPoint with the help of an add-in like our free design and productivity add-in BrightSlide. per month): All free resources and offline viewing, premium templates, PowerPoint import, PDF and JPG download. You can export presentations to Microsoft PowerPoint and as PDF, QuickTime, HTML and image files. Ludus can export to PDF, HTML, JPG, and PNG formats.