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We will be publishing this kind of hot list each week and doing monthly and other summaries here using the social filtering mechanisms of Browse My Stuff. The following are the top posts from featured sources based on social signals. SharePoint vs. Social Media - Engaged Learning , June 22, 2009. Using Social Signals to Find Top eLearning Resources - eLearning Technology , June 24, 2009. More Articles on Second Life in Education - WISE Pedagogy , June 22, 2009.

eLearning Host List February

Tony Karrer

Using various social signals we came up with the following as being the hot items during February 2009 via eLearning Learning. You can find a bit more on this capability in the post Hot List. Enjoy. Top Posts and other Items The ‘Least Assistance’ Principle eLearning is not the answer Multi-Generational Learning in the Workplace Here’s How I Built That PowerPoint E-Learning Template Informal learning - what is it? What Goes in the LMS?

Issue-based projects increase student engagement

TechSmith Camtasia

Each project block also has a digital element, including PSA’s, Pixton study guides, music videos, social media campaigns, and docu‘mini’ries. Students take their digital pieces and post them on social media in hopes of raising awareness and inspiring others. Now in the fourth year of teaching the class, I can attest to the high levels of student engagement that can happen when technology, pedagogy, and content knowledge hit the sweet spot.

Issue 76